International Journal of Sport Nutrition - Abstracts

International Journal of Sport Nutrition
A comparison of the gastric emptying characteristics of selected sports drinks.Sports and fitnessBartoli, William, Horn, Mary, Murray, Robert, Stofan, John, Eddy, Dennis
Acute carbohydrate consumption does not influence resistance exercise performance during energy restriction.Sports and fitnessRankin, Janet Walberg, Dalton, Renee A., Sebolt, Don, Gwazdauskas, Frank
An investigation into the effects of sodium citrate ingestion on high-intensity exercise performance.Sports and fitnessMcCarthy, John, Moore, Jonathan, Van Someren, Ken, Fulcher, Kathy, Horgan, Gill, Langford, Richard
A report of vitamin and mineral supplement use among university athletes in a Division I institution.Sports and fitnessDriskell, Judy A., Krumbach, Chad J., Ellis, Dave R.
Assessment of under-reporting of energy intake by elite female gymnasts.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessJonnalagadda, Satya S., Bernardot, Dan, Dill, Marian N.
Behavioral, psychological, and physical characteristics of female athletes with subclinical eating disorders.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessBeals, Katherine A., Manore, Melinda M.
Blood glucose and glucoregulatory hormone responses to solid and liquid carbohydrate ingestion during exercise.Sports and fitnessRobergs, Robert A., Mcminn, Susie B., Mermier, Cristine, Leadbetter, Guy, III, Quinn, Chris
Body composition and nutritional assessments in soccer.Sports and fitnessRico-Sanz, Jesus
Calcium losses resulting from an acute bout of moderate-intensity exercise.Sports and fitnessO'Toole, Mary L., Johnson, Karen C., Bullen, Daryll B.
Carbohydrate supplementation attenuates muscle glycogen loss during acute bouts of resistance exercise.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessPotteiger, Jeffrey A., Haff, G. Gregory, Koch, Alexander J., Kuphal, Karen E., Magee, Lawrence M., Green, Samuel B., Jakicic, John J.
Comparison of dietary intake and eating behavior of professional road cyclists during training and competition.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessGarcia-Roves, Pablo M., Terrados, Nicolas, Fernandez, Serafina, Patterson, Angeles M.
Consistency in preventing voluntary dehydration in boys who drink a flavored carbohydrate-NaCl beverage during exercise in the heat.Sports and fitnessBar-Or, Oded, Keller, Heidemarie, Kriemler, Susi, Wilk, Boguslaw
Creatine supplementation and swimming performance.Sports and fitnessSherman, W. Michael, Lamb, David R., Leenders, Nicole, Nelson, Timothy E.
Creatine supplementation differentially affects maximal isometric strength and time to fatigue in large and small muscle groups.Sports and fitnessUrbanski, Richard L., Loy, Steven F., Vincent, William J., Yaspelkis, Ben B., III
Cross-validation of modified fatness-specific bioelectrical impedance equations.Sports and fitnessStolarczyk, Lisa M., Heyward, Vivian H., Wagner, Dale R., Lockner, Donna W., Griffin, Sharon E., Marques, Martim B.
Decreased resting metabolic rate in ballet dancrs with menstrual irregularity.Sports and fitnessBerman, Claire, Noakes, Timothy D., Myburgh, Kathryn H., Lambert, Estelle V., Novick, Illana
Diet and short term plasma lipoprotein-lipid changes after exercise in trained men.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessBounds, Roger G., Martin, Steven E., Grandjean, Peter W., O'Brien, Barbara C., Inman, Cindi, Crouse, Stephen F
Dietary and performance assessment of elite soccer players during a period of intense training.Sports and fitnessRico-Sanz, Jesus, Rivera, Miguel A., Frontera, Walter R., Meredith, Carol N., Mole, Paul A., Rivera-Brown, Anita
Do regular high protein diets have potential health risks on kidney function in athletes?(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessPoortmans, Jacques R., Dellalieux, Olivier
Eating pattern and nutritional status of international elite flatwater paddlers.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessFernandez, Serafina, Patterson, Angeles M., Perez-Landaluce, Javier, Garcia-Roves Pablo M., Rodriguez, Manuel
Effective fluid replacement.(for athletes)Sports and fitnessHorswill, Craig A.
Effective nutritional ergogenic aids.Sports and fitnessApplegate, Elizabeth
Effective nutrition support programs for college athletes.Sports and fitnessVinci, Debra M.
Effect of acute resistance exercise on postexercise oxygen consumption and resting metabolic rate in young women.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessOsterberg, Kristin L., Melby, Christopher L.
Effect of ENDUROX on metabolic responses to submaximal exercise.Sports and fitnessMoffatt, Robert J., Cheuvront, Samuel N., Biggerstaff, Kyle D., Bearden, Shawn, McDonough, Paul
Effect of low- and high-carbohydrate diets on the plasma glutamine and circulating leukocyte responses to exercise.Sports and fitnessWalsh, Neil P., Blannin, Andrew K., Bishop, Nicolette C., Gleeson, Michael, Clark, Anya M.
Effect of oral glutamine supplementation on human neutrophil lipopolysaccharide-stimulated degranulation following prolonged exercise.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessWalsh, Neil P., Blannin, Andrew K., Bishop, Nicolette C., Robson, Paula J., Gleeson, Michael
Effect of Q10 supplementation on tissue Q10 levels and adenine nucleotide catabolism during high-intensity exercise.Sports and fitnessEkblom, Bjorn, Tonkonogi, Michail, Malm, Christer, Sahlin, Kent, Svensson, Michael, Sjodin, Bertil
Effect of training mode and calcium intake on bone mineral density in female master cyclists, runners, and non-athletes.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessNichols, Jeanne F., Beshgetoor, Donna, Rego, Inah
Effects of anabolic precursors on serum testosterone concentrations and adaptions to resistance training in young men.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessBrown, Gregory A., Vukovich, Matthew D., Reifenrath, Tracy A., Uhl, Nathaniel L., Parsons, Kerry A., Sharp, Rick L., King, Douglas S.
Effects of exercise on dietary protein requirements.Sports and fitnessLemon, Peter W.R.
Effects of in-season (5 weeks) creatine and pyruvate supplementation on anaerobic performance and body composition in American football players.Sports and fitnessUtter, Alan C., Stone, Michael H., O'Bryant, Harold S., Smith, Lucille L., Pierce, Kyle C., Johnson, Robert L. (American business executive), Sanborn, Kimberly, Hoke, Tommy, Boros, Rhonda, Hruby, Joseph, Stone, Margaret E., Garner, Brindley
Effects of medium-chain triacylglycerol ingested with carbohydrate on metabolism and exercise performance.Sports and fitnessNoakes, Timothy D., Dennis, Steven C., Lambert, Estelle V., Goedecke, Julia H., Elmer-English, Richard, Schloss, Ingrid
Effects of training status on the metabolic responses to high carbohydrate and high fat meals.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessBowden, Victoria L., McMurray, Robert G.
Energy and nutrient intakes of the United States National Women's Artistic Gymnastics Team.Sports and fitnessBenardot, Dan, Jonnalagadda, Satya S., Nelson, Marian
Energy and nutrient status of amenorrheic athletes participating in a diet and exercise training intervention program.Sports and fitnessSkinner, James S., Manore, Melinda M., Matt, Kathleen S., Kopp-Woodroffe, Sheila A., Dueck, Christine A.
Energy balance in young athletes.Sports and fitnessThompson, Janice L.
Examination of the self-selected fluid intake practices by junior athletes during a simulated duathlon event.Sports and fitnessCarlson, John, Naughton, Geraldine, Iuliano, Sandra, Collier, Greg
Fasting and energy intake influence bone turnover in lightweight male rowers.Sports and fitnessTalbott, Shawn M., Shapses, Sue A.
Fluid-electrolyte balance during labor and exercise: concepts and misconceptions.Sports and fitnessArmstrong, Lawrence E., Epstein, Yoram
Ginseng treatment improves psychomotor performance at rest and during graded exercise in young athletes.Sports and fitnessNazar, Krystyna, Kaciuba-Uscilko, Hanna, Ziemba, Andrzej, Chmura, Jan, Wisnik, Piotr, Gawronskim Wojciech
Glucose ingestion matched with total carbohydrate utilization attenuates hypoglycemia during exercise in adolescents with IDDM.(insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus)Sports and fitnessBar-Or, Oded, Heigenhauser, George J.F., Ayub, Beatriz V., Riddell, Michael C., Calvert, Randolph E.
Glycemic index - a new tool in sport nutrition?Sports and fitnessHargreaves, Mark, Burke, Louise M., Collier, Gregory R.
Glycogen replenishment and repeated maximal effort exercise: effect of liquid carbohydrate.Sports and fitnessPotteiger, Jeffrey A., Jacobsen, Dennis J., Haub, Mark D., Nau, Karen L., Magee, Lawrence A., Comeau, Matthew J.
Influence of caffeine on metabolic and cardiovascular functions during sustained light intensity cycling and at rest.Sports and fitnessWirth, John C., Engels, Hermann-J., Celik, Sueda, Dorsey, Jodee L.
Influence of diet and/or exercise on body composition and cardiorespiratory fitness in obese women.Sports and fitnessUtter, Alan C., Nieman, David C., Butterworth, Diane E., Shannonhouse, Elizabeth M., Nieman, Cathy N.
Influence of exercise mode and carbohydrate on the immune response to prolonged exercise.Sports and fitnessButterworth, Diane E., Henson, Dru A., Fagoaga, Omar R., Davis, J. Mark, Utter, Alan, Sonnenfeld, Gerald, Nieman, David, Blodgett, Andy D., Morton, Darla S., Nehlsen-Cannarella, Sandra >
Inosine supplementation has no effect on aerobic or anaerobic cycling performance.Sports and fitnessMcNaughton, Lars, Dalton, Brad, Tarr, Janine
Interrelationships among food intake, somatic traits, and physical fitness in 10.5- to 15.5-year-old children from eastern Poland.Sports and fitnessRaczynski, Grzegorz, Stupnicki, Romuald, Czeczelewski, Jan, Sklad, Maciej
Intestinal permeability in runners in the 1996 Chicago marathon.Sports and fitnessHorn, Mary, Murray, Robert, Lambert, G. Patrick, Gisolfi, Carl V., Eddy, Dennis, Smetanka, Rachel D.
Iron status in female endurance athletes and in non-athletes.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessMalczewska, Jadwiga, Raczynski, Grzegorz, Stupnicki, Romuald
Iron status of highly active adolescents: evidence of depleted iron stores in gymnasts.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessFalk, Bareket, Constantini, Naama W., Eliakim, Alon, Zigel, Levana, Yaaron, Michal
L-Carnitine supplementation combined with aerobic training does not promote weight loss in moderately obese women.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessVillani, Rudolph G., Gannon, Jenelle, Self, Megan, Rich, Peter A.
Magnesium, zinc, and copper status in women involved in different sports.Sports and fitnessNuviala, Ramon J., Lapieza, Maria G., Bernal, Enrique
Metabolic effects of a protein-supplemented carbohydrate drink in marathon runners.Sports and fitnessColombani, Paolo C., Kovacs, Eva, Frey-Rindova, Petra, Frey, Walter, Langhans, Wolfgang, Arnold, Myrtha, Wenk, Caspar
No effect of heavy resistance training and creatine supplementation on blood lipids.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessKraemer, William J., Mazzetti, Scott A., Volek, Jeff S., Duncan, Noel D., Gomez, Ana L., Putukian, Margot
Nutrient intake of elite sailors during a solitary long-distance offshore race.Sports and fitnessGuezennec, Charles-Yannick, Bigard, Andre-Xavier, Guillemot, Pierre-Yves, Chauve, Jean-Yves, Duforez, Francois, Portero, Pierre
Nutritional and fluid intake in a 100-km ultramarathon.Sports and fitnessThompson, Martin W., Broad, Elizabeth, Fallon, Kieran E., Reull, Patricia A.
Nutritional and physiological status of U.S. national figure staters.Sports and fitnessJonnalagadda, Satya S., Ziegler, Paula J., Nelson, Judith A.
Nutritional intake of elite Japanese track-and-field athletes.Sports and fitnessSugiura, Katsumi, Suzuki, Izumi, Kobayashi, Kando
Nutritional practices of elite female surfers during training and competition.Sports and fitnessBurke, Louise M., Cameron-Smith, David, Collier, Gregory R., Felder, Jenni M., Lowdon, Brian J.
Nutrition, exercise, and bone status in youth.Sports and fitnessBarr, Susan I., McKay, Heather A.
Nutrition, physical activity, and bone health in women.Sports and fitnessModlesky, Christopher M., Lewis, Richard D.
Nutrition support programs for young adult athletes.Sports and fitnessClark, Nancy
Oral creatine supplementation and upper extremity anaerobic response in females.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessHamilton, Karyn L., Meyers, Michael C., Skelly, William A., Marley, Robert J.
Patterns of vitamin/mineral supplement usage by adolescents attending athletic high schools in Korea.Sports and fitnessKeen, Carl L., Kim, Sun H.
Plasma B-6 vitamer changes following a 50 kilometer ultramarathon.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessLeonard, Scott W., Leklem, James E.
Practical body composition assessment for children, adults, and older adults.Sports and fitnessHeyward, Vivian H.
Pre- and postgame macronutrient intake of a group of elite Australian football players.Sports and fitnessRutishauser, Ingrid H.E., Schokman, C. Peter, Wallace, Roger J.
Predictive accuracy of Omron Body Logic Analyzer in estimating relative body fat of adults.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessHeyward, Vivian H., Gibson, Ann L., Mermier, Christine M.
Publication of adverse events in exercise studies involving nutritional agents.Sports and fitnessEngels, Hermann-J.
Pyruvate: beyond the marketing hype.(three-carbon ketoacid)Sports and fitnessSukala, William R.
Resistance training and energy balance.Sports and fitnessPoehlman, Eric T., Melby, Christopher
Resting metabolic rate and thermogenic effect of glucose in trained and untrained girls age 11-15 years.Sports and fitnessBurkhard-Jagodzinska, Krstyna, Nazar, Krystna, Ladyga, Maria, Starzewska-Czapowska, Janina, Borkowski, Lech
Serum ferritin and anemia in trained female athletes.Sports and fitnessMartin, David T., Hahn, Allan G., Ashenden, Michael J., Dobson, Geoffrey P., Mackintosh, Colin
Sodium bicarbonate ingestion does not attenuate the VO2 slow component during constant-load exercise.(extra oxygen required for exercise)Sports and fitnessPotteiger, Jeffrey A., Heck, Kristen L., Nau, Karen L., Schroeder, Jan M.
Sub-regional tissue morphometry in male athletes and controls using dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA).(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessStewart, Arthur D., Hannan, James
The effect of a carbohydrate-arginine supplement on postexercise carbohydrate metabolism.Sports and fitnessIvy, John L., Yaspelkis, Ben B., III
The effect of continuous low dose creatine supplementation on force, power, and total work.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessChilibeck, Philip D., Burke, Darren G., Silver, Shawn, Holt, Laurence E., Smith-Palmer, Truis, Culligan, Christopher J.
The effect of encapsulated soluble fiber on carbohydrate metabolism during exercise.Sports and fitnessSharp, Rick L., King, Douglas S., Parcell, Allen C., Ray, Melinda L., Moss, Kristine A., Ruden, Timothy M.
The effect of glycemic index on plasma glucose and lactate levels during incremental exercise.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessStannard, Stephen R., Thompson, Martin W., Miller, Janette C. Brand
The effects of caffeine on the maximal accumulated oxygen deficit and short-term running performance.Sports and fitnessDoherty, Michael
The effects of choline supplementation on physical performance.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessWarber, John P., Patton, John F., Tharion, William J., Zeisel, Steven H., Mello, Robert P., Kemnitz, Christopher P., Lieberman, Harris R.
The effects of 'tribulus terrestris' on body composition and exercise performance in resistance-trained males.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessAntonio, Jose, Uelmen, John, Rodriguez, Ramsey, Earnest, Conrad
The effects of zinc depletion on peak force and total work of knee and shoulder extensor and flexor muscles.Sports and fitnessTurnlund, Judith R., Van Loan, Mara D., Sutherland, Barbara, Lowe, Nicola M., King, Janet C.
The efficacy of carbohydrate supplementation and chronic high-carbohydrate diets for improving endurance performance.Sports and fitnessSherman, W. Michael, Jacobs, Kevin Allen
Towards optimizing the timing of the pre-exercise meal.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessMcMurray, Robert G., Maffucci, Dawn M.
Urinary indices during dehydration, exercise, and rehydration.Sports and fitnessCasa, Douglas J., Maresh, Carl M., Armstrong, Lawrence E., Kavouras, Stavros A., Hacker, Frank T., Jr., Soto, Jorge A. Herrera
Use of creatine and other supplements by members of civilian and military health clubs: a cross-sectional survey.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessSheppard, Heather L., Raichada, Sneha M., Kouri, Kellie M., Stenson-Bar-Maor, Lena, Branch, J. David
Vitamin E concentration in rat skeletal muscle and liver after exercise.Sports and fitnessSwift, Jon N., Jr., Kehrer, James P., Seiler, K. Stephen, Starnes, Joseph W.
Weight concern, body image, and abnormal eating in college women tennis players and their coaches.(Statistical Data Included)Sports and fitnessHarris, Mary B.
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