SkateBoarder - Abstracts

Alan Gelfand: 15 years old, rides for Powell-Peralta. (skateboarding)Sports and fitnessFernando, Sam
Alva. (interview with Tony Alva)Sports and fitnessSmythe, John
A.R.A. organizer, Peter Camann on the 1978 circuit.Sports and fitnessHutson, hn
Bella Horvath.Sports and fitnessSheridan, Don
Bert LaMar: 13 years old, rides for Sims.Sports and fitnessFineman, Craig
Bob Skoldberg. (interview)Sports and fitnessBolster, Warren
Brad Bowman: 18 years old, rides for Sims. (skateboarding)Sports and fitnessFineman, Craig S.
Brad Bowman. (interview)Sports and fitnessSlash, Sam
Charlie Ransom.Sports and fitnessH 'ffman, Don
Curt Kimbel.Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Danny Smith, 14 years old, rides for Lakewood Center Skateboard World.Sports and fitnessSheridan, Doug
Darrell Miller.Sports and fitnessMitchell, Rick
Dave Hackett. (personality)Sports and fitness 
Davey Andrews: 26 years old, rides for Team Bahne.Sports and fitness 
East coast rap: "we're coming out!"Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Frank Blood.Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Gregg Ayres: very high and dry.Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Greg Meischeid.Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Harvey Hawks. (profile)Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Howard Hood. (profile)Sports and fitnessSheridan, Don
Hutson-Skoldberg Invitational.Sports and fitnessSkoldberg, Bob
Jerry Valdez. (personality)Sports and fitness 
Jim Akin. (personality)Sports and fitness 
Jim Cassimus. (portfolio)Sports and fitness 
Jimmy Plumer.Sports and fitnessSheridan, Don
John Hughes: 23 years old, rides for Sims-Firestone Welding.Sports and fitness 
John Hutson. (interview)Sports and fitnessCuthbertson, Tom
John Stephenson.Sports and fitnessFineman, Craig
John Tesariera.Sports and fitnessHill, David
Jose-Luis Clerc: another Guillermo Vilas? (male rookie-of-the-year)Sports and fitnessCubbedge, Robert
Kirk Talbott. (personality)Sports and fitness 
Kym Milburn. (profile)Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Layne Oaks.Sports and fitnessGoodrich, Jim
Leani Kiyabu.Sports and fitnessGoodrich, Jim
Luke Moore.Sports and fitnessSheridan,on
Mark Lake: 21 years old, rides for Flite Sports.Sports and fitness 
Marty Grimes.Sports and fitnessLaine, Phil
Matt Barden.Sports and fitnessHowell, Russ
Micke Alba: 12 years old, rides for Kryptonics. (skateboarding)Sports and fitnessHoffman, Don
Mike Folmer.Sports and fitnessJoslin, Hunter
Mike McGill and Alan Gelfand.Sports and fitness 
Peter Boronski.Sports and fitnessHesselgrave, Curtis
Peter Gifford.Sports and fitnessFineman, Craig
Portfolio: Jim Goodrich. (skateboarder)Sports and fitness 
Randy Smith.Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Rayodriguez.Sports and fitnessSheridan, Don
Rick Blackhart. (interview)Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Robert Valdez. (profile)Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Roy Jamieson. (interview)Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Shogo Kubo. (SkateBoarder interview)Sports and fitnessSmythe, J.
Showdown at the Big "O." (Hester skate bowl contest)Sports and fitnessHesselgrave, Curtis
Skateboarder Interview: Bobby Piercy.Sports and fitnessSmythe, John
SkateBoarder interview: Chris Strople.Sports and fitnessBolster, Warren
SkateBoarder interviews: Ellen Oneal.Sports and fitnessBolster, Warren
Skitch Hitchcock: Skate Boarder interview.Sports and fitnessSchwartz, Benito
Sparks, Goleta Pro-Am.Sports and fitnessFineman, Craig
Steve Cathey. (interview)Sports and fitnessGoodrich, Jim
Steve Day.Sports and fitnessHowell, Russ
Steve Evans and Charlie Ransom. (interview)Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Steve Fisher: 18 years old, rides for Gullwing.Sports and fitnessGoodrich, Jim
Steve Olson. (interview)Sports and fitnessSchwartz, Benito
Teri Lawrence.Sports and fitnessJames, King
The first annual Lakewood World Pro.Sports and fitnessHesselgrave, Curtis
The Oasis Pro. (San Diego skateboard competition)Sports and fitnessFineman, Craig
The second annual Skateboarder poll.Sports and fitness 
Tim Marting.Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
Tony Jetton: 18 years old, rides for Santa Cruz Skateboards.Sports and fitnessRuiz, Jeff
Travels with the king. (Gunnar Omrbom)Sports and fitness 
Vicki Vickers. (interview)Sports and fitnessGoodrich, Jim
Vince Klyn. (personality profile)Sports and fitnessLaine, Phil
Waldo Autry. (interview)Sports and fitness 
What is a Bongo?Sports and fitnessSchwartz, B.
Whittier Knights.Sports and fitnessHesselgrave, Curtis
Who's hot! Jacky Grayson. (20 years old, rides for Bruce Walker Skateboards)Sports and fitnessRussell, Rory
Who's hot! Wade Brown. (15 years old, rides for Weber Skateboards)Sports and fitnessMotil, Guy
Who's not! Kent Senatore. (16 years old, rides for Val Surf)Sports and fitnessGillogly, Brian
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