Journalism & Communication Monographs - Abstracts

Journalism & Communication Monographs
"All our kids get better jobs tomorrow": the North American Free Trade Agreement in 'The New York Times'.Mass communicationsGoss, Brian Michael
All you will see is the one you once knew: portrals from the Falklands/Malvinas War in U.S. and Latin American newspapers.Mass communicationsAcosta-Alzuru, Carolina, Lester-Roushanzamir, Eli P.
Crafting the national pastime's image: the history of Major Leauge Baseball public relations.Mass communicationsAnderson, William B.
Global media events in India: contests over beauty, gender and nation.Mass communicationsParameswaran, Radhika
Mapping the environment: contested physical and cultural terrain in the "Far North."Mass communicationsDaley, Patrick J.
Political engagement and the audience for news: lessons from Spain.Mass communicationsBarnhurst, Kevin G.
"Press mess": David Halberstam, the Buddhist Crisis, and U.S. policy in Vietnam, 1963.Mass communicationsTallman, Gary C., McKerns, Joseph P.
Readers' perception of digital alteration in photojournalism.(Statistical Data Included)Mass communicationsHuang, Edgar Shaohua
"Thank you for taking the time to read this": public participation via new communication technologies at the FCC.(Federal Communications Commission)Mass communicationsHolman, JoAnne, McGregor, Michael A.
The impact of ethnicity and ethnic media on presidential voting patterns.(Statistical Data Included)Mass communicationsJeffres, Leo W.
The media's role in immigrant adaptation: how first-year Haitians in Miami use the media.(Statistical Data Included)Mass communicationsWalker, Doug
The relevance of cultural identity: relying upon foundations of race and gender as laypeople plan a newscast.(Statistical Data Included)Mass communications 
To protect and serve: the 'guard dog' function of journalism in coverage of the Japanese-American internment.Mass communicationsBishop, Ronald
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