Real Estate Finance Journal 2005 - Abstracts

Real Estate Finance Journal 2005
After Sarbanes-Oxley: Environmental cost estimations, disclosures, and controls.(Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002)Real estate industryKazmarek, Edward
Allure of hotel investments to moderate capitalization rates.Real estate industryMellen, Suzanne R.
A market cluster approach to real estate portfolio diversification.(investment strategy)Real estate industryPeyton, Martha, Park, Thomas, Badillo, Fabiana
Amendments to New Jersey Home Ownership Security Act.Real estate industryOrnstein, Stephen F.J., Yoon, Matthew S., Tallman, David A.
A primer on new markets tax credits.Real estate industryUckert, Colin
Balancing financial and non-financial objectives in public-sector/private-sector hotel relationships.Real estate industryLynn, Mark C.
Bankruptcy issues related to foreclosure and repossession.(Bankruptcy Code )Real estate industryMurphy, J. Frasher, Columbus, Eli O.
Buying closing military bases.Real estate industryHurley, Gregory F.
Case and legislative update.(contractor and subcontractor)Real estate industryCazan, Deborah, K.Fielden, Brian
Case update.Real estate industryFielden, Brian K., Cazan, Deborah
Chinese enforcements of environmental laws may impact non-performing loan transactions.(investments)Real estate industryWang, Alex, Mann, Desiree Giler, Freeman, David J.
Damages to remainder a component of valuation of condemned property.(eminent domain, partial property claims)Real estate industryWorkman, Julie M.
Developments relating to affordable housing, mixed-finance senior and public housing, low income housing tax credits, and FHA lending.(real estate markets)Real estate industrySchreiberg, Sheldon L., Fireison, Scott E.
D&O Insurance for real estate companies.(directors' and officers' liability insurance)Real estate industryCohen, Robert
Economic development, eminent domain and the property rights movement.Real estate industryZax, Leonard A., Malcolm, Rebecca L.
Enforcing performance bonds and guarantees: ways to avoid the risk of duplicate proceedings.(construction industry to avoid insolvency)Real estate industryHowe, Pin Yit, Choy, Chee Yean
Equity returns and refinancing.Real estate industrySahlins, Elaine
Exchanges of mixed-use properties.(advantage of exclusion and deferral provisions for taxpayers)Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Beausejour, David J.
Extracting value from hotels in Hawaii through conversion.Real estate industryO'Connor, Stephen E., Okada, Shannon S.
Filling the purchase option "Gap": preservation (or suspension) of rental income and other lease rights after exercising the option and prior to closing.Real estate industryKrause, Michele L., Jackson, Jennifer L.
Finally, a limit on a solvent tenant's ability to use bankruptcy to shortchange a landlord.Real estate industryWang, Phillip K.
Financing condominium offerings.(real estate)Real estate industrySaft, Stuart M.
Four things every private equity fund and borrower should consider and fight for when reviewing a subordination agreement.Real estate industryMarks, Robert G.
Getting a grip on OCIPs and CCIPs.(Owner Controlled Insurance Program, Contractor Controlled Insurance Program)Real estate industryBorja, Mary E.
Go lightly.(right to light litigation)Real estate industryDray, Suzanne
Home buying preferences of adjustable rate mortgage borrowers.(real estate markets)Real estate industryBuch, Joshua, Rhoda, Kenneth
How healthy is your business?(hospitality business)Real estate industryFerence, Gene
Illinois Supreme Court settles legality of document preparation fees for mortgage lenders in Illinois.(real estate)Real estate industryCunningham, Thomas J., Fleischmann, Simon A.
Impact of the oall appropriate inquiryo standard on real estate purchasers.(Environmental Protection Agency)Real estate industryQuinn, Michael J.
In a class by themselves: an in-depth look at the SEC's sweeping new proposed regulations for asset-backed securities.(Securities and Exchange Commission)Real estate industryMarks, Ellen L.
Intercepted pass (through): a possible limitation on indemnification pass-throughs to subcontractors appears on the horizon.(Bernotas v. Super Fresh Food Markets Inc.)Real estate industryGentilcore, Edward B.
Interpretative letter examines various synthetic securitizations using credit derivatives.(federal interpretative letter, banking industry)Real estate industryCroke, James J., Manbeck, Peter C., Fruchtman, Lawrence D.
"I Quit" TICs allow real estate investors to resign from a management role.(Tenant-in-Common)Real estate industryRunnels, Charles
IRS disclosure requirements affecting tax credit transactions.(Internal Revenue Service)Real estate industryStevens, Herb F., Doran, Greg N., Milder, Forrest David, Glodman, Michael J.
Job recovery will bring opportunity.Real estate industrySeverino, Ryan
Land planning in a state of purple.Real estate industryBerger, Michael M.
Liability for refusing to deliver an assignment of mortgage?Real estate industryRubin, Paul
Long term economic factors in the future of nonresidential real estate.Real estate industryWinger, Alan
New draft vapor intrusion policies in New York.(New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and New York State Department of Health)Real estate industrySmith, Trisha L.
New Hart-Scott-Rodino Act reporting requirements for LLCs, partnerships and other unincorporated entities.(limited liability companies, Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976)Real estate industryRyan, Bruce D., Gagnebin, Rachel
New York CityEs Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act.(Eva Talel talks)(Interview)Real estate industryG.Koen, Robert
Next round of base closures offers new brownfield redevelopment opportunities.Real estate industryMason, Elizabeth F.
Ninth Circuit follows First CircuitEs lead and grants retroactive approval of lease rejection.(Pacific Shores Development v. At Home Corporation)Real estate industryPullo, Christina F.
Operating under the new Form 8-K accelerated and expanded reporting requirements.(Securities and Exchange Commission)Real estate industryNewell, John, Santucci, Ettore
Park more cash on your bottom line.(parking profits)Real estate industryFalvey, Brian
Plaintiffs testing the waters on contribution claims post-Aviall come up dry.(Cooper Industries Inc. v. Aviall Services Inc.)Real estate industryAmoroso, Frank, Behnke, Heather
Proposed standards and practices for "all appropriate inquiries" for innocent landowner and bona fide purchaser defenses under Superfund.(Environmental Protection Agency proposals)Real estate industryWeller, Janet, McCarty, Joyce
Public accommodation requirements under title III on the Americans with Disabilities Act- DonEt get caught with your towel bar down.(American Disabilities Act)Real estate industryEmer, William H.
Real estate lenders and landlords are winners in bankruptcy code amendments.(Bankruptcy Code of 1978)Real estate industryCalifano, Thomas R., Walsh, Timothy W.
Recent developments in key insurance exclusions for construction insureds-EIFS, mold and professional liability.(exterior insulation finishing system)Real estate industryBorja, Mary E.
Recently passed Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act severely impacts property owners in the New Jersey Highlands area.Real estate industrySpear, Noel M., Gillar, Brooke A.
REIT Improvement Act becomes law.(American Jobs Creation Act of 2004)Real estate industryBrody, Michael J., Genender, Ana R.
Securing insurance coverage for construction defect claims.Real estate industryTylis, Cathleen Cinella, Artese, Dennis J.
Seeking recovery for construction defect claims.Real estate industryPowers, Dennis J.
State pension fund sovereign immunity- implications for real estate private equity funds.Real estate industryKuntz, Lee A., Sein, Robert J.
Staying a step ahead of your guests.(various technology amenities in hotels)Real estate industryHartmann, Chris
Substantial completion blues.Real estate industryCrewdson, Robert L., Fielden, Brian K.
Supreme Court limits availability of CERCLA contribution action.(Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act)Real estate industryPerellis, Andrew H.
Sustainable design and development.(green buildings)Real estate industrySpahn, Francie Cohen
Taking advantages: REITs' use of 2003 transaction market conditions.(real estate investment trusts, buying commercial space)Real estate industryLiang, Youguo, Hess, Robert
Taxation and real estate in Spain.Real estate industryBaschwitz, Pablo
Tax free exchanges using tenant in common interests: the IRS clarifies the otherwise murky area.(Internal Revenue Service)Real estate industryFinch, David L.
Ten things to know about new markets tax credit investments.Real estate industryBlevit, Stephen D.
The creditors' perspective on the latest wrinkle in asset securitization.Real estate industryVenditto, Michael J.
The Los Angeles/Orange county lodging markets are back!Real estate industryRoberts, Mitchell
The momentum of hotel transactions in the current low cap rate cycle.Real estate industryElgonemy, Anwar
The new AIA Design-Build documents.(American Institute of Architects)Real estate industryFriedlander, Mark C.
The new Form 8-K: interpretive issues for REITs and REOCs.(real estate investment trusts, real estate operating companies)Real estate industryNewell, John, Santucci, Ettore
The return of the specter of punitive damages in contract cases.(Dana Corp., Robinson Helicopter Co.)Real estate industryScheuneman, Christine A.
The status of the gaming industry: a recap of 2004.Real estate industryFischer, Jake W.
The vacation home: business or pleasure?Real estate industryLynch, Michael F., Lynch, Nicholas C.
Treasury publishes final new markets tax credit regulations.(Department of the Treasury)Real estate industryStevens, Herbert F., Doran, Gregory N.
Tsunami wave - an economic tourist disaster.Real estate industryThadani, Manav
UK-REITs- a step closer.(Real Estate Investment Trust)Real estate industryAuley, Cliff Mc, Morpeth, Iain, Wiston, Michael
Welted and waterway permits: the Wisconsin example.(real estate)Real estate industryBochert, Linda H.
Who is going to pay for my impact? A contractorEs ability to sue third parties for purely economic loss.Real estate industryMeagher, Anthony L., OEDay, Michael P.
W.R. GraceEs in-house counsel recently indicted for conspiring to conceal alleged environmental violations.(O. Mario Favorito)Real estate industryMenzel, Michael A., S.Arnold, Douglas
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