International Advertiser - Abstracts

International Advertiser
Ad strategies of defense contractors.Business, internationalNumata, Mary
Airline ads aimed at Asia.Business, internationalKatz, Marian
AT & T's low-profile international campaign. (AT & T's international advertising)Business, internationalCowherd, Steve
Australia's promising 50-plus market.Business, international 
Award-winning advertising campaigns.Business, international 
Breaking broadcast barriers. (worldwide television advertising and regulations affecting this goal)Business, international 
Centralized international advertising.Business, internationalShamoon, Sherrie
Cooperative ads sell the U.S.Business, internationalSchroeder, Mary
Couriers compete for global business. (competition in the overnight message industry)Business, internationalShamoon, Sherrie
Demographics for advertisers.Business, internationalWalsh, Doris
Desperately seeking differences. (Banking services.)Business, internationalFurniss, John
East prefers West at AdAsia. (Asian Advertising Congress in Bangkok, Thailand)Business, internationalOakins, Nigel
EBRS '86 evaluated. (European Businessman Readership Survey results)Business, internationalFurniss, John
Europe's computer press revisited.Business, internationalJarvis, Michael
Foreign ads go farther with PR. (public relations at the international level)Business, international 
For Olympic sponsors, the game's global.Business, internationalBlount, Steve
Global advertising: multi-national vs. international pros and cons.Business, internationalMeffert, Heribert, Althans, Jurgen
GM's corporate umbrella ads aim at boosting prestige in region.Business, internationalSmith, A. Dunlap
How do Inter-Continental Hotels go intercontinental?Business, internationalCudlipp, Edythe
How pan-European is Europe?Business, international 
How to reach 3 countries in one native language.Business, international 
International media planners should 'spend time with reps' and learn more about foreign countries and cultures, say experts. (editorial)Business, international 
Livening up the tombstone. (Investment banks.)Business, internationalShamoon, Sherrie
Lower dollar raises expectations. (the effect of foreign exchange rates on international advertising)Business, international 
Men's magazines in foreign markets.Business, internationalShamoon, Sherrie
Middle East campaigns must be built around print media. (advertising in the Middle East)Business, internationalBrown, Lee
More freedom on French TV.Business, internationalInserra, Peter
No women, no alcohol; learn Saudi taboos before placing ads. (advertising in Saudi Arabia)Business, internationalKatz, Marian
Positioning computer products in Europe. (U.S. computer companies marketing in Europe)Business, internationalNoah, Lisa
Preview of Latin American survey points way for 1986. (advertising and magazine publishing in Latin America)Business, internationalWogerbauer, D.
Print, outdoor and video lead Saudi Arabia media mix.Business, internationalSharbean, Beshara
Profile of Sky-watchers. (Profile of the TV viewers of the Sky Channel in Europe.)Business, international 
Rating American banks in Japan: survey shows importance of image.Business, internationalFurniss, John
Revlon strives for one look. (International advertising.)Business, internationalSchroeder, Mary
Selling New York banking to Australians: Chase becomes 'champ' and four other firms are scoring points.Business, internationalNaiman, Joanne
Similarity of cultures simplifies advertising to the Pan-Arab world. (regional marketing in the Arab Middle East)Business, internationalFurniss, John D.
Sizing up high-tech markets worldwide.Business, international 
State ads entice foreign investors. (New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia and Missouri campaign for foreign firms)Business, internationalSchroeder, Mary
Survey of frequent business travelers.Business, internationalBrooks, Michael
Taking Trivial Pursuit to Europe. (international marketing of the General Mills' board game, Trivial Pursuit)Business, internationalShamoon, Sherrie
The appeal of China TV.Business, international 
The Morgan mystique: staying the same while Citibank, Chase and everyone else changes.Business, internationalCowherd, Steve
The rewards of foreign radio sponsorships. (radio advertising in Australia and England)Business, internationalNumata, Mary
Toys 'R' going global. (Overseas, toys are big business)Business, internationalSchroeder, Mary
Translator takes a creative turn.Business, international 
U.S.-based international billings in 1986. (U.S. advertising agencies' worldwide billings)Business, international 
U.S. rep explains why decentralized media buying means bad news for all concerned.Business, internationalWebb, Victor
Videotape ads are common throughout Middle East.Business, international 
What's happening in Germany.Business, international 
What's up with inflights? (analysis of publications issued by airline companies)Business, international 
Where French media are going.Business, international 
Why advertise in travel publications?Business, internationalGaines, Lisa
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