Journal of American Studies 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of American Studies 1993
"A man's story is his gris-gris": cultural slavery, literary emancipation and Ishmael Reed's 'Flight to Canada.'Regional focus/area studiesWalsh, Richard
American studies in Britain: doctoral theses on American topics in progress and completed. (Bibliography)Regional focus/area studies 
A response to 'Walden.'Regional focus/area studiesLewis, Jim
Frederick Jackson Turner's Frontier Thesis and the self-consciousness of America.Regional focus/area studiesBonazzi, Tiziano
From "American Independence" to the "American Revolution."Regional focus/area studiesRachum, Ilan
From Lt. Calley to John Rambo: repatriating the Vietnam War. (William Calley)Regional focus/area studiesMuse, Eben J.
Glenn H. Wakefield (1873-1939?), alias "Ham Bannister": five poems by the grifter poet.Regional focus/area studiesHanners, John
Life without father: the role of the paternal in the opening chapters of 'Huckleberry Finn.'Regional focus/area studiesSegal, Harry G.
More English than the English: cavalier and Democrat in Virginia historical writing, 1870-1930.Regional focus/area studiesClark, Michael D.
Remembering Vietnam: subjectivity and mourning in American new realist writing.Regional focus/area studiesPrice, Joanna
'South Pacific' and American remembering; or, "Josh, we're going to buy this son of a bitch!"Regional focus/area studiesBeidler, Philip D.
The (hi)story of their lives: mythic autobiography and "The Lost Generation."Regional focus/area studiesDolan, Marc
The long last goodbye: control and resistance in the work of William Burroughs.Regional focus/area studiesAyers, David
The seductions of strange and painted women. (Karen Halttunen and Henry Ward Beecher)Regional focus/area studiesApplegate, Debby
Woman and Arcadia: the impact of ancient utopian thought on the early image of America.Regional focus/area studiesKlarer, Mario
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