International Social Work 2003 - Abstracts

International Social Work 2003
Chaos and non-linear dynamics: new methodological approaches in the social sciences and social work practice.Sociology and social workHalmi, Aleksandar
Creating a culture of hope: lessons from street children agencies in Canada and Guatemala.Sociology and social workKarabanow, Jeff
Creative pathways to establishing a graduate social work program: an international context.Sociology and social workCrawley, Brenda K. J.
Does the MSW curriculum contribute to the professional specialization of the BSW-educated social worker?.Sociology and social workBen-Zur, Hasida, Gilbar, Ora, Gil, Sharon
Ethical decision-making of social workers' associations: a case study of the Israeli association of social workers' responses to whistle-blowing.Sociology and social workMansbach, Abraham, Kaufman, Roni
Ethical dilemmas of Israeli social workers.Sociology and social workLinzer, Norman, Conboy, Arlene, Ain, Eileen
Expectations of costs and rewards: students versus practicing social workers.Sociology and social workLev-Wiesel, Rachel
Frameworks for understanding value discrepancies and ethical dilemmas in managed mental health for social work in the United States.Sociology and social workFurman, Rich
Global poverty: no longer an untouchable problem.Sociology and social workSeipel, Michael M. O.
Humanitarian attitudes and support of government responsibility for social welfare: a study of perceptions of social work graduates in Hong Kong and .Sociology and social workTam, Tony S. K.
Implementing the United Nations convention on the rights of the child: the Canadian experience.Sociology and social workTang, Kwong-Leung
International social and economic justice and on-line advocacy.Sociology and social workQueiro-tajalli, Irene, McNutt, John, Campbell, Craig
Life and death decisions: America's changing attitudes towards genetic engineering, genetic testing and abortion, 1972-98.Sociology and social workBane, Audra, Brown, Lesli, Carter, Joy, Cote, Chris, Crider, Karin, De la Forest, Suzanne, Livingston, Michelle, Montero, Darrel
Military social work: a multi-country comparison.Sociology and social workDaley, James G.
Peer sexual harassment and peer violence among adolescents in Johannesburg and Chicago.Sociology and social workFineran, Susan, Bennet, Larry, Sacco, Terry
Refugees' responses to mental health screening: a resettlement iniative.Sociology and social workNackerud, Larry, Ovitt, Nancy, Larrison, Christopher R.
Roles and opportunities for social work intervention in expatriate work environments.Sociology and social workSoochan Choi
Social services for the aged in Cuba.Sociology and social workBertera, Elizabeth M.
Social work and ethnic minorities' social development in the People's Republic of China.Sociology and social workSmith, Alice E.
Social work education.Sociology and social workNash, Mary
Space to grow: using dialogue techniques for multinational, multicultural learning.Sociology and social workFurman, Rich, Schatz, Mona, Jenkins, Lowell E.
Stresses and mental health of fathers with younger children in Hong Kong: implications for social work practices.Sociology and social workDaniel Fu Keung Wong, Debbie Oi Bing Lam, Sylvia Yuk Ching Lai Kwok
Telephone counselling: a comparison of Arab and Jewish Israeli usage.Sociology and social workGraham, John R., Al-Krenawi, Alean, Fakher-Aldin, Mueen
The feasibility of promoting user participation to elderly service workers.Sociology and social workFrancis Wing-Lin Lee, Pitmas Yu-Yeung Siok
The 'social' in social work practice: Shamans and social workers .Sociology and social workNg, Ho-Yee
The social role of social work: an experimental teaching model: the Israeli case.Sociology and social workNuttman-Shwartz, Orit, Hantman, Shira
Using single-system research designs to evaluate practice: potential applications for social work in Chinese contexts.Sociology and social workThyer, Bruce A., Artelt, Thomas A., Shek, Daniel T. L.
Whither international social work? A reflection.Sociology and social workDrucker, David
Women's rape perceptions in Beirut, Lebanon.Sociology and social workWehbi, Samantha
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