Public Administration and Development - Abstracts

Public Administration and Development
Administrative Responsibility in a Developing Country.Regional focus/area studiesLungu, G.F.
Building Institutional Capacity for Policy Analysis: An Alternative Approach to Sustainability.Regional focus/area studiesBremer, J.A.
Development Problems and Planning in a Resource-Poor Pacific Country.Regional focus/area studiesTisdell, C., Fairbairn, T.I.
Learning Lessons from Experience: The Role of Evaluation in the Administration of the U.K. Aid Programme.Regional focus/area studiesCracknell, B.
Management of Forest Resources in India.Regional focus/area studiesBowonder, B.
Management Problems of the Proliferation of Local Government in Nigeria.Regional focus/area studiesNwankwo, G.O.
Managing the Fight against Corruption: A Case Study.Regional focus/area studiesKlitgaard, R.
Projects as Instruments of Development Administration.Regional focus/area studiesRondinelli, D.A.
Putting 'Projectized' Development in Perspective.Regional focus/area studiesHonadle, G.H., Rosengard, J.K.
Small Scale Irrigation in Sub Saharan Africa: Sparse Lessons, Big Problems, Any Solutions?Regional focus/area studiesBarnett, A.S.
Strengthening Administration Capabilities in India.Regional focus/area studiesMaheshwari, S.R.
The Project Orthodoxy in Development.Regional focus/area studiesMorgan, E.P.
The World Bank's Perspective on How to Improve Administration.Regional focus/area studiesMurray, D.J.
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