Journal of International Marketing 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of International Marketing 2006
An empirical examination of a technology adoption model for the context of China.Business, internationalCalantone, Roger J., Griffith, David A., Yalcinkaya, Goksel
An exploratory study of the functional forms of export market identification variables.Business, internationalWilliamson, Nicholas C., Kshetri, Nir, Heijwegen, Tim, Fortuna, Andrea, Schiopu
Animosity on the home front: the Intifada in Israel and its impact on consumer behavior.Business, internationalShoham, Aviv, Davidow, Moshe, Klein, Jill G., Ruvio, Ayalla
An investigation of national cuture's influence on relationship and knowledge resources in interorganizational relationships between Japan and the United states.Business, internationalGriffith, David A., Harvey, Michael G., Myers, Matthew B.
Antismoking messages for the international teenage segment: the effectiveness of message valence and intensity across different cultures.Business, internationalReardon, James, Miller, Chip, Foubert, Bram, Vida, Irena, Rybina, Liza
A taxonomy of the pricing practices of exporting firms: evidence from Austria, Norway, and the United States.Business, internationalStottinger, Barbara, Yaprak, Attila, Solberg, Carl Arthur
Cultural distance and physic distance: two peas in a pod?(cultural and physic distance factors in International Marketing strategies )Business, internationalSousa, Carlos M.P., Bradley, Frank
Endogenous opportunism in small and medium-sized enterprises foreign subsidiaries: classification and research propositions.Business, internationalObadia, Claude, Vida, Irene
How smaller born-global firms use networks and alliances to overcome constraints to rapid internationalization.Business, internationalSchroder, Bill, Freeman, Susan, Edwards, Ron
Interactive effects of appeals, arguments, and competition across North American and Chinese cultures.Business, internationalLaroche, Michel, Teng, Lifa
Internationalization processes: the case of automotive suppliers in China.Business, internationalKaufmann, Lutz, Jentzsch, Andreas
Making business-to-business international internet marketing effective: a study of critical factors using a case-study search.Business, internationalEid, Riyan, Elbeltagi, Ibrahim, Zairi, Mohammed
Market share performance of foreign and domestic brands in China.Business, internationalTse, David K., Pan, Yigang, Gao, Gerald Yong, Yim, Chi Kin
On improving the conceptual foundations of international marketing research.Business, internationalCraig, C. Samuel, Douglas, Susan P.
The commitment mix: dimensions of commitment in international trading relationships in India.Business, internationalSharma, Neeru, Young, Louise, Wilkinson, Ian
The impact of cultural values on marketing ethical norms: a study in India and the United States.Business, internationalRoy, Abhijit, Mukhopadhyay, Kausiki, Paul, Pallab
The impact of strategic fit among strategy, structure, and processes on multinational corporation performance: a multimethod assessment.Business, internationalWhite, J. Chris, Xu, Shichun, Cavusgil, S. Thamer
The knowledge-creating role of the Internet in international business: evidence from Vietnam.Business, internationalNguyen, Tho D., Barrett, Nigel J.
The litigated dissolution of international distribution relationships: a process framework and propositions.Business, internationalGriffith, David A., Cavusgil, S. Tamer, Zhang, Chun
Who standardize advertising more frequently, and why do they do so? a comparison of U.S. and Japanese subsidiaries' advertising practices in European Union.Business, internationalTaylor, Charles R., Okazaki, Shintaro
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