Security Management - Abstracts

Security Management
A Cost-Effective Approach to Security Training.LawSchmidt, J.C.
Adopting an Executive Protection Program.LawLee, E.L.II
ASIS Testifies on Capitol Hill.Law 
Computer Abuse: A Crime of the Times.LawMathias, Charles McC.
Consultants on Consultants.LawCrawford, M.A.
Controlling Computer Crime, Where Do We Stand?LawSinger, T.
Fiber Optics: A Quantum Leap in Security Line Supervision.LawFuss, E.L.
Getting Ready for the "Big One".LawPomeroy, T.D., Crary, B.
Making Dollars and Sense with EAS.Law 
Planning for Access Control.LawBeebe, C.A.
Preparing for Personal Protection.LawLawrence, A.
Security Regulation: A State-By-State Update.LawBuikema, C., Horvath, F., Dodson, M.
Sources for Professional Training in Security.Law 
The Other Industrial Security Programs.LawO'Brien, T.J.
The Politics of Computer Crime.LawBequai, August
The Reality of Terrorism in the U.S.LawBuckelew, A.H.
The Second Time Around It's a Labor of Love.Law 
The Value of Legislation.LawNelson, B.
What Are the Alternatives?LawCourtney, R.H.
What's on the Security Horizon.LawBrown, L.C.
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