Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2004 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2004
A Comparative Analysis of Auditor, Manager and Financial Analyst Interpretations of SFAS 5 Disclosure Guidelines.(Statement of Financial Accounting Standards)BusinessAharony, Joseph, Dotan, Amihud
A modified 'square root' process for determining the value of the option to (dis)invest.BusinessTippett, Mark, Klumpes, Paul
An Analysis of the Distribution of Extreme Share Returns in the UK from 1975 to 2000.BusinessGettinby, G. D., Sinclair, C.D., Power, D.M., Brown, R.A.
A Note on the Intraday Patterns of Initial Public Offerings: Evidence from Hong Kong.BusinessWaiyan Cheng, YanLeung Cheung, Kakit Po
Are Economically Significant Stock Returns and Trading Volumes Driven by Firm-specific News Releases?BusinessRyan, Paul, Taffler, Richard J.
Bank relationship and firm performance: evidence from Thailand before the Asian financial crisis.BusinessLimpaphayom, Piman, Polwitoon, Sirapat
Can market incompleteness resolve asset pricing puzzles?(relentless uninsurable risk for asset pricing problems)BusinessFreeman, Mark C.
CAPM, Higher Comoment and Factor Models of UK Stock Returns.(Capital Asset Pricing Model, United Kingdom)BusinessChiHsiou Hung, Daniel, Shackleton, Mark, Xinzhong Xu
Competition and information production in market maker models.(information acquisition in commodities markets)BusinessMorrison, Alan D.
Corporate Acquisitions and the Operating Performance of Malaysian Companies.BusinessAbdul Rahman, R., Limmack, R.J.
Corporate data and future cash flows.(accuracy of contemporary accounting data)BusinessHussain, Simon, Attar, Ali Al
Debt overhang, costly expandability and reversibility, and optimal financial structure.BusinessJyh Bang Jou, Tan Lee
Determinants of Sovereign Eurobonds Yield Spread.BusinessAmira, Khaled
Determinants of the Capital Structures of European SMEs.(small to medium-sized enterprises)BusinessHall, Graham C., Hutchinson, Patrick J., Michaelas, Nicos
Double Entry Bookkeeping and the Distributional Properties of a Firm's Financial Ratios.BusinessTippett, Mark, Ashton, David, Dunmore, Paul
Effects of bank funds management activities on the disintermediation of bank deposits.BusinessParwada, Jerry T., Allen, David E.
Firm characteristics as cross sectional determinants of adverse selection.BusinessMcDermott, John B., Hegde, Shantaram P.
FOREX risk: measurement and evaluation using value at risk.BusinessBredin, Don, Hyde, Stuart
Human Capital and Stock Returns: Is the Value Premium an Approximation for Return on Human Capital?BusinessHansson, Bo
Income smoothing, earnings quality and firm valuation.BusinessBao, Ben Hsien, Bao, Da Hsien
Increasing Market Share as a Rationale for Corporate Acquisitions.BusinessGhosh, Aloke
Individual Investors' Sentiment and Temporary Stock Price Pressure.BusinessChan, Siu Y., Wai-Ming Fong
Interim Reporting Frequency and Financial Analysts' Expenditures.BusinessYee, Kenton K.
Intra Day BidAsk Spreads, Trading Volume and Volatility: Recent Empirical Evidence from the London Stock Exchange.BusinessHudson, Robert, Keasey, Kevin, Cai, Charlie X.
Making a market with spreads and depths.(quote revision behavior of NASDAQ )BusinessXin Zhao
Market valuation of successful versus non successful R and D efforts in the pharmaceutical industry.BusinessShortridge, Rebecca Toppe
Net present value-consistent investment criteria based on accruals: a generalisation of the residual income identity.BusinessPfeiffer, Thomas
Nonlinear Predictability of Value and Growth Stocks and Economic Activity.BusinessMcMillan, David G., Black, Angela J.
Odd lot costs and taxation influences on stock dividend ex dates.BusinessCahan, Steven F., Rose, Lawrence C., Anderson, Hamish D.
Operating performance and stock returns of firms calling convertible preferred stocks.BusinessKadapakkam, Palani Rajan, Sun, Huey Lian, Tang, Alex P.
Past returns and investment trust discounts.(net asset value returns)BusinessBleaney, Michael
Predicting Corporate Failure in the UK: A Multidimensional Scaling Approach.BusinessNeophytou, Evi, Molinero, Cecilio Mar
Public predisclosure information, firm size, analyst following, and market reactions to earnings announcements.BusinessChristensen, Theodore E., Smith, Toni Q., Stuerke, Pamela S.
Reactions of the London Stock Exchange to Company Trading Statement Announcements.BusinessCollett, Nick
Replacement Investment: Optimal Economic Life Under Uncertainty.BusinessDobbs, Ian M.
Security choice, information effects and firm characteristics: a factor analytic approach.BusinessSchatzberg, John D., Weeks, David
Stability, Asymmetry and Seasonality of Fund Performance: An Analysis of Australian Multisector Managed Funds.BusinessFaff, Robert W., Holmes, Kathryn A.
Stock market valuation of deferred tax assets: evidence from internet firms.BusinessBauman, Mark P., Das, Somnath
The conditional price of basis risk: an investigation using foreign exchange instruments.BusinessMiffre, Joelle
The Designation and Removal of Trustee Stock Status: Wealth Effects.BusinessDing, David K., Low, Angie
The Effect of Earnings Management on the Value Relevance of Accounting Information.BusinessMarquardt, Carol A., Wiedman, Christine I.
The effect of solicitation and independence on corporate bond ratings.BusinessMartin Feinberg, Shelor, Roger, Jiang, James
The influence of monetary conditions on the response of interest rate futures to M1 releases:1976u1998.BusinessMann, Thomas, Dowen, Richard
The recognition and timing of deferred tax liabilities.BusinessGaeremynck, A., Gucht, L. Van De
The role of payout ratio in the relationship between stock returns and dividend yield.(asset pricing model)BusinessThomas, Stephen, McManus, Ian, Gwilym, Owain ap
The role of the options market in the dissemination of private information.(financial information)BusinessCairney, Timothy, Swisher, Judith
The Timeliness of Income Recognition by European Companies: An Analysis of Institutional and Market Complexity.BusinessRaonic, Ivana, McLeay, Stuart, Asimakopoulos, Ioannis
Time-Varying Volatility in the Foreign Exchange Market: New Evidence on its Persistence and on Currency Spillovers.BusinessSarno, Lucio, Chowdhury, Ibrahim
What Role Taxes and Regulation? A Second Look at Open Market Share Buyback Activity in the UK.(United Kingdom)BusinessYoung, Steven, Oswald, Dennis
Who Is Publishing? An Analysis of Finance Research Productivity in the European Region.BusinessChen, Carl R., Steiner, Thomas L., Chan, Kam C. Chan
Write down timeliness, line of business disclosures and investors' interpretations of segment divestiture announcements.BusinessCollins, Denton, Henning, Steven
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