Journal of Health Economics 1997 - Abstracts

Journal of Health Economics 1997
A bootstrap approach to medical decision analysis.Health care industryMennemeyer, Stephen T., Cyr, Louis P.
Accounting for future costs in medical cost-effectiveness analysis.Health care industryMeltzer, David
Altruism or moral hazard: the impact of hospital uncompensated care pools.(hospital altruism in New Jersey hospitals)Health care industryGaskin, Darrell J.
Disability-adjusted life years: a critical review.Health care industryAnand, Sudhir, Hanson, Kara
Do fee descriptors influence treatment choices in general practice? A multilevel discrete choice model.Health care industryScott, Tony, Shiell, Alan
Economic foundations of cost-effectiveness analysis.Health care industryGarber, Alan M., Phelps, Charles E.
Genetic information and investment in human capital.Health care industryHolm, Hakan J.
Health utility indices and equity considerations.Health care industryBleichrodt, Han
HMOs, moral hazard and cost shifting in workers' compensation.(health maintenance organizations)Health care industryButler, Richard J., Hartwig, Robert P., Gardner, Harold
Hospital-insurer bargaining: an empirical investigation of appendectomy pricing.Health care industryBrooks, John M., Wong, Herbert S., Dor, Avi
Income-related inequalities in health: some international comparisons.Health care industryGerdtham, Ulf-G., Wagstaff, Adam, Gerfin, Michael, Geurts, Jose, Gross, Lorna, Hakkinen, Unto, Leu, Robert E., O'Donnell, Owen, Puffer, Frank, Sundberg, Gun, Winkelhake, Olaf, Propper, Carol, Rodriguez, Marisol, Doorslaer, Eddy van, Bleichrodt, Han, Calonge, Samuel
Is health care really a luxury?(income elasticity of health care)Health care industryBlomqvist, A.G., Carter, R.A.L.
Measurement of consumer-patient preferences using a hybrid contingent valuation method.Health care industryBlomquist, Glenn C., O'Conor, Richard M.
Medical insurance and the use of health care services by the elderly.Health care industryMcGarry, Kathleen, Hurd, Michael D.
Medicare's disproportionate share adjustment and the cost of low-income patients.Health care industryLong, Stephen H., Kominski, Gerald F.
On valuing morbidity, cost-effectiveness analysis, and being rude.(evaluation of cost-benefit and cost-effective analysis)Health care industryKenkel, Don
Optimal non-linear health insurance.Health care industryBlomqvist, Ake
Price, tobacco control policies and smoking among young adults.Health care industryWechsler, Henry, Chaloupka, Frank J.
Reply to Johannesson's and Karlsson's comment.(economic aspects of labor management)Health care industryKoopmanschap, Marc A., Rutten, Frans F.H., Ineveld, B. Martin van, Roijen, Leona van
Standard gamble, time trade-off and rating scale: experimental results on the ranking properties of QALYs.(quality adjusted life years)Health care industryJohannesson, Magnus, Bleichrodt, Han
Taxation, smuggling and demand for cigarettes in Canada: evidence from time-series data.Health care industryGalbraith, John W., Kaiserman, Murray
Testing the HMO competitive strategy: an analysis of its impact on medical care resources.(health maintenance organization)Health care industryHill, Steven C., Wolfe, Barbara L.
The effect of a private sector on the waiting time in a national health service.Health care industryIversen, Tor
The effect of HMOs on fee-for-service health care expenditures: evidence from Medicare. (health maintenance organizations)Health care industryBaker, Laurence C.
The effect of price on switching among health plans.Health care industryBuchmueller, Thomas C., Feldstein, Paul J.
The friction cost method: a comment.Health care industryJohannesson, Magnus, Karlsson, Goran
The importance of patient preferences for comorbidities in cost-effectiveness analyses.Health care industryNease, Robert F., Jr., Harris, Ryan A.
Theoretical issues in cost-effectiveness analysis.(Response to articles by Alan Garber and Charles Phelps and David Meltzer, p.1 and p.33)Health care industryWeinstein, Milton C., Manning, Willard G., Jr.
Theories of justice and their implications for priority setting in health care.Health care industryOlsen, Jan Abel
The time trade-off: a note on the effect of lifetime reallocation of consumption and discounting.Health care industryDolan, Paul, Jones-Lee, Michael
Too many for too few? Efficiency among dentists working in private practice in Norway.Health care industryGrytten, Jostein, Dalen, Dag Morten
Understanding DALYs.(disability-adjusted life years)Health care industryMurray, Christopher J.L., Acharya, Arnab K.
Valuing morbidity: an integration of the willingness-to-pay and health-status index literatures.Health care industryBanzhaf, H. Spencer, Johnson, F. Reed, Fries, Erin E.
Willingness to pay for poison control centers.Health care industryLuft, Harold S., Phillips, Kathryn A., Olson, Kent R., Homan, Rick K., Hiatt, Patricia H., Kearney, Thomas E., Heard, Stuart E.
Worker demand for health insurance in the non-group market: a note on the calculation of welfare loss.Health care industryChernew, Michael, McLaughlin, Catherine G., Frick, Kevin
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