Retailing Home Furnishings 1983 - Abstracts

Retailing Home Furnishings 1983
Acquisitions trigger shake-up in small appliance marketing.Home furnishings industryBralow, David
Alco and Wal-Mart to go head to head.Home furnishings industryMalester, Jeff
Ames aims at growth by changing image.Home furnishings industryMalester, Jeff
As waterbed sales rise, linens go with the flow.Home furnishings industryMorgan, Janet F.
Atari got going as going got tough.Home furnishings industry 
AT&T and Coleco gearing up for interactive game service.Home furnishings industryBraden, Lisa
Bell Drive influences chains to plug into phone selling.Home furnishings industryKasle, Jon
Big four powers vie for market share. (department stores)Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
British china in U.S.Home furnishings industryFallon, James
Buyers trade up at textiles shows.Home furnishings industryMorgan, Janet F.
C-D market has an upbeat start: 'bedspreads are a gold mine.'Home furnishings industryLevine, Al
Changing layouts and decor: Sears tries out a dressy, new look.Home furnishings industryMalester, Jeff
CHH sees biggest sales gain in the corporation's history. (Carter Hawley Hale Stores Inc.)Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
Commodore: business is war. (ComputerWare supplement)Home furnishings industryBraden, Lisa
Electronic shopping makes the retail connection.Home furnishings industryBrumback, Nancy, Malester, Jeff
Foley's digs in to defend its turf as Macy's, Mervyn's invade Houston.Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
Glass buyers at show out for holloware.Home furnishings industryGallagher, Denise
Home communications: a telephone and accessories supplement to HFD.Home furnishings industryBrumback, Nancy, March, Susan
Home computer sales healthy, but what about the profits?Home furnishings industryBraden, Lisa
J.P. Stevens tests electronic retailing.Home furnishings industryMalester, Jeff
K mart goes public on resale pricing: write-in cards on display in stores.Home furnishings industryMalester, Jeff
Levitz riding recovery wave: sales approach $600 million.Home furnishings industryMarks, Robert
Merger-hungry conglomerates feast on home furnishings firms.Home furnishings industryMalester, Jeff
Mini-market: flannels, high-counts count most. (home textiles)Home furnishings industry 
Off-price vendors - Federated has its eye on you.Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
Otasco beefing up its service.Home furnishings industryMalester, Jeff
Retailers prepare for fall promos.Home furnishings industry 
Retailers watch new category. (machine-made crystal stemware)Home furnishings industryGallagher, Denise
Scandinavian Design finds growth with baby boomers.Home furnishings industryGreen, John H.
Seminar: revolution is on the horizon for retailers.Home furnishings industry 
Shower curtain makers see a very liquid year.Home furnishings industrySivers, Dolly L.
Sterling boom has hollow echo.Home furnishings industryGarcia, Shelly
Tabletop offers deals, fashion.Home furnishings industry 
Target Stores move ahead while watching competition. (part 2)Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
'The hard part is executing the Plan': Topper of Anchor.Home furnishings industrySimmons, Tim
The Lauren launch: aiming high. (Ralph Lauren)Home furnishings industryMorgan, Janet F.
The two faces of Bradlees: upscale reach with discount roots.Home furnishings industryBrumback, Nancy
Upholstery hit: poly knit velvet.Home furnishings industryGreen, John H.
WCES alters face of industry.Home furnishings industryMarch, Susan
Weinstock's versus 'the new wave.'Home furnishings industryGilbert, Les
Younkers' Metropolis goes up-scale: high living comes to the corn belt.Home furnishings industryGarcia, Shelley
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