Real Estate Finance Journal 2001 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 2001
A Conversation About Property Insurance in Loan Closings With James Branigan and Joshua Stein.(understanding insurance coverage in commercial estate transactions)Real estate industryStein, Joshua
Apartment Restoration: Touch -Up or Major Facelift?(investment strategy for obtaining a higher market value)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryKachadurian, Gary T.
Balancing the interests of sellers and developers in purchase money transactions for developable real property.Real estate industrySegal, Earl L.
Bankruptcy: The Ultimate Corporate Real Estate Improvement Tool.Real estate industryWenkstern, Thomas H.
Behind every successful office lease is a vigilant lender.Real estate industrySenterfitt, Diane S., Thanhauser, Joseph
Bringing value back to contaminated property.Real estate industryMcGovern, Joseph J., Kelliher, Robin
Changes for the Mortgage Banking Industry: Federal Reserve Proposes Amendments to Regulations C and Z.(Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975)(Truth in Lending Act)(Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act of 1994)Real estate industrySands, David, Root, Sherwin
Charitable Gifts of Real Estate: Tax and Financial Benefits.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryKaplan, Ethel R.
Closely held REIT structures in jeopardy.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryBoyd, Janet C., Smith, Jerry L.
Co-Lending: Something Old, Something New.(commercial real estate mortgage coinvesting)Real estate industryWilliams, Jeffrey J.
Conditions in the institutional real estate market.(Interview)Real estate industryKoen, Robert G.
Conditions in The Institutional Real Estate Market.(Interview)Real estate industryKoen, Robert G.
Dallas-Ft. Worth: Metroplex Growth Slowdown but Activity Still Above National Figures.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryTreibitz, Howard
Environmental issues in lease financing of machinery and equipment.Real estate industryWard, Catherine M.
Environmental Liability and Revenue Bond Financing.(two court cases)Real estate industryHenderson, Douglas A., Sheehan Jr., Gary
Equity Investment in Real Estate Development Projects: A Negotiating Guide for Investors and Developers.(an ideal match between investor and developer)(Brief Article)Real estate industryKane, Meredith J.
Extended-stay lodging: a strong future ahead.Real estate industryBerg, Peggy
Financing Coop-to-Condo Conversion.(investing in an emerging market)Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Financing Master Planned Developments: A Form of Real Estate Venture Capital.(a second look at a failed venture)Real estate industryPage, Walter G., Gordon, Jacques N.
Foreclosure of Real Property: The California Example.Real estate industrySpeiser, I. Bruce
German investment in the US real estate market.Real estate industryOlsen, Bradley A.
Hospitality Financing: Case Study of a Bank's Entrance Through the Service Door.(borrowing from the real estate investment fund)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryMalloy, Marie A.
Hotel Land Values and the Ground Lease Approach.(lenders can use formula obtained from extended-stay hotels)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryMellen, Suzanne R.
How is the risk of investing in real estate changing?Real estate industrySolomon, Jean
Internet Privacy for Consumer Financial Information.(nonpublic information cannot be disclosed to a nonaffiliated third party)Real estate industrySavitt, Nancy L.
Investor Criteria for Choosing Between Mortgage Loans From Portfolio and CMBS Conduit Lenders.(commercial mortgage-backed securities)(Brief Article)Real estate industryHorner, Charles D.
It's not just location: it's all in a name!(real estate developers and trademarks)Real estate industryPanitch, Ronald L., Engstrom, Shruti, Mason, Jaclyn
It's Not Just Location: It's All in a Name!(trademarks and service marks)Real estate industryPanitch, Ronald L., Engstrom, Shruti, Mason, Jaclyn
Keith Barket of Angelo, Gordon & Co. finds a market for investing in distressed real estate properties.(Interview)Real estate industryKoen, Robert A.
Lease Assignment and Subletting: The Perspective of Landlords and Tenants.(privity of estate and privity of contract)Real estate industryGoodman, Gary A., Nash, Robert S.
Lender beware: unrecorded vendee liens threaten loan priority.Real estate industryGrabowski, Jeffrey A.
Lending in California: interest calculation & compounding and recording issues.Real estate industryDavis, Donald M., Andrews, Anna S.
Lending in California: Interest Calculation & Compounding and Recording Issues.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industry 
Mortgage Workouts.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Mortgage workouts.(surviving a market downturn)Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Negotiating workout agreements in anticipation of bankruptcy: casting in muddy waters.Real estate industryBeskrone, Don A.
New advances and tools for lenders and counsel in title insurance.Real estate industryOrphanides, James M., Compton, S.H. Spencer
New Advances and Tools For Lenders and Counsel in Title Insurance.Real estate industryOrphanides, James M., Compton, S. H. Spencer
New E-Signature Laws Make Lenders and Borrowers E-Naked.(electronic signatures, loss of traditional legal protections)Real estate industryBoyd, Brook
New guidelines for like-kind exchanges.Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Hebert, Marcel G.
New Guidelines for Like-Kind Exchanges.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Hebert, Marcel G.
New Opportunities to Exclude Gain on the Sale of a Principal Residence.(Internal Revenue Service regulations)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Hebert, Marcel G.
New usury exemption in California - California Corporations Code section 25118.Real estate industryWang, Eric I., Grizel, Jon S.
New Usury Exemption in California - California Corporations Code Section 25118.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industry 
Off-Balance Sheet Financing and Its Bottom-Line Impact.(acquisitions of real estate to enhance balance sheets)Real estate industryAmin, Vanessa
Real estate investment funds and the ERISA "plan asset" regulations.(Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974)Real estate industryEaddy, Carolene S.
Real Estate Investment Funds and the ERISA "Plan Asset" Regulations.(Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974)Real estate industry 
Real estate joint ventures create value for all participants.Real estate industryRoth, Howard S., Adler, Steven F.
Real Estate Joint Ventures Create Value for All Participants.Real estate industryRoth, Howard S., Adler, Steven F.
Real estate mortgage brokerage: legal relations between broker and borrower.Real estate industryBarasch, Clarence S.
Real Estate Purchasers in New York May Be Liable for Seller's Sales Tax Liability Where Transaction is Bulk Sale.(transfer of business assets other than in the ordinary course of business)Real estate industryMaloney, James R., Sabol, Andrew B.
REITS in 2001: No Space Odysseys Please!(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryGrissett, Jim
Sacrament: Its Closeness to San Francisco Keeps It Humming.(city review)Real estate industryTreibitz, Howard
Sale-leaseback as a component of deal financing for venture capitalists, private equity and LBO investors.(leveraged buyout)Real estate industryLaPuma, Edward V.
Sale-Leaseback as a Component of Deal Financing for Venture Capitalists, Private Equity and LBO Investors.(leveraged buyout)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryLaPuma, Edward V.
Sale/Leaseback Transactions; Perspectives and Issues.Real estate industryPollack, Michael
Self employment taxes as a deterrent to the use of a limited liability company in real estate finance transactions.Real estate industryBlyth, John E., Newman, Daniel A.
Self Employment Taxes As a Deterrent to the Use of a Limited Liability Company In Real Estate Finance Transactions.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industry 
Sense and Nonsense of Regional Economics: Growing Pains in 2001.(national economy slowdown means lower local employment growth)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryShulman, David, Sefl, Melissa
Servicing mortgage-backed securities: the health law basics.Real estate industryKrave, John P., Gordon, Jill H.
Servicing Mortgage-Backed Securities; The Health Law Basics.Real estate industryKrave, John P., Gordon, Jill H.
Strategic uses and limitations of the right of setoff under California law.Real estate industryPrivett, Pamela J., Hereford, Darren L.
Strategic Uses and Limitations of the Right of Setoff Under California Law.Real estate industry 
Switch Hotels, Data Centers, and Technology Buildings: Development, Financing, and Business Issues.(physical space requirements)(Brief Article)Real estate industryMoerdler, Jeffrey A.
Tax Savings on Predevelopment Profits.(an alternative to avoid double taxation)Real estate industryLynch, Michael, Beausejour, David
Technology and the future of the real estate industry.Real estate industryPankey, Judson
Technology and the Future of the Real Estate Industry.(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryPankey, Judson
Technology's Impact on Office, Telecom and Retail Leasing.(impact is positive but there are things to keep in mind)Real estate industryGoodman, Gary A., Schwartz, Wallace L.
The Applicability of the Doctrine of Adequate Assurances to Real Estate Contracts.(Uniform Commercial Code provision extended)Real estate industryHall, Thomas J.
The Case of Missing or Incomplete Documents in CMBS Transactions: A Legal Perspective.(commercial mortgage-backed securities)Real estate industryBurger, Jeffrey A., Audley, David T. B.
The changing role of discounted cash flow models in commercial real estate.Real estate industryWinger, Alan R.
The US apartment market: risk and reward tradeoffs.Real estate industryWilkerson, Bret R.
The US Hotel Market: Dealing with a Capital Markets Gap for Lodging Growth Strategies.(hotel industry prospects)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryFsadni, Georginanne, Caputy, Monet
The Yield Maintenance Formula and Inverted Treasury Yield Curve.(pre-payment fee method)(Brief Article)Real estate industrySchonberger, Michael
User friendly software solutions: ASPs provide one-stop shop for latest internet applications.(application software providers)Real estate industryBogle, Thomas W.
Weathering Economic Slowdowns Through Balanced Investor Diversification.(reaching out to equity investors)(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryWhite, Matthew
Wetland Rules Were for the Birds.(court decision)Real estate industryWitte, Edward B.
What a mortgage lender needs to know about property insurance: the basics.Real estate industryStein, Joshua
What happens to occupancy and average rate in a slowing economy?Real estate industryLloyd-Jones, Anne R.
What Happens to Occupancy and Average Rate in a Slowing Economy?(Statistical Data Included)Real estate industryLloyd-Jones, Anne R.
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