Journal of Third World Studies 2006 - Abstracts

Journal of Third World Studies 2006
Fighting terrorism while promoting democracy: Competing priorities in U.S. defense policy toward Latin America.Regional focus/area studiesWeeks, Gregory
Meeting in San Salvador: President Lyndon B. Johnson and the 1968 Central American Summit Conference.Regional focus/area studiesLeonard, Thomas M.
Multiracialism and nationalisms: A political retrospective on 1950s southern Rhodesia ('Colonial Zimbabwe').Regional focus/area studiesLeaver, John David
Regional ethnic diffusion, state authoritarianism and the crisis of post-colonial reconstruction in Cote d'Ivoire.Regional focus/area studiesMimiko, Femi N.O.
The "capability approach" and human development in Turkey.(controlling poverty)Regional focus/area studiesGurses, Didem
The effects of public school expenditure and parental education on youth literacy in sub-Saharan Africa.Regional focus/area studiesOkpala, Amon, Okpala, Comfort
The political sociology of sect and sectarianism in Iranian politics: 1960-1979.(Fadayian-e Khalq)Regional focus/area studiesDorraj, Manochehr
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), civil society and effective food aid (EFA) in the Republic of Georgia.Regional focus/area studiesLogan, B.I.
United Nations peace operations in Africa: A cookie-cutter approach?(United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo)(United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone)Regional focus/area studiesBariagaber, Assefaw
Villavicencio, Colombia, 1940-2005: From frontier town to frontier metropolis.Regional focus/area studiesRausch, Jane M.
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