Journal of Urban Planning and Development - Abstracts

Journal of Urban Planning and Development
Accessibility of public services in Irbid, Jordan.Sociology and social workAl-Sahili, Khaled, Aboul-Ella, Mohammad
Cemetery relocation: emerging urban land development issue.Sociology and social workKay, Dianne H.
Critical elements of development inpact-free programs. (discussion and closure on 'Journal of Urban Planning and Development' vol. 116, no. 1, May 1990)Sociology and social workNelson, Arthur C., Kerr, Farnum W.
Earth-sheltered housing: the way of the future?Sociology and social workJannadi, M. Osama, Ghazi, Shoeb
Estimating functional population for facility planning.Sociology and social workNelson, Arthur C., Nicholas, James C.
Forecasting house rental levels: analytical rent model versus neural network.(comment on Heng Li and Veri Li, 'Journal of Urban and Planning and Development,' vol. 122, no. 4, December 1996)Sociology and social workKumar, Arun, Sinha, Ankur, Tomar, Nitin, Adhikari, Atanu
Infrastructure planning and sustainable development.Sociology and social workChavez, Richard G., Browder, Joseph
Integrating facility delivery through spatial information.Sociology and social workRussell, Jeffrey S., Adams, Teresa M., Vonderohe, Alan P., Clapp, James L.
Mapping of landslide hazard zones in Jordan using remote sensing and GIS.(geographic information system)(Statistical Data Included)Sociology and social workMalkawi, Abdallah I. Husein, Saleh, Bassam, Al-Sheriadeh, Mohanned S., Hamza, Mufid Sh.
Multiple subregion allocation models.Sociology and social workBenabdallah, Salah, Wright, Jeff R.
Positive influence of impact-fee in urban planning and development.Sociology and social workNelson, Arthur C., Nicholas, James C., Frank, James E.
Price effects of landfills on different house value strata. (includes closure)Sociology and social workVesilind, P. Aarne, Pas, Eric I.
Shortest path within polygon and best path around or through barriers.Sociology and social workYihua Xiong, Schneider, Jerry B.
Soft-systems methodology as learning and management tool. (comment on article by C. Jotin Khisty, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, vol. 121, September 1995)(includes response)Sociology and social workGrigg, Neil S.
Systemic analysis of urban water supply and growth management. (includes closure)Sociology and social workKumar, Arun, Kumar, Sanjay, Kansal, M.L.
Urban knowledge parks and economic and social development strategies. (response to George Bugliarello, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, vol. 122, June 1996)Sociology and social workChavez, Richard G.
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