Journal of Tourism Studies - Abstracts

Journal of Tourism Studies
A critical review of readability and comprehensibility tests.Travel, recreation and leisureMoscardo, Gianna, Woods, Barbara, Greenwood Tanya
A Culture Assimilator to train Australian hospitality industry workers serving Japanese tourists.Travel, recreation and leisureBochner, Stephen, Coulon, Leah
Animals on display: principles for interpreting captive wildlife.Travel, recreation and leisureWoods, Barbara
Canadian aboriginal tourism development: assessing latent demand from France.Travel, recreation and leisureWilliams, Peter W., Stewart, J. Kent
Captive animals and interpretation - a tale of two tiger exhibits.Travel, recreation and leisureBroad, Sue, Weiler, Betty
Cultural and heritage tourism: identifying niches for international travelers.Travel, recreation and leisureO'Leary, Joseph T., Alzua, Aurkene, Morrison, Alastair M.
Ecotourism and Pacific Island countries: the first generation of strategies.Travel, recreation and leisureFagence, Michael
Ecotourism: the participants' perceptions. (Australia)Travel, recreation and leisureChirgwin, Sharon, Hughes, Karen
Framing experience: visual interpretation and space open air museums.Travel, recreation and leisureNoussia, Antonia
Interpretation and sustainable tourism: functions, examples and principles.Travel, recreation and leisureMoscardo, Gianna
Interpretation and the Marine Tourism Industry, who needs it?(Great Barrier Reef)Travel, recreation and leisureAiello, Robin
Limitations on the use of regional economic impact multipliers by practitioners: an application to the tourism industry.Travel, recreation and leisureHarris, Percy
Making mindful managers: evaluating methods for teaching problem solving skills for tourism management.Travel, recreation and leisureMoscardo, Gianna
Nature-based tourists' use of interpretive services: a means-end investigation.Travel, recreation and leisureKlenosky, David B., Frauman, Eric, Norman, William C., Gengler, Charles E.
Preferred pedestrian flow: a tool for designing optimum interpretive conditions and visitor pressure management.Travel, recreation and leisureMcManus, Paulette M.
Profiling satisfied volunteers at a tourist attraction.Travel, recreation and leisureShaw, Robin N., Jago, Leo K., Deery, Margaret A.
Public infrastructure development for tourism in Australia: a critical issue.Travel, recreation and leisureMistilis, Nina
Singapore's wartime heritage attraction.Travel, recreation and leisureHenderson, Joan C.
Strategies for sustainable visitor growth: a case study.(Singapore)Travel, recreation and leisure 
Study tours: a model for 'benign' tourism?Travel, recreation and leisureKelly, Ian
Targeted interpretation: exploring relationships among visitors' motivations, activities, attitudes, information needs and preferences.Travel, recreation and leisureBallantyne, Roy, Packer, Jan, Beckmann, Elizabeth
The fearful and the fanciful: early tourists' perceptions of Western Melanesia.Travel, recreation and leisureDouglas, Ngaire
The impact of tourism in developing countries on the health of local host communities: the need for more research.Travel, recreation and leisureBauer, Irmgard
The status of New Zealand tour operator Web sites.Travel, recreation and leisureRachman, Zulfikar Mochamad, Richins, Harold
Tourism and politics: the impact of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party on Australian visitor arrivals.Travel, recreation and leisureLitvin, Stephen W.
Tourist traffic in English National Parks - an innovative approach to management.Travel, recreation and leisureColeman, Charlotte
Unplanned tourism development in Sub-Saharan Africa with special reference to Kenya.Travel, recreation and leisureSindiga, Isaac, Kanunah, Mary
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