Journal of Developing Areas 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of Developing Areas 1993
Agrarian class structure and economic development in preindustrial Japan.Regional focus/area studiesGrabowski, Richard
Economic imperatives, political risks, and modes of action: agricultural policy implementation in India and Pakistan. (evaluation of oil-seed productionindustry)Regional focus/area studiesSims, Holly
Environmental NGOs in Ecuador: a economic analysis of institutional change. (nongovernmental organizations)Regional focus/area studiesMeyer, Carrie A.
Exports and economic growth in a simultaneous equations model.Regional focus/area studiesSprout, Ronald V.A., Weaver, James H.
Exports and Growth: a reconsideration of causality. (econometric models)Regional focus/area studiesDodaro, Santo
Nontarrif measures and developing country exports.Regional focus/area studiesClark, Don P.
Priorities for the poor, a conceptual framwork for policy analysis.Regional focus/area studiesPleskovic, Boris, Sivitanides, Petros
Puppets on a string: women's wage work and empowerment among female tea plantation workers of Sri Lanka.Regional focus/area studiesSamarasinghe, Vidyamali
Redistributive land and tenancy reform in Bangladesh agriculture.Regional focus/area studiesTaslim, M.A.
Stabilization and trade reform in Mexico: 1983-1989.Regional focus/area studiesRamirez, Miguel D.
The survival of family-operated firms under developed conditions: the case of Hassfurt, Germany.Regional focus/area studiesDannhaeuser, Norbert
Women, family and work in Indonesian transmigration.Regional focus/area studiesWatkins, John F., Leinbach, Thomas R., Falconer, Karen F.
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