Journal of American Studies 2003 - Abstracts

Journal of American Studies 2003
Atrocity, authenticity and American exceptionalism: (ir)rationalising the massacre at My Lai.Regional focus/area studiesOliver, Kendrick
"Be Up and Doing": Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and poetic labor.Regional focus/area studiesAnderson, Jill
Capitalist abstraction and the body politics of place in Toni Cade Bambara's 'Those Bones Are Not My Child.'(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesBone, Martyn
Conceptualising southern Liberalism: ideology and the Pepper-Smathers 1950 primary in Florida.Regional focus/area studiesBell, Jonathan W.
Foreigners within and innocents abroad: discourse of the self in the internalization of American studies.Regional focus/area studiesShamir, Milette
From madness to dysentry: Mad's other New York intellectuasl.Regional focus/area studiesAbrams, Nathan
Hems to hairdos: cultural discourse and Philadelphia Catholic high schools in the 1920s, a case study.Regional focus/area studiesDwyer-McNulty, Sara
"Liable to be anything": the creation of Joe Christmas in Faulkner's Light in August.Regional focus/area studiesRobinson, Owen
On the tail of the Panther: Black Power and the 1967 convention of the National Conference for New Politics.Regional focus/area studiesHall, Simon
Paul Auster's specters.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesJahsan, Paul
Run-of-the-Mill Lunacy.Regional focus/area studiesEncke, Jeffrey
Saying obligations: George Oppen's poetryand Levinasian ethics.Regional focus/area studiesJenkins, Mathew G.
The berders of time, place, and people in John Sayles's Lone Star.Regional focus/area studiesBarr, Alan P.
The conservative 1960s.Regional focus/area studiesHijiya, James A.
"This isn't exactly a ghost story": Edith Wharton and parodic Gothic.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesBeer, Janet, Horner, Avril
Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings, and the question of race: an ongoing debate.Regional focus/area studiesNicolaisen, Peter
"Who ain't a slave?": 'Moby Dick' and the ideology of free labor.(Critical Essay)Regional focus/area studiesMcGuire, Ian
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