Psychological Science 1993 - Abstracts

Psychological Science 1993
A modest proposal for a minor revolution in the language of psychology.Psychology and mental healthKimble, Gregory A.
Approximating chaotic behavior.Psychology and mental healthNeuringer, Allen, Voss, Cheryl
Broadening the definition of decision making: the role of prechoice screening options.Psychology and mental healthBeach, Lee Roy
Cats perceive biological motion.Psychology and mental healthBlake, Randolph
Chomsky's theory of language: some recent observations. (Feature Review)Psychology and mental healthRosenberg, Sheldon
Comparing the tortoise and the hare: gender differences and experience in dynamic spatial reasoning tasks.Psychology and mental healthLaw, David J., Pellegrino, JamesW., Hunt, Earl B.
Connectionist models and cognitive theory.Psychology and mental healthSeidenberg, Mark S.
Contemporary issues in the analysis of data: a survey of 551 psychologists. (includes appendix)Psychology and mental healthRosenthal, Robert, Zuckerman, Miron, Hodgins, Holley S., Zuckerman, Adam
Development of basic auditory discrimination in preschool children.Psychology and mental healthJensen, Janet K., Neff, Donna L.
Facts and fallacies about goal theory: reply to Deci. (E.L. Deci's precepts on the motivation theory)Psychology and mental healthLocke, Edwin A.
Further comments on the 'nonrevolution' arising from axiomatic measurement theory.Psychology and mental healthLuce, R. Duncan, Narens, Louis
Hemispheric differences in auditory perception are similar to those found invisual perception.Psychology and mental healthIvry, Richard B., Lebby, Paul C.
If attitudes affect how stimuli are processed, should they not affect the event-related brain potential?Psychology and mental healthCacioppo, John T., Berntson, Gary G., Crites, Stephen L., Jr., Coles, Michael G.H.
Impact of child sexual abuse on females: toward a developmental, psychobiological integration.Psychology and mental healthPutnam, Frank W., Trickett, Penelope K.
Infant macaque monkeys respond to pictorial depth.Psychology and mental healthYonas, Albert, Gunderson, Virginia M., Sargent, Patricia L., Grant-Webster, Kimberly S.
Information displays and decision processes.Psychology and mental healthKleinmuntz, Don M., Schkade, David A
In-group identification as a function of depersonalization, distinctiveness,and status.Psychology and mental healthBrewer, Marilynn B., Manzi, Jorge M., Shaw, John S.
Judgmental versus statistical prediction: information assymmetry and combination rules.Psychology and mental healthYaniv, Ilan, Hogarth, Robin M.
Just what are sex and gender, anyway?: a call for a new terminological standard. (Special Section: Sex or Gender?)Psychology and mental healthGentile, Douglas A.
Measurement to improve scientific productivity: a reflection on the Brown report. (Report of the Task Force on the Health of Research)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, David
Modeling the effects of expectations on recognition memory.Psychology and mental healthHeit, Evan
Next too nothingness and being at the National Science Foundation. (part 4) (Psychology in Washington)Psychology and mental healthJohnson, David
Optimism and fundamentalism. (relationship between optimism and fundamentalism comparing nine religions)Psychology and mental healthSethi, Sheena, Seligman, Martin E.P.
Predicting clustering from semantic structure.Psychology and mental healthRomney, A. Kimball, Brewer, Devon D., Batchelder, William H.
Psycholinguistics at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. (Commentary to Feature Review)Psychology and mental healthFillenbaum, Samuel
Rotation of mental images in baboons when the visual input is directed to the left cerebral hemisphere.Psychology and mental healthVauclair, Jacques, Fagot, Joel, Hopkins, William D.
Sex and gender - the troubled relationship between terms and concepts. (response to article by Douglas Gentile in this issue, p. 120) (Special Section: Sex or Gender?)Psychology and mental healthUnger, Rhoda K., Crawford, Mary
Sorry, wrong number - a reply to Gentile's call. (response to article by Douglas A. Gentile in this issue, p. 120) (Special Section: Sex or Gender?)Psychology and mental healthDeaux, Kay
Stimulus-onset asynchrony is not necessary for motion perception or metacontrast masking.Psychology and mental healthDixon, Peter, Di Lollo, Vincent, Bischof, Walter F.
Temporal oscillations in human perception.Psychology and mental healthDehaene, Stanislas
Theory and reality in psycholinguistics. (Feature Review)Psychology and mental healthReyna, Valerie
The psychological and social origins of autobiographical memory.Psychology and mental healthNelson, Katherine
The rewards and hazards of computer simulations.Psychology and mental healthLewandowsky, Stephan
The Will Rogers illusion in judgments about social groups.Psychology and mental healthAsuncion, Arlene G., Messick, David M.
Which psychologists prominent in the second half of this century made lasting contributions to psychological theory?Psychology and mental healthHilgard, Ernest R.
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