International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2007 - Abstracts

International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology 2007
Achieving justice for children: Public defenders in Israel's juvenile courts.Psychology and mental healthBorowski, Allan, Ajzenstadt, Mimi
A classification of sexual homicide against men.Psychology and mental healthProulx, Jean, Beauregard, Eric
A comparative analysis of media reports of U.S. parricide cases with officially reported national crime data and the psychiatric and psychological literature.Psychology and mental healthHeide, Kathleen M., Boots, Denise Paquette
A comparison of rapists and sexual murderers on demographic and selected psychometric measures.Psychology and mental healthBeech, Anthony R., Beckett, Richard, Oliver, Caroline J., Fisher, Dawn
A look from the inside: Balancing custody and treatment in a juvenile maximum-security facility.Psychology and mental healthInderbitzin, Michelle
Applying Black's theory of law to crack and cocaine dispositions.Psychology and mental healthChappell, Allison T., Maggard, Scott R.
Building little safe and civilized communities: Community crime prevention with Chinese characteristics?Psychology and mental healthZhong, Lena Y., Broadhurst, Roderic G.
Bureaucratic justice: The incarceration of mainland Chinese women working in Hong Kong's sex industry.Psychology and mental healthLaidler, Karen Joe, Petersen, Carole, Emerton, Robyn
Burnout among corrections-based drug treatment staff: impact of individual and organizational factors.(Report)Psychology and mental healthKnight, Kevin, Simpson, D. Dwayne, Garner, Bryan R.
Capital punishment views in China and the United States: A preliminary study among college students.Psychology and mental healthJin Wang, Lambert, Eric G., Shanhe Jiang
Case illustrations of negative sexual experiences among university women in Japan: Victimization disclosure and reactions of the confidant.Psychology and mental healthUji, Masayo, Shono, Masahiro, Shikai, Noriko, Kitamura, Toshinori
Child care providers who commit sexual offences: A description of offender, offence, and victim characteristics.Psychology and mental healthMoulden, Heather M., Firestone, Philip, Wexler, Audrey F.
China's juvenile delinquency prevention law: the law and the philosophy.Psychology and mental healthJianhong Liu, Lening Zhang
Collateral gains from the military? A cross-national analysis of the armed forces-crime relationship.(Report)Psychology and mental healthSun, Ivan Y., Hung-En Sung, Chu, Doris C.
Correctional officers' perceptions of the competency-based counseling training program in Taiwan: a preliminary qualitative research.(Report)Psychology and mental healthder Pan, Peter Jen, Shih-Hua Chang, Chi-Wei Lin
Criminological research in contemporary China: Challenges and lessons learned from a large-scale criminal victimization survey.Psychology and mental healthMessner, Steven F., Lening Zhang, Jianhong Lu
Definitions of and beliefs about wife abuse among undergraduate students of social work.Psychology and mental healthHaj-Yahia, Muhammad M., Schiff, Miriam
Developing comparative criminology and the case of China: An introduction.Psychology and mental healthJianhong Liu
Diagnostic and risk profiles among civilly committed sex offenders in Washington State.Psychology and mental healthJackson, Rebecca L., Richards, Henry J.
Drug problems in China: Recent trends, countermeasures, and challenges.(Statistical data)Psychology and mental healthZhonglin Chen, Kaicheng Huang
Evidence of a gene X environment interaction in the creation of victimization: results from a longitudinal sample of adolescents.(Report)Psychology and mental healthDeLisi, Matt, Gibson, Chris L., Beaver, Kevin M., Wright, John Paul, Daigle, Leah E., Swatt, Marc L.
Family role in the reintegration process of recovering drug addicts: A qualitative review of Israeli offenders.Psychology and mental healthGideon, Lior
Female recidivists speak about their experience in drug court while engaging in appreciative inquiry.Psychology and mental healthGeiger, Brenda, Fischer, Michael, Hughes, Mary Ellen
Identifying subgroups at high risk of dropping out of domestic batterer treatment: The buffering effects of a high school education.Psychology and mental healthSeng, Magnus, Stalans, Loretta J.
Intensive case management as a jail diversion program for people with a serious mental illness: A review of the literature.Psychology and mental healthBoyle, Michael, Loveland, David
Issues regarding the clinical use of the classification of violence risk (COVR) assessment instrument.(Report)Psychology and mental healthMcCusker, Paul J.
Juvenile sex-only and sex-plus offenders: An exploratory study on criminal profiles.Psychology and mental healthvan Wijk, A.Ph., Mali, S.R.F., Bullens, R.A.R.
Life strain, coping, and delinquency in the People's Republic of China: An empirical test of general strain theory from a matching perspective in social support.Psychology and mental healthHaas, Ain, Wan-Ning Bao, Yijun Pi
Male batterers with and without psychopathy: An exploratory study in Spanish prisons.Psychology and mental healthFernandez-Montalvo, Javier, Echeburua, Enrique
Narrative identity and offender rehabilitation.Psychology and mental healthWard, Tony, Marshall, Bill
Persons with intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system: review of issues.Psychology and mental healthJones, Jessica
Physical child harm and bullying-related behaviors: A comparative study in Japan, South Africa, and the United States.(Report)Psychology and mental healthDussich, John P.J., Maekoya, Chie
Predicting differences in the perceived relevance of crime's costs and benefits in a test of rational choice theory.Psychology and mental healthBouffard, Jeffrey A.
Provincial laws on the protection of women in China: A partial test of Black's theory.(Donald Black)(Law overview)Psychology and mental healthHong Lu
Rational choice and environment deterrence in the retention of mandated drug abuse treatment clients.(Report)Psychology and mental healthHung-En Sung, Richter, Linda
Reducing out-of-community placement and recidivism: diversion of delinquent youth with mental health and substance use problems from the justice system.(Report)Psychology and mental healthSullivan, Christopher J., Veysey, Bonita M., Hamilton, Zachary K., Grillo, Michele
Returning to normality: Anomie and crime in China.Psychology and mental healthLiqun Cao
Risk assessment and offender-victim relationship in juvenile offenders.Psychology and mental healthLusignan, Richard, Marleau, Jacques D.
Sex offender legislation in the United States: What do we know?Psychology and mental healthCohen, Michelle
The effectiveness of art therapy in reducing depression in prison populations.Psychology and mental healthGussak, David
Time for a change: applying the good lives model of rehabilitation to a high-risk violent offender.(Case study)Psychology and mental healthWard, Tony, Whitehead, Paul R., Collie, Rachael M.
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