Journal of Nutrition Education 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Nutrition Education 1995
Baby Food Bingo.Food/cooking/nutritionMagnus, Marcia H., Payne, Sharon
Developing university courses on the global dimensions of human malnutrition.Food/cooking/nutritionBates, George W., Del Rocio Arellano, Maria
Dietary guidance for the 21st century: new approaches.Food/cooking/nutritionNestle, Marion
Dietary Intervention Study in Children (DISC): intervention design and participation.Food/cooking/nutritionObarzanek, Eva, Franklin, Frank A., Stevens, Victor J., Snetselaar, Linda, Steinmuller, Patti, Lavigne, John, Batey, David, Almen, T. Kristan von, Hartmuller, Virginia, Reimers, Thomas, Lasser, Vera I., Craddick, Shirley, Gernhofer, Niki
Education, entertainment, and a great snack: a WIC example. (Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children)(includes recipe)Food/cooking/nutritionHampl, Jeffrey S., Betts, Nancy M., Hampl, Peg
Essential knowledge for a doctoral degree in nutrition education.Food/cooking/nutritionFerrer-Mansoori, Belinda L.
Middle school students earn bonus points for fruit and vegetable snacks.Food/cooking/nutritionWright, Doris E., Williams, Christine, Rhea, Kay
Mission nutrition. (play)Food/cooking/nutritionJohnson, Rachel K., Bizzaro, Megan P.
National Action Conference on Healthy Eating for Children: A Policy Dialogue.Food/cooking/nutritionMullis, Rebecca M., Owen, Anita, Blaskovich, Lin
Nutrition education assessment of classroom teachers in Nevada: status, resources and preferences.Food/cooking/nutritionWoodson, Joyce M., Benedict, Jamie A., Hill, George C.
Nutrition education in the kindergarten curriculum: a content analysis.Food/cooking/nutritionPowers, Katie, Hamilton, Grace, Huntsinger, David, Zemel, Paula
Reflections on marketing as an inappropriate model for nutrition education.Food/cooking/nutritionPelican, Suzanne, Heede, Fred A. Vanden
Reliability and validity of a scale for evaluating dietitians' interviewing skills.Food/cooking/nutritionLorenz, Rodney A., Gregory, Rebecca Pratt, Pichert, James W., Antony, Mary K.
Social marketing and nutrition education: inappropriate or misunderstood? (response to article by Suzanne Pelican and Fred A. Vanden Heede in this issue, p.141)Food/cooking/nutritionLefebvre, R. Craig, Lurie, Deborah, Goodman, Laura Saunders, Weinberg, Linda, Loughrey, Kathleen
Teaching ethics to community nutrition students: a case study approach.Food/cooking/nutritionTaylor, Martha L., Guthrie, Joanne F.
The effectiveness of nutrition education and implications for nutrition education policy, programs, and research: a review of research.(Special Issue)Food/cooking/nutritionContento, Isobel, Lytle, Leslie A., Olson, Christine M., Balch, George I., Bronner, Yvonne L., Paige, David M., Gross, Susan M., Maloney, Susan K., Swadener, Susan Sharaga, Bisignani, Lynn, White, Sara L.
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