Modern Age 2001 - Abstracts

Modern Age 2001
A platonic reading of Vergil's Aeneid.Political scienceShiffman, Mark G.
A thousand years from now.(Christianity in the twenty first century)Political scienceJaki, Stanley L.
Clearing the misty Celtic fog.(sentimentality about Ireland)Political scienceWalsh, Patrick J.
F.R. Leavis on Wordsworth.Political scienceSingh, G.
George Orwell's concept of patriotism.Political scienceRossi, John P.
Irrational rationalism.Political scienceFleming, Thomas (American writer)
Is the enlightenment project worth saving?Political scienceSpragens, Thomas A., Jr.
Johann Wolfgang Goethe - professional writer.Political scienceBrantingham, Philip
Life in Babeldom.(literary standards decline)(Editorial)Political sciencePanichas, George A.
Lost habitations.Political scienceHarrigan, Anthony
On Edmund Burke's A Vindication of Natural Society.Political scienceTaylor, Quentin P.
On the creation of the self in the thought of Robert Penn Warren.Political scienceEaly, Steven D.
On the measure and conservation of human things.Political scienceSchall, James V.
Orestes Brownson's vision of America.Political scienceHerrera, Robert A.
Raymond Aron and the morality of Prudence.Political scienceMahoney, Daniel J.
Science and the idea of progress.Political scienceGlasner, David
Science and the restoration of culture.Political scienceSmith, Wolfgang
Science, tradition, and utopia.Political scienceMorrison, Grant
Social science and the future of sexuality.Political scienceCaiazza, John
The achievement of William Humphrey.Political scienceWinchell, Mark Royden
The conservative pragmatism of Charles Peirce.Political scienceShort, Thomas
The cry against Nineveh: A centennial tribute to Whittaker Chambers.Political scienceRicher, Matthew
The Darwinian assault upon language.Political scienceChristensen, Bryce J.
The swords of imagination: Russell Kirk's battle with modernity.Political scienceWhitney, Gleaves
Tradition, Science, and the centuries.Political scienceMolnar, Thomas
Unfair to justice.(conflicting theories of justice)Political scienceMatson, Wallace
Voegelin and Heidegger as critics of modernity.Political scienceHenry, Michael D.
Who was Francis Lieber?Political scienceWatson, Bradley C.S.
Why the Chattahoochee sings: Notes towards a theory of 'place'.Political scienceConyers, A.J.
Wordsworth's prudent conservatism: social reform in the lyrical ballads.Political scienceSaylor, Kevin M.
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