International Tourism Report - Abstracts

International Tourism Report
Argentina. (tourist industry)Travel industry 
Austria. (tourism and travel)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
Cambodia.(tourism and travel)Travel industry 
Canada. (International Tourism Reports).Travel industryLoverseed, Helga
China. (tourist industry)Travel industry 
Costa Rica. (as a holiday resort)Travel industry 
Cuba. (tourism in Cuba)Travel industryHaynes, Lila
Cyprus. (tourist and travel industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
Denmark. (as a tourist destination)Travel industry 
Dominican Republic. (tourism)Travel industryLoverseed, Helga
Ecuador.Travel industry 
Egypt. (an outline of Egypt's tourist industry)Travel industryCockerell, Nancy
England. (tourism)Travel industryPeisley, Tony
Eritrea. (travel and tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
Ethiopia. (travel and tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
Finland.(tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
France.Travel industry 
France. (tourist industry)Travel industry 
Greece. (an overview of the Greek tourist industry)Travel industry 
Guatemala. (tourist and travel industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
Hong Kong. (Hong Kong's tourist and travel industry)Travel industry 
India. (International Tourism Reports).Travel industrySuri, Madhu
Indonesia. (an overview of the Indonesian tourist industry)Travel industry 
Iran.(travel and tourism)Travel industry 
Ireland. (International Tourism Reports).Travel industryMcEniff, John
Italy. (tourism industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industryFrancescone, Pamela McCourt
Jamaica.Travel industry 
Japan. (travel & tourism intelligence)Travel industry 
Kenya. (as a tourist destination)Travel industry 
Laos.(travel and tourism)Travel industry 
Lebanon and Syria. (Potential growth of tourism)(Industry Overview)Travel industryCockerell, Nancy
Malawi. (tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industryMeldrum, Andrew
Maldives.(tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
Malta. (as a tourist destination)Travel industry 
Mauritius. (tourism)Travel industryMeldrum, Andrew
Morocco. (tourism)Travel industryCitrinot, Luc
Myanmar. (tourism)Travel industryBailey, Murray
Nepal. (tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industryCockerell, Nancy
New Zealand.(tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
Northern Ireland. (the travel and tourist industry in Northern Ireland)Travel industry 
Pakistan. (tourism)Travel industryHussein, Maliha H.
Peru . (an outline of Peru's tourist industry)Travel industryYunis, Eugenio
Philippines.Travel industry 
Poland. (tourism)Travel industry 
Russia. (tourist and travel industries)(Industry Overview)Travel industryTrew, Jill
Saudi Arabia. (travel & tourism intelligence)Travel industry 
South Korea. (the South Korean tourist industry)Travel industry 
Spain. (travel & tourism intelligence)Travel industry 
Sweden. (Sweden's travel and tourist industry)Travel industry 
Switzerland. (an overview of the Swiss tourist industry)Travel industry 
Taiwan. (an overview of the tourist industry in Taiwan)Travel industryBailey, Murray
Thailand. (an overview of the Thai tourist industry)Travel industry 
The Czech Republic and Slovakia. (tourist industry)Travel industry 
The Gambia.(tourism and travel)Travel industry 
The Netherlands.(travel and tourism)Travel industry 
The Pacific Islands. (International Tourism Reports).Travel industryPage, Stephen J. Dr.
Turkey. (tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industryBrotherton, Bob, Himmetoglu, Bulent
USA.(tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industry 
Venezuela. (the tourist and travel industry in Venezuela)Travel industry 
Vietnam. (travel & tourism intelligence)Travel industry 
Windward and Leeward Islands. (tourist industries)(Industry Overview)Travel industryDevas, Esmond
Zimbabwe. (tourist industry)(Industry Overview)Travel industryMeldrum, Andrew
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