Journal of Health Economics 1993 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 1993
Agency in health care: getting beyond first principles.Health care industryRyan, Mandy, Mooney, Gavin
Alcohol advertising bans and alcohol abuse: comment.Health care industryYoung, Douglas J.
Alcohol advertising bans and alcohol abuse: rReply.Health care industrySaffer, Henry
A model is only as good as its assumptions: a reply to Peele.Health care industryRice, Thomas
A theory of hospital waiting lists.Health care industryIversen, Tor
But health can still be a necessity... (analysis of the extent to which health care is a luxury)Health care industryOlsen, Jan Abel
Demand curves, economists, and desert islands: a response to Feldman and Dowd.Health care industryRice, Thomas
Discounting health increments.Health care industryHammitt, James K.
Do drunk drivers pay their way? A note on optimal penalties for drunk driving.Health care industryKenkel, Donald S.
Economic incentives, health status and health services utilisation.Health care industryNolan, Brian
Elasticity estimates from a dynamic model of interrelated demands for private and public acute health care.Health care industryMcAvinchey, Ian D., Yannopoulos, Andreas
Evaluating welfare losses in the health care market.Health care industryPeele, Pamela B.
Heart transplantation in the Netherlands; costs, effects and scenarios.Health care industryvan Hout, Ben, Bonsel, Gouke, Habbema, Dik, van der Maas, Paul, de Charro, Frank
On what basis should health be discounted?Health care industryOlsen, Jan Abel
Taxation, regulation, and addiction: a demand function for cigarettes based on time-series evidence.Health care industryManning, Willard G., Barnett, Paul G., Keeler, Theodore E., Wu, Teh-Wei
Uncertainty and health care spending by the poor: the health capital model revisited.Health care industrySelden, Thomas M.
What does the demand curve for medical care measure?Health care industryFeldman, Roger
Willingness to pay for antihypertensive therapy - further results.Health care industryJohannesson, Magnus, Johannsson, Per-Olov, Kristom, Bengt, Gerdtham, Ulf, G.
Workplace drug abuse policy.Health care industryMcGuire, Thomas G., Ruhm, Christopher J.
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