Hospital Material Management Quarterly 1998 - Abstracts

Hospital Material Management Quarterly 1998
Break through to 98 percent inventory record integrity in just 120 days.Health care industryRibar, Thomas F.
Cycle counting: a quality assurance process.Health care industryStahl, Robert A.
Doing more with less: smart stockroom management equals great service.Health care industryCampbell, David O., Jr.
Facing the staff after a reduction in work force.Health care industryDavidhizar, Ruth, Pemberton, Judy H.
Factors to consider in the delivery of quality services in hospitals.Health care industryMercier, Stace, Fikes, Joyce
Health care's future? Look to the past.Health care industryDowd, Steven B., Tilson, Elwin R.
Helping staff cope with change. (health care industry)Health care industryDavidhizar, Ruth, Dowd, Steven B., Shearer, Ruth
Hospital ethics committees and the future of health care decision making.Health care industryPowell, Linda T.
Hospital materiel management in Taiwan: a survey.Health care industryHuarng, Fenghueih
How to calculate total purchase cost.Health care industryHarding, Mary Lu
How to get parts out of prison (without paperwork).Health care industryBrown, Kim
How to leverage a bad inventory situation.Health care industryHorsfall, Gary A.
How to seek and destroy the root of quality inconsistency.Health care industrySchulte, Tom
How to use the Internet.Health care industryMelnyk, Steven A.
Humor: no materiel manager should be without it.Health care industryDavidhizar, Ruth, Dowd, Steven B., Shearer, Ruth
Integrated enterprise management: a look at the functions, the enterprise, and the environment - can you see the difference?Health care industryLehmann, David M.
Inventory accuracy in 60 days.Health care industryMiller, George J.
Literacy: a problem that managers must handle.Health care industryBrownson, Kenneth
Managing inventories for maximum benefit.Health care industryPoole, Lewis, Jr.
Mission impossible? The boss wants to double our inventory turns.Health care industryGips, Jack
New purchasing measures for stellar performance.Health care industryHarding, Michael
Purchasing without paper (well, almost no paper).Health care industryLodholz, William K.
Rewarding with dignity.Health care industryDavidhizar, Ruth, Shearer, Ruth
Self-directed work teams: the wave of the future?Health care industryBeckham, Renee
Structured problem solving for materiel managers.Health care industrySamelson, Quentin B.
The art of defining computer system requirements: say what you need and need what you say.Health care industryKuiper, Dick
The effect of holism on the health care system.Health care industryBar, Bonnie
Tools from the implementation workbench: a project manager's survival kit.Health care industrySmith, Gary, Zimmer, Brian T.
Total quality in health care.Health care industryBrannan, Kenneth M.
Trends in multiculturalism in health care.Health care industrySmith, Linda S.
Using the Internet to achieve purchasing improvements at General Electric.Health care industryWaugh, Richard, Elliff, Scott
Who will be a good employee in the future? (healthcare workers)Health care industryHesketh, Gerald L.
Why is traditional accounting failing managers?Health care industryCokins, Gary
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