Journal of Applied Management Studies - Abstracts

Journal of Applied Management Studies
A management culture revolution for the new century?Business, generalZhang, Yang, Su, Dongsui, Hulpke, John F.
Am empirical test of transaction cost theory: validating contract typology.Business, generalBarton, Sidney L., Scherer, Robert F., Adler, Terry R., Katerberg, Ralph
Assessing the contribution of the Shell Technology Enterprise Programme to SMEs in the UK.(small and medium-sized enterprises)Business, generalWesthead, Paul, Storey, David
Barriers to developing market orientation.Business, generalHarris, Lloyd C.
Changing the management culture in one part of the British Civil Service through visionary leadership and strategically led research-based OD interventions. (organization development)Business, generalHamlin, Bob, Reidy, Margaret, Stewart, Jim
Commentary: guanxi and growth in China, blurred visions in Bulgaria.Business, generalXin, Katherine R.
Confrontation or resolution management: discourse strategies for dealing with conflict in Participative Decision-Making.Business, generalYeung, Lorrita N.
Developing communication within new workgroups.Business, generalBourner, Tom, Lawson, John
Environmental managers and accounting.Business, generalWycherley, Ian
Executive managers: cultural expectations through stories about work.Business, generalHansen, Carol D., Kahnweiler, William M.
Experience in using action learning sets to enhance information management and technology strategic thinking in the UK National Health Service.Business, generalFinlay, Paul N., Marples, Chris G.
Freedom of movement for professionals: an assessment of the effectiveness of European Union policy and the barriers that remain.Business, generalSaunders, Mark N.K., Davis, Susan M.
Growing businesses by generating genuine business opportunities: a review of recent thinking.Business, generalTrott, Paul
Industrial restructuring and the promotion of small enterprise clusters: the case of the shipbuilding and repair industry in the Republic of Croatia.Business, generalBateman, Milford, Kastelan-Mrak, Marija, Vehovec, Maja
Just waiting for the next big bang: business continuity planning in the UK finance sector.Business, generalElliott, Dominic, Swartz, Ethne, Herbane, Brahim
Long term cooperation prospects in international joint ventures: perspectives of Chinese firms.Business, generalChen, Roger, Boggs, David J.
Managerial discourses: words speak louder than actions? (interplay between management action and discourse)Business, generalKeenoy, Tom, Oswick, Cliff, Grant, David
Money talks: the influence of the accountant on organisational discourse. (adoption of accounting language by organizations)Business, generalBarber, Patrick
New and small players on shaky ground: a multicase study of emerging entrepreneurial firms in a transforming economy.Business, generalYan, Aimin, Manolova, Tatiana S.
Organisational commitment in the temporary-help service industry.Business, generalMcclurg, Lucy Newton
Owner-manager's discourse: the metaphors-in-use. (metaphors used by business owner-managers)Business, generalPerren, Lew, Atkin, Rod
Perceived uncertainty and performance: the causal direction.Business, generalKhatri, Naresh, D'Netto, Brian
Performance appraisal techniques, task types and effectiveness: a contingency approach.Business, generalOrpen, Christopher
Political language: the case of corporate anorexia. (role of political language in corporate downsizing)Business, generalMason, E. Sharon
Privatisation and the human factor.Business, generalCooper, Cary L., Cunha, Rita Campos E.
Public sector entrepreneurship in Central and Eastern Europe: a study of academic spin-offs in Bulgaria and Hungary.Business, generalJones-Evans, Dylan, Steward, Fred, Balazs, Katalin, Todorov, Kyril
Restructuring of R&D organisations and the defence industry in the Russian Federation.Business, generalAfanassieva, Marianna, Couderc, Marie Laure
Sex, lies and videotropes: narrative and commitment in high technology teams. (use of narratives in human resource management)Business, generalBeech, Nic, McCalman, James
Strategic information systems planning: a necessary evil for schools?Business, generalLatham, Ann
Strategy development processes and participation in decision making: predictors of role stressors and job satisfaction.Business, generalBailey, Andy, Daniels, Kevin
Structural changes to foreign direct investment in China: an evolutionary perspective.Business, generalLuo, Yadong, O'Connor, Neale
The 1997 Crystal Lecture: the management of strategy. (lecture by Sir David Lees at the Wolverhampton Business School)(Working Papers, Discussions and Debates)(Transcript)Business, general 
The 1998 Crystal Lecture: the future of work - a strategy for managing the pressures.Business, generalCooper, Cary L.
The 1999 PRISM Pacific Rim Leadership Summit - management in China after two decades of an open door policy.Business, generalMartinsons, Maris G.
The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995: credible legislation? The main implications for employers.Business, generalLockwood, Graeme
The empowerment of problem-solving teams: is it an effective management tool?Business, generalBarnard, Janet
The essence of empowerment: a conceptual model and a case illustration.Business, generalYeh-Yun Lin, Carol
The skills development needs of SMEs and focus on graduate skills application.(small and medium enterprises)Business, generalMclarty, Roy
The structure of strategic thinking: a lexical and content analysis.Business, generalCrouch, Andrew, Basch, John
Toward alliance postsocialism: business strategies in a transitional economy.Business, generalPeng, Mike W., Tan, J. Justin
Understanding diversification in a transition economy: a theoretical exploration.Business, generalLi, Shaomin, Li, Mingfang, Tan, J. Justin
Work motivation, job stress and employees' well-being.Business, generalLu, Luo
Work values and their human resource management implications: a theoretical comparison of China, Mexico, and the United States.Business, generalPelled, Lisa Hope, Xin, Katherine R.
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