Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2005 - Abstracts

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 2005
Accounting, Valuation and Duration of Football Player Contracts.(soccer, United Kingdom)BusinessAmir, Eli, Livne, Gilad
A comparison of earnings management between KSE firms and KOSDAQ firms.(Korean Stock Exchange, Kosdaq Stock Market)BusinessYoon, Soon Suk
A framework for market discipline in bank regulatory design.BusinessHowcroft, Barry, Hamalainen, Paul, Hall, Maximilian
A new application of sustainable growth: a multi-dimensional framework of evaluating the long run performance of bank mergers.BusinessPagano, Michael S., Olson, Gerard T.
An Investigation of the Impact of Interest Rates and Interest Rate Volatility on Australian Financial Sector Stock Return Distributions.BusinessFaff, Robert W., Hodgson, Allan, Kremmer, Michael L.
Are unsolicited credit ratings lower? International evidence from bank ratings.BusinessFirth, Michael, Poon, Winnie P.H.
A UK Test of an Inflation-Adjusted Ohlson Model.(United Kingdom)BusinessGregory, Alan, Saleh, Walid, Tucker, Jon
Board monitoring and earnings management: do outside directors influence abnormal accruals?BusinessPeasnell, K.V., Pope, P.F., Young, S.
Boards of directors, market discipline and firm performance.BusinessBozec, Richard
Bond selection for managed portfolios.BusinessSmith, WM. Steven
Comparing the impact of news: a tale of three health care sectors.BusinessEwing, Bradley T., Thompson, Mark A., Kruse, Jamie B.
Corporate dividend policy: the views of British financial managers.BusinessDhanani, Alpa
Cost of Capital, Strategic Disclosures and Accounting Choice.BusinessGietzmann, M., Ireland, J.
Derivatives use, corporate governance, and legislative change: an empirical analysis of New Zealand listed companies.BusinessMarsden, Alastair, Prevost, Andrew K.
Determinants of the Accounting Change for Income Tax.BusinessWong, Norman
Directors' recommendations in takeovers: an agency and governance analysis.BusinessHenry, Darren
Earnings conservatism, litigation and contracting: the case of cross-listed firms.BusinessHuijgen, Carel, Lubberink, Martien
Employee Relations and the Likelihood of Occurrence of Corporate Financial Distress.BusinessKane, Gregory D., Velury, Uma, Ruf, Bernadette M.
Evaluating performance of ethical and non-ethical funds: a matched pair analysis.BusinessSinclair, C.D., Power, D.M., Kreander, N., Gray, R.H.
Excess Volatility and UK Investment Trusts.BusinessAgyei-Ampomah, Samuel, Davies, J.R.
Financial modernization in US banking markets: a local or global event?BusinessAkhigbe, Aigbe, Whyte, Ann Marie, Frye, Melissa B.
Firm size and the information content of annual earnings announcements: Australian evidence.BusinessRamsay, Alan, Faff, Robert, Chan, Howard
Firm size dependence in the determinants of bank term loan maturity.BusinessDennis, Steven A., Sharpe, Ian G.
FRS17 and the Sterling Double A Corporate Yield Curve.BusinessSkinner, Frank S., Ioannides, Michalis
Futures trading activity and commodity cash price volatility.BusinessYang, Jian, Leatham, David J., Balyeat, R. Brian
Incentive Effects, Monitoring Mechanisms and the Market for Corporate Control: An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Public to Private Transactions in the UK.BusinessWright, Mike, Weir, Charlie, Laing, David
Information asymmetry and the bid-ask spread: evidence from the UK.BusinessSkerratt, Len, Gregoriou, Andros, Ioannidis, Christos
Information content and timing of earnings announcements.(financial disclosure)BusinessCheng, Louis T. W., Chen, Gongmeng, Gao, Ning
Insider trading and pay-performance sensitivity: an empirical analysis.BusinessCahan, Steven F., Zhang, Wei, Allen, Arthur C.
Institutional traders' behavior in an emerging stock market: empirical evidence on Polish pension fund investors.BusinessVoronkova, Svitlana, Bohl, Martin T.
Intangible assets, information complexity, and analysts' earnings forecasts.BusinessGu, Feng, Wang, Weimin
International Publishing Patterns: An Investigation of Leading UK and US Accounting and Finance Journals.BusinessJones, Michael John, Roberts, Roydon
Investment Opportunity Set and Voluntary Disclosure of Prospective Information: A Simultaneous Equations Approach.BusinessGodfrey, Jayne M., Ahmed, Kamran, Hossain, Mahmud
Performance of Private to Public MBOs: The Role of Venture Capital.(management buy-out)BusinessWright, Mike, Jelic, Ranko, Saadouni, Brahim
Relationship between analyst forecast properties and equity bid - ask spreads and depth around quarterly earnings announcements.BusinessLobo, Gerald J., Kanagaretnam, Kiridaran, Whalen, Dennis J.
Risk Exposures and International Diversification: Evidence from iShares.BusinessMaosen Zhong, Hui Yang
Signalling and the long run performance of Spanish initial public offerings (IPOs).BusinessAlvarez, Susana, Gonzalez, Victor M.
Technical, allocative and scale efficiencies of REITs: an empirical inquiry.(Real estate investment trusts)BusinessDarrat, Ali F., Topuz, John C., Shelor, Roger M.
Tests of weak-form efficiency of the Dhaka Stock Exchange.BusinessIslam, Ainul, Khaled, Mohammed
The Effect of Decimalization on Trade Size and Adverse Selection Costs.BusinessChakravarty, Sugato, Van Ness, Bonnie F., Van Ness, Robert A.
The Effect of Earnings Management on the Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings.BusinessLara, Juan Manuel Garcia, Osma, Beatriz Garcia, Mora, Araceli
The impact of managing director changes and financial distress on audit qualification and auditor switching.BusinessCooke, T.E., Hudaib, Mohammad
The impact of mandated cash flow disclosure on bid-ask spreads.BusinessFrino, Alex, Jones, Stewart
The Impact on UK Acquirers of Domestic, Crossborder, Public and Private Acquisitions.BusinessHughes, Alan, Conn, Robert L., Cosh, Andy, Guest, Paul M.
The 'Independence' of expert opinions in corporate takeovers: agreeing with directors' recommendations.BusinessBugeja, Martin
The International Transmission of Arbitrage Information Across Futures Markets.BusinessBrailsford, Tim, Bilson, Chris, Evans, Twm
The law of proportionate effect: the growth of the UK credit union movement at national and regional level.BusinessMcKillop, Donal G., Ward, Marie
The Long Run Abnormal Performance of UK Acquirers and the Free Cash Flow Hypothesis.BusinessGregory, Alan
The opening, short, medium and long term performance of Canadian unit trust initial public offerings (IPOs).BusinessBoabang, Francis
The Pricing of Dividends in Equity Valuation.BusinessLandsman, Wayne R., Hand, John R. M.
The provision of company benefits in the UK.BusinessHudson, John, Godwin, Michael, Collard, David
The relation between investor uncertainty and market reactions to earnings announcements: evidence from the property casualty insurance industry in the USA.BusinessChristensen, Theodore E., Stuerke, Pamela S., Gaver, Jennifer J.
The relevance of analysts' earnings forecasts in Japan.BusinessCovrig, Vicentiu, Low, Buen Sin
The role of private knowledge in reducing the information wedge: a research note.(corporate finance)BusinessCrook, Jonathan, Hanley, Aoife
The term structure of implicit discount rates in security valuation.BusinessGarrod, Neil, Valentincic, Aliosa
The wealth and risk effects of the Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) on the US banking industry.BusinessHassan, M. Kabir, Mamun, Abdullah, Maroney, Neal
The Wealth Effects of Capital Investment Decisions: An Empirical Comparison of Korean Chaebol and Non-Chaebol Firms.BusinessKim, Wi Saeng, Lyn, Esmeralda, Park, Tae Jun, Zychowicz, Edward
Top director shake up: the link between chairman and CEO dismissal in the UK.(chief executive officer)BusinessFlorou, Annita
Trade Credit Terms: Asymmetric Information and Price Discrimination Evidence From Three Continents.BusinessCravens, Karen, Pike, Richard, Cheng, Nam Sang, Lamminmaki, Dawne
US, UK and European stock market integration.BusinessFraser, Patricia, Oyefeso, Oluwatobi
Voluntary disclosure of bad news.BusinessSuijs, Jeroen
Weekend effect, 'reverse' weekend effect, and investor trading activities.BusinessBrusa, Jorge, Liu, Pu, Schulman, Craig
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