Real Estate Finance Journal 2004 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 2004
Agreements of sale: mortgage contingencies are not simple.Real estate industryOminsky, Harris
Allocating charitable conservation easement deductions to equity investors.Real estate industryCostello, Stacy E., Falb, Robert E., Nettler, Richard B., Finch, David L.
A U.S. warehouse investment strategy.Real estate industryMcLemore, Richard
Benchmark insurance requirements for commercial real estate loans, and why they say what they say.Real estate industryStein, Joshua, Branigan, JAmes E.
Brownfields revitalization-a misnomer.Real estate industryJohnson, Kalyan J., Parker, Kristin L.
California's controversial new "anti-tax shelter" law increases penalties and the statute of limitations, and applies retroactively.Real estate industryKaplan, Barbara T., Mikaly, Stephen A.
CMBS: an impressive performance.(Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities)Real estate industryLancaster, Brian P., Cable, Davis J.
Community development authorities: a dynamic financing tool.Real estate industryFrance, Bonnie M., Vacha, Mark H.
Condo-hotels: expanding the options for lodging development.Real estate industryJohnson, Karen, Elgonemy, Anwar
Construction of tenant improvements: A practical guide.Real estate industryBlakeley, Timothy D.
Cost segregation.Real estate industryLynch, Michael F.
Court vindicates telecommunications industry's right to use California streets and highways free from local impositions.Real estate industryKessler, Fredric W.
Deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure: a lender's guide to legal and practical issues.Real estate industryHanna, Joshua P.
Do standard M&A confidentiality agreements create "tax shelter?"(merger and acquisition)Real estate industryPlewa, David J.
Emergency of "New" contaminants raises many issues.(ammonium perchlorate)Real estate industryRaftery, Rebecca L.
Emerging federal rule on "all appropriate inquiry" will trigger new requirements for environmental assessments.Real estate industryCurry, Robert W., Terhune, Todd W.
End of an era for battle over lender compensation to mortgage brokers?Real estate industrySeiling, Brad W., Wanger, Christopher L.
EPA windfall liens: innocent purchasers beware.(Environmental Protection Agency's windfall lien guidance)Real estate industryCarlin, Norman F., Coleman, Wendy T.
Extended producer responsibility: source of future funding for contaminated sites?Real estate industryNido, Luis M.
Fin 46: your balance sheet and why you should be concerned.(Financial Interpretation No. 46)Real estate industryLevy, Andrew H., Shabani, Kamyar D.
Finance leasing under the new accounting rules: an update.Real estate industrySandler, Gil
Industry targeted for compliance with Clean Water Act stormwater requirements.Real estate industryCourtney, Aaron C., Lindley, Tom E., Paretchan, Lynne M.
IRS clarifies federal tax treatment of environmental remediation costs.(Internal Revenue Service)Real estate industryLatham, Mark, Friedman, Jeffrey, Ferencz, Glenn
IRS issues proposed section 1446 regulations replacing revenue procedure 89-31.(Internal Revenue Service)Real estate industryBurke, Colman J., Connors, Peter J., Kopp, Steven L.
Knowledge is money: only intelligent and detailed data abstraction can ensure lease management savings.Real estate industryTheissen, Mark
Leasehold finance: a powerful tool.Real estate industryPomerantz, Daniel M.
Less long-term uncertainty in retail real estate?.Real estate industryWinger, Aln R.
Making the slope and grade - the Department of Justice's new aggressive posture on accessible design.Real estate industryHanback, Christopher B.
May a lender collect late charges together with default rate interest.Real estate industryRubin, Paul A.
Modeling the sale of corporate real estate assets: A case study using real options.Real estate industryFriedman, David, Coleman, Mark, L'Heureux, Stephen
Mold legislation takes root at state level.Real estate industrySato, Shorge
Multifamily REITs.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryCrow, William A.
Navigating rough waters: the VOIP opportunity for real estate.(voice over internet protocol)Real estate industryAllen, Jonathan E.
New York pass-through entities must now pay New York estimated taxes on behalf of certain nonresident owners.Real estate industrySlomka, Irwin M.
New York State finally enacts a statutory Brownfield Cleanup Program: better late than never?Real estate industryLeland, Richard G., Mintzer, Karen L., Rigel, Blake A.
Perchlorate: analytical detection issues to meet the needs of risk management.Real estate industrySorell, Tamara L.
Planned community name: Does the developer own or does the community?Real estate industryKelly, David M., Anthony, Todd A.
Predatory lending laws and the RMBS industry.(residential mortgage-backed securities)Real estate industryHartnett, Daniel J., Stolarsky, Daniel B.
Privatizing subsidized housing: creating equity for tenants and eliminating the government subsidy.Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Protecting the neighborhood - U.S. EPA's new "contagious property owner" guidance.(Environmental Protection Agency)Real estate industryWatson, John W.
Public housing-OIG audit report.(Department of Housing & Urban Development (US government)'s Inspector General)Real estate industrySchreiberg, Sheldon L., Fireison, Scott E.
Real estate JV buy/sell agreements: a brief review and critique.Real estate industryCarey, Steven A.
Recent financing devopments relating to affordable housing, mark-to-market, Section 8 vouchers, FHA insurance and low income housing tax credits.Real estate industrySchreiberg, Sheldon L., Fireison, Scott E.
Regulatory status update: perchlorate summary of federal and state regulations.Real estate industrySiros, Steven M.
Retaining the yield maintenance premium in a borrower's bankruptcy.Real estate industryGold, Andrew C., Gydus, Holly G.
Sarbanes-Oxley: corporate real estate implications.Real estate industryFriedman, David, Pereira, Randy
Section 202 mixed finance.Real estate industrySchreiberg, Sheldon L., Fireison, Scott E.
Securitizing the pre-sale revenue from a revolving portfolio of real estate development projects.Real estate industrySutherland, Geoff, O'Hea Anthony
Sellers of real estate may get a case of the "blues".(Intermediate appellate court)(Bonnie Blue, Inc.)(Reichenstein)Real estate industryBates, David M., Bishop, Cynthia J.
Shared appreciation mortgages: what you should know.Real estate industryWilliford, Jerry, Sinnett, Todd
SPE structure survives substantive consolidation, but what does it mean for SPE structures in general?.Real estate industryCaroll, Schuyler G., Macleod, Peter
Student housing privatization.Real estate industryNiles, Stephen D.
Surety discharge due to changes (a somewhat mythical defense).Real estate industryBridston, Kevin J.
Take advantage of the home office deduction?Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Beausejour, David J.
Tax-exempt financing for religious organizations.Real estate industryBrooks, Benjamin J., Monacell, James P.
Tax increment financing: learning from the Georgia experience.Real estate industryJohnson, Charles S.
Ten new countries are joining the EU: Housing market and mortgage lending implications.Real estate industryBuch, Joshua, Rhoda, Kenneth
The antitrust risks in real estate transactions.Real estate industryDisner, Eliot G., Bedkar, Dinesh R., Wegner, Matthew K.
The continuing evolution of single member LLCs.(limited liability companies)Real estate industryCurtis, Patricia, Uckert, Colin
The impact real estate documents can have on premises liability.Real estate industryBeverage, Cynthia Lopez
The mortgage interest deduction: common pitfalls and misconceptions.Real estate industryPincus, Andrew S.
The new opportunity for independent hotels.Real estate industryKing, Dan
The proposed introduction of REITs in Hong Kong.(real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryThomson, William A., Wood, Mathew
The proposed tax treatment of non-compensatory partnership options.Real estate industryDavine, Jeffrey
The St. David's decision: impact on hospital joint ventures-an update.Real estate industrySevcik. Richard L.
Toxic mold legislation: new developments.(United States Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act of 2003)Real estate industrySteinberg, Darin J.
UK/US business leases - a distinction without a difference? Not necessarily.Real estate industrySamson, Alan A., Temple, Kate
Using Excel to facilitate the home mortgage refinance decision.Real estate industryBunn, Radie, Greer, Olen, Olson, Stevan
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