Sociology of Health & Illness 2003 - Abstracts

Sociology of Health & Illness 2003
'About a year before the breakdown I was having symptoms': sadness, pathology and the Australian newspaper media.(Health and Media)Sociology and social workRowe, Rob, Tilbury, Farida, Rapley, Mark, O'Ferrall, Ilse
Belief, knowledge and expertise: the emergence of the lay expert in medical sociology.Sociology and social workPrior, Lindsay
Bio-phobias/techno-philias: virtual reality exposure as treatment for phobias of 'nature'.(Health and Media)Sociology and social workSmith, Mick, Davidson, Joyce
Blurring, moving and broken boundaries: men's encounters with the pregnant body.Sociology and social workDraper, Jan
Changes in mental health status amongst children of migrants to Australia: a longitudinal study.Sociology and social workAlati, Rosa, Najman, Jake M., Shuttlewood, Gregory J., Williams, Gail M., Bor, William
Empty ethics: the problem with informed consent.Sociology and social workCorrigan, Oonagh
Envisaging the embryo in stem cell research: rhetorical strategies and media reporting of the ethical debates.Sociology and social workKitzinger, Jenny, Williams, Clare, Henderson, Lesley
Family stories and the use of heuristics: women from suspected hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) families.Sociology and social workKenen, Regina, Ardern-Jones, Audrey, Eeles, Rosalind
Going public: references to the news media in NHS contract negotiations.(Health and Media)(National Health Service)Sociology and social workHughes, David, Griffiths, Lesley
Healthy viewing: the reception of medical narratives.(Health and Media)Sociology and social workDavin, Solange
'Ignorance is bliss sometimes': constraints on the emergence of the 'informed patient' in the changing landscapes of health information.(Health and Media)Sociology and social workSmith, Julie, Henwood, Flis, Wyatt, Sally, Hart, Angie
Lay experiences of health and illness: past research and future agenda.Sociology and social workLawton, Julia
Making connections: studies of the social organization of healthcare.Sociology and social workGriffiths, Lesley
Media activism and Internet use by people with HIV/AIDS.(Health and Media)Sociology and social workGillett, James
Narrativity and the mediation of health reform agendas.(Health and Media)Sociology and social workHodgetts, Darrin, Chamberlain, Kerry
Popular media and 'excessive daytime sleepiness': a study of rhetorical authority in medical sociology.(Health and Media)Sociology and social workKroll-Smith, Steve
'Radical blueprint for social change'? Media representations of New Labour's policies on public health.(Health and Media)Sociology and social workKitzinger, Jenny, Hunt, Kate, Davidson, Rosemary
Some of our concepts are missing: reflections on the absence of sociology of organizations in Sociology of Health and Illness.Sociology and social workDavies, Celia
Technology and medical practice.Sociology and social workHeath, Christian, Luff, Paul, Svensson, Marcus Sanchez
The body and doing gender: the relations between doctors and nurses in hospital work.Sociology and social workDavies, Karen
The determinants of health: structure, context and agency.Sociology and social workWilliams, Gareth G.
The downside of Viagra: women's experiences and concerns.Sociology and social workPotts, Annie, Gavey, Nicola, Grace, Victoria M., Vares, Tiina
The illness experience: state of knowledge and perspectives for research.Sociology and social workPierret, Janine
The impact of papers in Sociology of Health and Illness: a bibliographic study.Sociology and social workArmstrong, David
The practice of medical technology.Sociology and social workBerg, Marc, Timmermans, Stefan
The use of quantitative medical sociology.Sociology and social workBlane, David
Understanding women's sleep management: beyond medicalization-healthicization?Sociology and social workArber, Sara, Hislop, Jenny
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