Sociology of Health & Illness 2004 - Abstracts

Sociology of Health & Illness 2004
Accommodating health and social care needs: routine resource allocation in stroke rehabilitation.Sociology and social workAllen, Davina, Lyne, Patricia, Griffiths, Lesley
Achieving multiple topic shifts in primary care medical consultations: a conversation analysis study in UK general practice.Sociology and social workLangdon, Mark, Campion, Peter
Advocating voice: organisational, historical and social milieux of the Alzheimer's disease movement.(Special Issue: Social Movements in Health)Sociology and social workBeard, Renee L.
A grief ignored: narratives of pregnancy loss from a male perspective.Sociology and social workMcCreight, Bernadette Susan
Body Worlds: clinical detachment and anatomical awe.Sociology and social workWalter, Tony
Breast cancer in two regimes: the impact of social movements on illness experience.(Special Issue: Social Movements in Health)Sociology and social workKlawiter, Maren
'Cheaper than a newcomer': on the social production of IVF policy in Israel.(in vitro fertilization)Sociology and social workBirenbaum-Carmeli, Daphna
Contextualising experiences of depression in women from South Asian communities: a discursive approach.Sociology and social workBurr, Jennifer, Chapman, Tom
Demystifying disability: a review of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.Sociology and social workImrie, Rob
Embodied health movements: new approaches to social movements in health.Sociology and social workBrown, Phil, McCormick, Sabrina, Zavestoski, Stephen, Mayer, Brian, Morello-Frosch, Rachel, Altman, Rebecca Gasior
Framing as a cultural resource in health social movements: funding activism and the breast cancer movement in the US 1990-1993.(Special Issue: Social Movements in Health)Sociology and social workKolker, Emily S.
Framing the doctor-patient relationship in chronic illness: a comparative study of general practitioners' accounts.Sociology and social workRoland, Martin, May, Carl, Allison, Gayle, Chapple, Alison, Chew-Graham, Carolyn, Dixon, Clare, Gask, Linda, Graham, Ruth, Rogers, Anne
Health consumer groups in the UK: a new social movement?(Special Issue: Social Movements in Health)Sociology and social workJones, Kathryn, Allsop, Judith, Baggott, Rob
How sociology can save bioethics . . . maybe.Sociology and social workLopez, Jose
Human growth hormone and the temptations of biomedical enhancement.Sociology and social workConrad, Peter, Potter, Deborah
Illness behaviour: a selective review and synthesis.Sociology and social workYoung, J.T.
Inclusive intake screening: shaping medical problems into specialist-appropriate cases.Sociology and social workJean, Yvette A.
Individual identity and organisational control: Empowerment and Modernisation in a Primary Care Trust.Sociology and social workMcDonald, Ruth
Investigation of the ways in which patients' reports of their satisfaction with healthcare are constructed.Sociology and social workEdwards, Carol, Staniszweska, Sophie, Crichton, Nicola
Medical acupuncture in Germany: patterns of consumerism among physicians and patients.Sociology and social workFrank, Robert, Stollberg, Gunnar
Medical modernisation, scientific research fields and the epistemic politics of health social movements.(Special Issue: Social Movements in Health)Sociology and social workHess, David J.
Moving forward? Complementary and alternative practitioners seeking self-regulation.Sociology and social workWelsh, Sandy, Kelner, Merrijoy, Wellman, Beverly, Boon, Heather
National Service Frameworks and UK general practitioners: street-level bureaucrats at work?Sociology and social workCheckland, Kath
Regenerating movements: embryonic stem cells and the politics of potentiality.(Special Issue: Social Movements in Health)Sociology and social workGanchoff, Chris
Self, agency and the surgical collective: detachment.Sociology and social workMoreira, Tiago E.
Sudden illness and biographical flow in narratives of stroke recovery.Sociology and social workBoylstein, Craig, Faircloth, Christopher A., Rittman, Maude, Young, Mary Ellen, Gubrium, Jaber
The dynamic interplay between Western medicine and the complementary and alternative medicine movement: how activists perceive a range of responses from physicians and hospitals.(Special Issue: Social Movements in Health)Sociology and social workGoldner, Melinda
The interactional management of patients' physical incompetence: a conversation analytic study of physiotherapy interactions.Sociology and social workParry, Ruth Helen
Understanding complex trajectories in health and social care provision.Sociology and social workAllen, Davina, Lyne, Patricia, Griffiths, Lesley
Uneasy allies: pro-choice physicians, feminist health activists and the struggle for abortion rights.(Special Issue: Social Movements in Health)Sociology and social workJoffe, C.E., Weitz, T.A., Stacey, C.L.
Walking and motoring: fitness and the social organisation of movement.Sociology and social workMartin, George, Freund, Peter
Women's experiences of cervical cellular changes: an unintentional transition from health to liminality?Sociology and social workSachs, Lisbeth, Forss, Anette, Tishelman, Carol, Widmark, Catarina
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