Information Economics and Policy 1996 - Abstracts

Information Economics and Policy 1996
A probit model of household broadband service subscription intentions: a regional analysis.Library and information scienceMadden, Gary, Simpson, Michael
A test for information sharing in Cournot oligopoly.Library and information scienceJin, Jim Y.
Can universal service survive in a competitive telecommunications environment? Evidence from the United States consumer expenditure survey.Library and information scienceWolak, Frank A.
Demand for international telephone traffic in Spain: an econometric study using provincial panel data.Library and information scienceAmaral, Teodosio Perez, Munoz, Teresa Garin
Demand for national telephone traffic in Spain from 1985-1989: an econometric study using provincial panel data.Library and information scienceGarin Munoz, Teresa
Do incompatible network standards lead to domestic benefits? The case of color television.Library and information sciencePargal, Sheoli
Information technology, international orientation and performance: a case study of electrical and electronic goods manufacturing firms in India.Library and information scienceLal, K.
Local monopsony and free riders.Library and information scienceWaterman, David
Network subscription and services usage in European telecommunications industries.Library and information scienceGarrone, Paola
Potential pitfalls in empirical investigations of the effects of incentive regulation plans in the telecommunications industry.Library and information scienceSappington, David E.M., Weisman, Dennis L.
Revenue sharing in incentive regulation plans.Library and information scienceSappington, David E.M., Weisman, Dennis L.
Symmetric regulation for competitive telecommunications.Library and information scienceSchankerman, Mark
The influence of regulation on marginal factor cost: access markets in U.S. telecommunications.Library and information scienceWard, Michael R., Parsons, Steve G.
The network of networks: localized technological change in telecommunications and productivity growth.Library and information scienceAntonelli, Cristiano
The pricing of international telecommunications services by monopoly operators.Library and information scienceCave, Martin, Donnelly, Mark P.
The scope for collusion in a regulated vertically integrated telecommunications industry.Library and information scienceDamania, D.
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