Sociology of Health & Illness 2006 - Abstracts

Sociology of Health & Illness 2006
Anorexic dis(connection): managing anorexia as an illness and an identity.(anorexia nervosa )Sociology and social workRich, Emma
Boundaries obscured and boundaries reinforced: incorporation as a strategy of occupational enhancement for intensive care.Sociology and social workCarmel, Simon
Breaking the ceremonial order: patients' and doctors' accounts of removal from a general practitioner's list.Sociology and social workWilliams, Simon, Stokes, Tim, Dixon-Woods, Mary
Comparing clinical and lay accounts of the diagnosis and treatment of back pain.Sociology and social workOng, Bie Nio, Hooper, Helen
Conceiving Risk, Bearing Responsibility: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the Diagnosis of Moral Disorders.(Book review)Sociology and social workLowe, Pam
Constructing families and kinship through donor insemination.Sociology and social workHargreaves, Katrina
Constructing health and sickness in the context of motherhood and paid work.(work-life balance of working women)Sociology and social workCunningham-Burley, Sarah, Backett-Milburn, Kathryn, Kemmer, Debbie
E-dating, identity and HIV prevention: theorising sexualities, risk and network society.(human immunodeficiency virus)Sociology and social workElford, Jonathan, Bolding, Graham, Sherr, Lorraine, Davis, Mark, Hart, Graham
Embodied masculinity and androgen deprivation therapy.Sociology and social workOliffe, John
Exclusive versus everyday forms of professional knowledge: legitimacy claims in conventional and alternative medicine.Sociology and social workHirschkorn, Kristine A.
'I've been like a coiled spring this last week': embodied masculinity and health.Sociology and social workRobertson, Steve
Mental Health Global Policies and Human Rights.(Book review)Sociology and social workKnyspel, Mary
Mobilising modern facts: health technology assessment and the politics of evidence.Sociology and social workMay, Carl
Negotiating the Holistic Turn u the Domestication of Alternative Medicine.(Book review)Sociology and social workBilson, Richard, Lee-Treweek, Geraldine
Physician Assisted Dying: the Case for Palliative Care and Patient Choice.(Book review)Sociology and social workSeale, Clive
'Pressure of life': ethnicity as a mediating factor in mid-life and older peoples' experience of high blood pressure.Sociology and social workHigginbottom, Gina Marie Awoko
Prospective effect of community distress and subcultural orientation on mortality following life-threatening diseases in later life.Sociology and social workChristakis, Nicholas A., Wen, Ming
Reflections on Spirituality and Health.(Book review)Sociology and social workTilley, Stephen
Risk, life extension and the pursuit of medical possibility.(cardiac care)Sociology and social workKaufman, Sharon R., Shim, Janet K., Russ, Ann J.
Rules, safety and the narrativisation of identity: a hospital operating theatre case study.Sociology and social workHarrison, Stephen, McDonald, Ruth, Waring, Justin
'Sex for life'? Men's counter-stories on 'erectile dysfunction', male sexuality and ageing.Sociology and social workPotts, Annie, Gavey, Nicola, Grace, Victoria M., Vares, Tiina
The Body and Social Theory.(Book review)Sociology and social workReynolds, Gillian
The body as interactive display: examining bodies in a public exhibition.(Body Worlds - controversies)Sociology and social workLehn, Dirk vom
The Economics of Gender and Mental Illness.(Book review)Sociology and social workKnyspel, Mary
The medicalisation of shyness: from social misfits to social fitness.Sociology and social workScott, Susie
The politics of end-of-life decision-making: computerised decision-support tools, physicians' jurisdiction and morality.Sociology and social workJennings, Beth
The search for wellbeing in alternative and complementary health practices.Sociology and social workSointu, Eeva
Worlds of Health: Exploring the Health Choices of British Asian Mothers.(Book review)Sociology and social workThiara, Ravi K.
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