Modern Age 1999 - Abstracts

Modern Age 1999
A forgotten conservative: Francis Graham Wilson.Political sciencePower, M. Susan
Bernard Iddings Bell, rebel rouser.Political scienceBruce, Cicero
Charles Maurras, shaper of an age.Political scienceMolnar, Thomas
Conservatism and the ideology of 'growth.'.Political scienceBliese, John R.E.
Gilbert Murray: preserving the memory of the past.Political scienceKubiak, David P.
Hans Morgenthau and Eric Voegelin on the ethics of modernity.Political scienceRussell, Greg
Irving Babbitt and Lin Yutang.Political scienceAldridge, A. Owen
Joseph Freeman: artist in uniform.Political scienceMcConnell, Gary
Medicine, morals, and public policy.Political scienceWilson, Thomas M.
Moral warfare in Joseph Conrad's Victory.Political sciencePanichas, George A.
My American Heritage.(book; evaluation of its subject matter)Political scienceSchram, Glenn N.
Rationality and Western culture.Political scienceCorey, C.L.
Reaction to 'The Road to Serfdom.'.(F.A. Hayek)Political scienceSamuelson, Richard A.
Re-constituting American conservatism.Political scienceHenrie, Mark C.
Remembering who M.E. Bradford is.Political scienceMontgomery, Marion
Sans metaphysics, sans beauty: An editorial.Political scienceDougherty, Jude P.
Sixty years after the Nazi-Soviet Pact.Political scienceWeeks, Albert L.
Socrates today.Political scienceRoshwald, Mordecai
Solzhenitsyn, Havel, and the twenty-first century.Political scienceEricson, Edward E., Jr.
Tensional language: the priestly and the prophetic.Political scienceBurchfield, Charles W.
The moral center and America's future.(James Bryce's 'American Commonwealth')Political scienceCarey, George W.
The "New Criticism" after fifty years: a memoir.Political scienceDunn, E. Catherine
The regrettable silence of Paul Elmer More.Political scienceLambert, Byron C.
The road to Littleton.(lack of spiritual perspective in assessing state of US society)(Editorial)Political sciencePanichas, George A.
The romanticism of Wilhelm Roepke.Political scienceAncil, Ralph E.
Thoughts on modern tourism: a traveller in St. Petersburg.Political scienceHollander, Paul
Time and timeless: The historical imagination of Russell Kirk.Political scienceRussello, Gerald J.
Totalitarian origins and outcomes of political orthodoxy.Political scienceHorowitz, Irving Louis
Truth untried.(Robert K. Carlson's book 'Truth On Trial: Education Be Hanged')Political sciencePlatt, Michael
Voegelin and dogmatism: the case of natural law.Political scienceNordquest, David A.
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