Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society - Abstracts

Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society
A racially traumatized community seven years after the crisis: notes on the perils of being helped.Social sciencesWhilde, Margaret R.
Connecting, arguing, fighting.(pluralism)(Case study)Social sciencesHoggett, Paul
In two minds - some theoretical implications of Lynne Layton's paper, "A fork in the royal road".Social sciencesBlake, Vic
Lacan on the capitalist discourse: its consequences for libidinal enjoyment and social bonds.Social sciencesDeclercq, Frederic
Off the couch and onto the streets: toward an ethnographic psychoanalysis.Social sciencesCargill, Kima
Projective identification as a defense mechanism when facing the threat of an ecological hazard.(Case study)Social sciencesBen-Asher, Smadar, Goren, Nurit
Psychoanalytic ethnography, racist violence, and Jasper, Texas: an introduction.Social sciencesAinslie, Ricardo
Surfacing perversions of democracy in the workplace: a contemporary psychoanalytic project.Social sciencesDiamond, Michael A., Allcorn, Seth
The social significance of synchronicity.Social sciencesMain, Roderick
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