International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics - Abstracts

International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics
A 'general' non-substitutional theorem along Samuelsonian lines.(economist Paul Samuelson)EconomicsAhmed, Sayed
Appraising externalities of the Swiss agriculture: an extended cost-benefit analysis.EconomicsPillet, Gonzague, Zingg, Nicole, Maradan, David
Capital formation and economic growth.EconomicsAnwer, Muhammad S., Sampath, R.K.
Does the enrichment of another country benefit India? Some empirical results.EconomicsNg, Yew-Kwang, Ng, Siang
Fisher and the inconstant velocity of circulation.(Irving Fisher)EconomicsDimand, Robert W.
Free market capitalism and market discipline on the Asian financial crisis.EconomicsGan, Christopher, Goh Wai Li
Generalising the 'Tableau economique'; Isnard's 'Systeme des richesses'.(Francois Quesnay)(Achylle-Nicolas Isnard)EconomicsSteenge, Albert E., van den Berg, Richard
Industrial relations in changing times.EconomicsSchmid, Hans
Issues in economic growth and development: human capital vs. human resources.EconomicsSeidl, Andrew F.
Money and price theory.EconomicsBenetti, Carlo, Cartelier, Jean
Monotone price movements: a non-Euclidean approach.EconomicsBidard, Christian, Steedman, Ian
Negative income taxes and household transition dynamics: evidence from the Canadian MINCOME experiment.(Manitoba Income Maintenance Experiment)EconomicsChoudhry, Saud A., Arvin, B. Mak
On growth in disequilibrium.EconomicsAyres, Robert U.
Samuelson; a personal recollection.(economist Paul Samuelson)EconomicsHahn, Frank
Samuelson the vain.(economist Paul Samuelson)EconomicsPrice, B.B.
The classical neo-classical fallacy: the search for the absolute in the theory of value.EconomicsZafirovski, Milan
The discouraged entrepreneur: a model of self-employment with financial constraints.EconomicsZazzaro, Alberto
The neoclassical fallacy.EconomicsHamouda, O.F.
The role of Samuelson's 'Economics' in the production of a Keynesian economist.(Paul Samuelson)(John Maynard Keynes)EconomicsBrady, Michael Emmett
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