MIT Sloan Management Review 2006 - Abstracts

MIT Sloan Management Review 2006
Aligning the organization with the market.(shifting focus from product to customer)Business, generalDay, George S.
Benefiting from rivals' breakthroughs.(innovations)Business, generalYu, Larry
Designing organizations that are built to change.(organizational design)Business, generalWorley, Christopher G., Edward E. Lawler, III.
Evolving from value chain to value grid.Business, generalPil, Fritz K.
Extracting value from corporate venturing.(investments in new ventures)Business, generalKeil, Thomas, Mcgrath, Rita Gunther, Tukiainen, Taina
Finishing off IT.(information technology)Business, generalMarquis, H.A.
From niches to riches: anatomy of the long tail.(online shopping)Business, generalBrynjolfsson, Erik
How companies can avoid a midlife crisis.(portfolio of business opportunities)Business, generalSull, Donald N., Houlder, Dominic
How do customers judge quality in an e-tailer ?(aspects of online transaction)Business, generalBienstock, Carol C., Collier, Joel E.
How management innovation happens.Business, generalBirkinshaw, Julie
How to resolve board disputes more effectively.Business, generalHasson, Ralph
Is creativity a foreign concept ?(multicultural learning)Business, generalYu, Larry
Leveraging the power of intangible assets.Business, generalZadrozny, Wlodek
Managing innovation in small worlds.(inventions in social networks )Business, generalFleming, Lee, Marx, Matt
Managing product returns for competitive advantage.Business, generalShear, Herbert, Speh, Thomas, Stock, James
Managing through rose-colored glasses.(challenging preconceived notions)Business, generalVavra, Terry G., Keiningham, Timothy L., Akso, Lerzan
Merging the brands and branding the merger.Business, generalEttenson, Richard
Preventing a knowledge-loss crisis.Business, generalParise, Salvatore
Rethinking consumer boycotts.Business, generalEttenson, Richard, Klein, Jill, Smith Craig N., John, Andrew
So you think you know your brand?(involving organization in branding)Business, generalStiff, Dan
Speaking in tongues.(speaking techniques and audience involvement)Business, generalWagner, David
Success factors in outsourcing service jobs.(offshoring services)Business, generalWagner, David
Systems marketing for the information age.Business, generalSinger, John G.
Taking cues from the public sector.Business, generalYu, Larry
Taking the high road.(knowledge management)Business, generalKochan, Thomas A.
The experimental roots of revolutionary vision.(organizational practices in the furniture business)Business, generalBarthelemy, Jerome
The fundamental dimensions of strategy.(understanding corporate strategy)Business, generalFrery, Frederic
The new practice of global product development.Business, generalEppinger, Steven D.
The outsourcing compulsion.(manufacturing by distributors)Business, generalWilkinson, Timothy J., Thomas, Andrew R.
The transforming power of complementary assets.Business, generalHughes, Alan
The underlying structure of continuous change.Business, generalMauws, Michael K., Lawrence, Thomas B., Maitlis, Sally, Dyck, Bruno
Throttling the customer.(Netflix Inc.)(discontinuing service with nonprofiting customers)Business, generalWagner, David
Understanding the dynamics of value-driven variety management.(managing products)Business, generalOlavson, Thomas, Fry, Chris
What is the value of experience?(age and productivity)Business, generalYu, Larry
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