Journal of International Marketing 2001 - Abstracts

Journal of International Marketing 2001
Adaption of International marketing strategy Components, competitive advantage, and firm performance: A study of Hong Kong Exporters.Business, international 
Channel Switching Between Domestic and Foreign Markets.(Marketing procedures)Business, internationalMcNaughton, Rod B., Bell, Jim
Cost complexity of pricing decisions for exporters in developing and emerging markets.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalRaymond, Mary Anne, Tanner, John F., Jr., Kim, Jonghoon
Do Chinese trust Chinese? A study of Chinese buyers and sellers in Malaysia.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalArmstrong, Robert W., Yee Siew Min
Executive insights: an intercultural communication model for use in global interorganizational networks.Business, internationalGriffith, David A., Harvey, Michael G.
Executive Insights: Integrating Branding Strategy Across Markets: Building International Brand Architecture.Business, internationalNijssen, Edwin J., Craig, C. Samuel, Douglas, Susan P.
Factors influencing the degree of international pricing strategy standardization of multinational corporations.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalKatsikeas, Constantine S., Theodosiou, Marios
Integration and Responsiveness: Marketing Strategies of Japanese and European Automobile Manufacturers.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalGrein, Andreas F., Craig. C. Samuel, Takada, Hirokazu
Joint Ventures in China: A Comparative Study of Japanese, Korean, and U.S. Partners.(Marketing)Business, internationalCalantone, Roger J., Zhao, Yushan Sam
Knowledge Transfer as a Means for Relationship Development: A Kazakhstan-Foreign International Joint Venture Illustration.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalGriffith, David A., Zeybek, Ali Yavuz, O'Brien, Matthew
Motivational Influences on "Buy Domestic" Purchasing: Marketing Management Implications from a Study of Two Nations.(likely to succeed)(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalGranzin, Kent L., Painter, John J.
Strategic alliance- based global sourcing strategy for competitive advantage: A conceptual framework and research propositions.Business, international 
Strategic Export Pricing: A Long and Winding Road.Business, internationalStottinger, Barbara
The adaption of host market positioning strategies: empirical evidence on Australian exporters.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalDow, Douglas
The Effect of Export Assistance Program Usage on Export Performance: A Contingency Explanation.(Statistical Data Included)Business, internationalGencturk, Esra F., Kotabe
The Global Network Communications Agency.(executive insights)Business, international 
The influence of internet-Marketing integration on marketing competencies and export performance.(research information)Business, international 
The Value of Pricing Control in Export Channels: A Governance Perspective.Business, international 
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