Historical Biology - Abstracts

Historical Biology
A catalogue of British Pleistocene birds identified by Colin J.O.Harrison and stored in the Natural History Museum, London, (Department of Palaeontology).News, opinion and commentarySeward, L., Chapman, S.D., Currant, A.P.
A history of reassessment of the unique but missing specimen of Rawnsley's Bowerbird Ptilonorhynchus rawnsleyi, Diggles 1867, (Aves: Ptilonorhynchidae).News, opinion and commentaryFrith, Clifford B.
A Jurassic amber deposit in southern Thailand.News, opinion and commentarySuteethorn, Varavudh, Cuny, Gilles, Philippe, Marc, Teerarungsigul, Naramese
A Late Triassic dinosauriform from south Brazil and the origin of the ornithischian predentary bone.News, opinion and commentaryFerigolo, Jorge, Langer, Max C.
A nearly complete skeleton of an early juvenile diplodocid (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) from the Lower Morrison Formation (Late Jurassic) of north central Wyoming and its implications for early ontogeny and pneumaticity in sauropods.News, opinion and commentarySander, P. Martin, Schwarz, Daniela, Ikejiri, Takehito, Breithaupt, Brent H., Klein, Nicole
A new fossil bird from the Early Cretaceous of Gansu Province, northwestern China.News, opinion and commentaryChiappe, Luis M., You Hailu, O'Connor, Jingmai, Ji Qiang
A new hybodont shark assemblage from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand.News, opinion and commentaryBuffetaut, Eric, Suteethorn, Varavudh, Cuny, Gilles, Philippe, Marc, Kamha, Suchada
A new raptorial bird from the Middle Eocene of Messel, Germany.News, opinion and commentaryMayr, Gerald
A new species of extinct imperial pigeon (Ducula: Columbiade) from Henderson Island, Pitcairn Group.News, opinion and commentaryWragg, Graham M., Worthy, T.H.
A new specimen of Guaibasaurus candelariensis (basal Saurischia) from the Late Triassic Caturrita Formation of southern Brazil.News, opinion and commentaryBonaparte, J.F., Brea, G., Schultz, C.L., Martinelli, A.G.
A note on pterosaur nesting behavior.News, opinion and commentaryWroe, Stephen, Thompson, Michael B., Grellet-Tinner, Gerald, Qiang Ji
A Parvancorina-like arthropod from the Cambrian of South China.News, opinion and commentaryJih-Pal Lin, Gon, Samuel M., III, Babcock, Loren E., Yuan-Long Zhao, Xing-Liang Zhang, Shi-Xue Hu, Jin-Liang Yuan, Mei-Yi Yu, Jin Peng, Gehling, James G.
A possible case of necrotizing dermatitis in the crocodylian Diplocynodon, from the Oligocene of the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.News, opinion and commentaryWolff, E.D.S., Fowler, D.W., Bonde, J.W.
Baltica: A mid Ordovician diversity hotspot.News, opinion and commentaryRasmussen, Christian M.O., Hansen, Jesper, Harper, David A.T.
Body size overlap, habitat partitioning and living space requirements of terrestrial vertebrate predators: implications for the Paleoecology of large .News, opinion and commentaryFarlow, James O., Pianka, Eric R.
Colin James Oliver Harrison (1926-2003).(Obituary)News, opinion and commentaryJih-Pal Lin, Gon, Samuel M., III, Babcock, Loren E., Yuan-Long Zhao, Xing-Liang Zhang, Shi-Xue Hu, Jin-Liang Yuan, Mei-Yi Yu, Jin Peng
Colour in birds' eggs: The collections of the Natural History Museum, tring.News, opinion and commentaryWalters, Michael
Cranial morphology of an Early Cretaceous Monjurosuchid (Reptilia: Diapsida) from Liaoning Province of China and evolution of the choristoderan palate.News, opinion and commentaryKe-Qin Gao, Ksepka, Daniel, Hou Lianhai, Duan Ye, Hu Dongyu
Dinosaur origins: evidence from the footprint record.News, opinion and commentaryMarsicano, Claudia A., Domnanovich, Nadia S., Mancuso, Adriana C.
Diversification of the metazoa: Ediacarans, colonies, and the origin of eumetazoan complexity by nested modularity.News, opinion and commentaryDewel, Ruth Ann, Dewel, William C., McKinney, Frank K.
Does shape matter? Morphological diversity and differential survivorship among Triassic ammonoid genera.News, opinion and commentaryMcGowan, A.J.
Early ornithischian dinosaurs: the Triassic record.News, opinion and commentaryJun Liu, Nesbitt, Sterling J., Irmis, Randall B., Parker, William G.
Ecology, systematic and biogeographical relationships of dinosaurs, including a new theropod, from the Santana Formation (?albian, early cretaceous) of Brazil.News, opinion and commentaryNaish, Darren, Martill, David M., Frey, Eberhard
Ecomorphology of the giant bear-dogs Amphicyon and Ischyrocyon.News, opinion and commentarySorkin, B.
Ecomorphology of the giant short-faced bears Agriotherium and Arctodus.News, opinion and commentarySorkin, B.
Finding the Minimum Sample Richness (MSR) for multivariate analyses: implications for palaeoecology.News, opinion and commentaryTravouillon, K.J., Archer, M., Legendre, S., Hand, S.J.
Fossil evidence for chemoautotrophic bacterial symbiosis in the Thyasirid bivalve Thyasira michelottii from the Middle Miocene (Badenium) of Austria.News, opinion and commentaryZuschin, Martin, Mandic, Oleg, Harzhauser, Mathias, Pervesler, Peter
Fossil penguin (Aves:Sphenisciformes) cranial material from the Eocene of Seymour Island (Antarctica).News, opinion and commentaryBertelli, Sara, Ksepka, Daniel T.
Fossil puffballs (Gasteromycetes: Lycoperdales) in Mexican amber.News, opinion and commentaryPoinar, George, Jr.
Fusion of sacrals and anatomy in Champsosaurus (Diapsida, Choristodera).News, opinion and commentaryKatsura, Yoshihiro
Giants and bizarres: Body size of some southern South American Cretaceous dinosaurs.News, opinion and commentaryMazzetta, Gerardo V., Christiansen, Per, Farina, Richard A.
Heterochrony within the cassiduloid echinoids from the Castle Hayne Limestone of Southeastern North Carolina.News, opinion and commentaryCiampaglio, Charles N., D'orazio, Anthony E.
High-resolution X-ray computed tomography of an Early Cretaceous gekkonomorph (Squamata) from Oosh (Ovorkhangai; Mongolia).News, opinion and commentaryNorell, Mark A., Conrad, Jack L.
Increase of body size in sixgill sharks with change in diet as a possible background of their evolution.News, opinion and commentaryAdnet, S., Martin, R.A.
Mass prediction in theropod dinosaurs.News, opinion and commentaryChristiansen, P., Farinna, R.A.
Maximum bite force and prey size of Tyrannosaurus rex and their relationships to the inference of feeding behavior.News, opinion and commentaryMeers, Mason B.
Modern tropical analogs for Carboniferous standing forests: comparison of extinct Mesocalamites with extant Montrichardia.News, opinion and commentaryPfefferkorn, Herman W., Archer, Allen W., Zodrow, Erwin L.
New penguin remains from the Pliocene of Northern Chile.News, opinion and commentaryWalsh, Stig A., Suarez, Mario E.
New records of fossil birds of prey from the Miocene of Kenya.News, opinion and commentaryDyke, Gareth J., Walker, Cyril A.
On the relationship between species distribution-abundance-occurrence and species duration.News, opinion and commentaryBuzas, Martin A., Culver, Stephen J.
Osteology and phylogeny of a new species of Araripesuchus (Crocodyliformes: Mesoeucrocodylia) from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar.News, opinion and commentaryTurner, Alan H.
Osteology of the Middle Triassic pseudosuchain archosaur Arizonasaurus babbitti.News, opinion and commentaryNesbitt, Sterling J.
Paleoenvironmental model and sequence stratigraphy of the Asmari Formation in southwest Iran.News, opinion and commentaryAmirshahkarami, Mahnaz, Vaziri-Moghaddam, Hossein, Taheri, Azizolah
Paleopathology of Toyotamaphimeia machikanesis (diapsida, crocodylia) from the middle Pleistocene of Central Japan.News, opinion and commentaryKatsura, Yoshihiro
Parrots in a nutshell: The fossil record of Psittaciformes (Aves).News, opinion and commentaryWaterhouse, David M.
Phylogenetic relationships of the Triassic theropod Zupaysaurus rougieri from NW Argentina.News, opinion and commentaryNovas, Fernando E., Ezcurra, Martin D.
Romanian Late Cretaceous dinosaurs: Big dwarfs or small giants?News, opinion and commentaryle Loeuff, Jean
Skull anatomy of Mussaurus patagonicus (Dinosauria: Sauropodomorpha) from the Late Triassic of Patagonia.News, opinion and commentaryPol, Diego, Powell, Jaime E.
Solving a dinosaurian puzzle: the identity of Aliwalia rex Galton.News, opinion and commentaryYates, Adam M.
Tempo and mode of modern bird evolution observed with large-scale taxonomic sampling.News, opinion and commentaryvan Tuinen, M., Stidham, T.A., Hadly, E.A.
The chondrichthyan fauna from the Middle-Late Triassic of Guanling (Guizhou province, SW China).News, opinion and commentaryCuny, Gilles, Lide Chen, Xiaofeng Wang
The cranial anatomy of the coelophysoid theropod Zupaysaurus rougieri from the Upper Triassic of Argentina.News, opinion and commentaryEzcurra, Martin D.
The history of the Dodo Raphus cucullatus and the penguin of Mauritius.News, opinion and commentaryHume, Julian P.
The Miocene birds of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) with a discussion of the age of modern species and genera.News, opinion and commentaryStewart, John R., Beech, Mark
The phylogenetic relationships of early dinosaurs: a comparative report.(Report)News, opinion and commentarySereno, Paul C.
Traces of naticid predation on the Gryphaeid Oyster Pycnodonte dissimilaris: epifaunal drilling of prey in the Paleocene.News, opinion and commentaryDietl, Gregory P.
Using platyceratid gastropod behavior to test functional morphology.News, opinion and commentaryGahn, Forest J., Baumiller, Tomasz K.
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