Journal of Accountancy - Abstracts

Journal of Accountancy
A Basic Guide to Tax Accounting Opportunities.LawGertzman, S.F., Hunt, M.
Accounting for Changing Prices: Some Midcourse Corrections.LawSwanson, E.P.
Accounting for Churches.LawBoyce, L.F.Jr.
Accounting for Income Taxes: Change Is Coming.LawBeresford, D.R., Best, L.C., Weber, J.V.
Accounting Scholasticism: The FASB's Preliminary Views.LawGerboth, D.L.
A Special Area of Service: Risk Management.LawDillon, R.D., Feldhaus, W.R., Farrell, R.P.
Changing the U.S. Budget System.LawMahoney, D.
Controversy Livens FASB Hearings on Pension Accounting.LawLiebtag, B.
Current Value Accounting for S&Ls: A Needed Reform?LawJohnson, R.E., Peterson, P.T.
Developing Good Client Relations.LawPerry, L.
Electronic Worksheets: An Audit Tool.Law 
EMH, CMR and the Accounting Profession.LawDeitrick, J.W., Harrison, W.T.
Going Public - What It Involves.LawBarden, R.S., Copeland, J.E.Jr., Hermanson, R.H., Wat, L.
IRAs Vs. Unsheltered Investments: A Quantitative Analysis.LawBastable, C.W., Bao, D.H.
Is There (Enough) Life after the Tax Season?LawRachlin, N.S.
Looking to the Future: A Key to Success.LawHickok, R.S.
Meeting Accounting Deadlines.LawChoo, F.
NASBA 76th Annual Meeting.LawHaberman, L.D.
Peer Review: The Foundation of Self-Regulation.LawSaxlehner, A.C.
Practical Recruiting for Small Firms.LawHolmes, J.
Prospective Financial Statements: Guidelines for a Growing Practice Area.LawPallais, D., Elliott, R.K.
Recent Tax Rulings on AMIs.LawMarts, J.A., Clauretie, M.
Self-Regulation - Criticisms and a Response.LawMautz, R.K.
Single Audit Evidence: Are CPAs and Federal Auditors on the Same Track?LawForrester, R.
Tax Basics of Buying and Selling a Corporation.LawMoe, T.O.
The Practitioner and the Professor - A Working Partnership.LawGreene, G.E., Baxendale, S.J.
The Purchase of an Accounting Practice: Making the Right Choice.LawNielsen, G.L.
The Unique Tax Characteristics of Partnerships.LawWilliford, J.S.
What Manner of Man is the Average Accountant?LawJacobs, R., Traxler, A.E.
What to Avoid In a Productivity Improvement Effort.LawMcClure, James A.
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