Real Estate Review 1992 - Abstracts

Real Estate Review 1992
Are reverse mortgages suitable bank investments?Real estate industryBoehm, Thomas P., Erhardt, Michael C.
Calculating residual value in DCF analyses. (discounted cash flow)Real estate industryFiedler, Lawrence E.
Comparing the costs of major hotel franchises.Real estate industryRusso, Michelle S.
Critical issues in single-asset real estate bankruptcies.Real estate industrySilverman, Robert A., Grohsgal, Bruce
Determining the feasibility of hotel market repositioning.Real estate industryBohan, Gregory T., Cahill, Michael
Determining the present value of nonannual cash flows.Real estate industryStraka, Thomas J.
Disclosure of rights and obligations in homeowners associations.Real estate industryMoore, Gary S., Smolen, Gerald E., Conway, Lawrence V.
EPA's regulatory fix for lenders. (Environmental Protection Agency)Real estate industrySmith, Owen T.
Executive compensation. (real estate development companies)Real estate industryFerguson, William J.
Exploring solutions in hotel workouts.Real estate industryBerg, Peggy
Extended-stay lodging: an unexplored opportunity.Real estate industryBerg, Peggy
Feng-shui in world property markets.Real estate industryBaen, John S., Wei Kium Teoh
Flexibility reduces shopping center developers' risks.Real estate industryKahan, Theodore F.
Hedging against changes in market rent levels.Real estate industryPosner, Kenneth A.
Investment characteristics of international real estate equities.Real estate industryKleiman, Robert T., Farragher, Edward J.
Law and taxation topics: the investment interest trap.Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Limited liability companies as investment vehicles.Real estate industryPrice, Charles, Edmonds, Charles
Living with the Americans with Disabilities Act. (implications for real estate investors)Real estate industryPearse, Richard W., Maxfield, Keith F.
Managing community opposition to subdivision development.Real estate industrySimonson, Richard
Managing salespeople in a down market.Real estate industryMcFarland, Martin L.
Nonrecourse clauses revisited. (default)Real estate industryStein, Joshua
Real estate appraisal in the 1990s.Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
Real estate appraisal in the 1990s.Real estate industryWarren, Charles B.
Real estate, regional banking, and bank failures.Real estate industryNielsen, Donald A., Sindt, Roger P.
REITs reemerge as attractive investment vehicles. (real estate investment trusts)Real estate industryKnight, Ray A., Knight, Lee G.
Reorganizing real estate enterprises for a new economic regime.Real estate industryWise, David W.
Review of 1991 and prospects for 1992. (Executive Compensation) (Column)Real estate industryFerguson, William J.
Single-tenant properties add stability to real estate portfolios.Real estate industryCashdan, Daniel M.
Subordination without nondisturbance: a one-sided marriage.Real estate industryNewman, Jeffrey H.
Tax aspects of real property sales for contingent future payments.Real estate industryLau, Paul C., Auster, Rolf
Tax implications of lessee's option to buy.Real estate industryAuster, Rolf
Tax planning for real property acquisitions: "use" and "form of title" considerations.Real estate industryJackson, George S.
The anatomy of a failure: a hotel. (case study)Real estate industryHaynes, Joel B., Egan, Patrick J.
The dream world of the 1980s revisited. (Real Estate Dealing) (Column)Real estate industryHaymes, Allan
The full cost of a home mortgage loan. (annual percentage rate calculations)Real estate industryRabianski, Joseph S., Vernor, James D.
The future supply of mortgage credit.Real estate industryGoodman, John L., Jr.
The hidden agendas of banks with troubled mortgage loans. (workouts)Real estate industryPurdy, R. Scott
The law and real estate investing in the new Federal States of Germany.Real estate industryGoodman, Gary A., Nienaber, Susanne S.
The long reach of ADA. (Americans with Disabilities Act)Real estate industryGibbens, Michael P.
The long-term impact of FIRREA on real estate finance. (Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989)Real estate industryParzinger, Thomas M.
The misuse of DCF analysis. (discounted cash flow)Real estate industryFiedler, Lawrence E., Saville, B. Hagen
The role of investment research in corporate real estate firms.Real estate industryDarragh, Alexander J., Bell, Elizabeth K.
The role of leverage in real estate portfolios.Real estate industryHall, Randall M.
The treatment of hazardous materials clean-up costs. (Law and Taxation Topics) (Column)Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
Transfer taxes punish lenders who take deeds in lieu of foreclosure.Real estate industryTodd, Ronald G.
Underwriting and valuing co-op debt and equity.Real estate industryPollack, Bruce
Valuation of special declarant and development rights.Real estate industryWirth, Richard J.
When tenants default, landlords and the IRS may end up in court. (Internal Revenue Service) (Column)Real estate industryFoster, Edward I.
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