Modern Asian Studies 1993 - Abstracts

Modern Asian Studies 1993
Colonial politics and women's rights: woman suffrage campaigns in Bengal, British India in the 1920s.Regional focus/area studiesSouthard, Barbara
'Communities at the polls': electoral politics and the mobilization of communal groups in Travancore. (former princely state of British India, predecessor of modern Kerala state)Regional focus/area studiesChiriyankandath, James
European companies and the Bengal textile industry in the eighteenth century: the pitfalls of applying quantitative techniques.Regional focus/area studiesChaudhury, Sushil
Inventing village tradition: the late 19th century origins of the north Indian 'jajmani system.'Regional focus/area studiesMayer, Peter
Knowing the country: empire and information in India.Regional focus/area studiesBayly, C. A.
Local integration and Eurasian analogies: structuring Southeast Asian history, c.1350-c.1830.Regional focus/area studiesLieberman, Victor
Making history: the state's intervention in urban religious disputes in north-western provinces in the early nineteenth century. (India)Regional focus/area studiesPrior, Katherine
National humiliation and national assertion: the Chinese response to the Twenty-one Demands. (made by Japan in 1915)Regional focus/area studiesLuo, Zhitian
On estimating the employment implications of European trade for the eighteenth century Bengal textile industry - a reply. (to Sushil Chaudhury, this issue, p. 321)Regional focus/area studiesPrakash, Om
'Providential' circumstances: the Thuggee campaign of the 1830s and legal innovation.Regional focus/area studiesSingha, Radhika
Rivals and rituals in Jambi, south Sumatra (1858-1901).Regional focus/area studiesLocher-Scholten, Elsbeth
Technology and religious change: Islam and the impact of print.Regional focus/area studies 
Technology transfer in modern China: the case of railway enterprise (1876-1937).Regional focus/area studiesChang Jui-Te
The Company army and rural society: the Invalid Thanah 1780-1830. (East India Company)Regional focus/area studiesAlavi, Seema
The office akhbar nawis: the transition from Mughal to British forms.Regional focus/area studiesFisher, Michael H.
The t'i-yung dichotomy and the search for talent in late-Ch'ing China.Regional focus/area studiesKwong, Luke S.K.
Thoroughly modern revolutionaries: the JVP in Sri Lanka. (Janatha Vikmuthi Peramuna or People's Liberation Front)Regional focus/area studiesMoore, Mick
Visions of rebels: a study of 1857 in Bundelkhand. (India)Regional focus/area studiesRoy, Tapti
Whither Indian secularism? (India)Regional focus/area studiesMadan, T.N.
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