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Solar Age
A beadwindow solarium: remodeling marvel. (Thomas-Soukup house, North Valley, Albuquerque area)Engineering and manufacturing industriesAdams, Jennifer A.
A design team's success with computers: from cost estimating to solar design, computers mean profitability for Milburn-Sparn. (Energy Architects Inc., Boulder)Engineering and manufacturing industriesAdams, Jennifer A.
A French flair for solar design: the French want to cut energy use in new buildings in half by 1985. (government goal seems bland compared to solar homes being built to meet it)Engineering and manufacturing industriesJuchau, Blaine
An apprentice's guide to photovoltaics. (basic designs for residential systems)Engineering and manufacturing industriesRussell, Miles C.
A step beyond the envelope house. (solar)Engineering and manufacturing industriesHuber, Hank
Australians stalk the advanced collector: flat plates, evacuated tubes, solar-boosted heat pumps, parabolic troughs, and concentrating dishes are spicing the pot of research brewed down under.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHolzman, David
Choosing your system: passive principles. (greenhouse, Trombe wall, or direct gain?)Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Dan, Kohler, Joe
Collector efficiency is steadily improving, says FSEC. (Florida Solar Energy Center)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBest, Don
Denver: trendsetter in solar homes. (passive especially)Engineering and manufacturing industriesSmith, Karen Haas
Designs for worship: everywhere we looked in our national survey, we found congregations turning to solar architecture for symbolic and practical reasons. (4 examples)Engineering and manufacturing industriesAdams, Jennifer A.
Grand designs for big solar buildings.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGodolphin, David
Hawaii: new dynasty in renewable energy. (highest concentration of alternative-energy technologies anywhere)Engineering and manufacturing industriesWholey, Jane
Heat pumps: hot water at the right price?Engineering and manufacturing industriesMoore, Dennis
How to design a remote power system. (solar, wind, or water independent electric plant)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPaul, Terrance
How to design efficient wood-fired central heating systems: the pros and cons of forced air, hot water baseboard, and radiant floor wood-fired systems are weighed.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLunde, Martin
How to determine the heat load of swimming pools: a simple step-by-step method for calculating losses from conduction, convection, re-radiation, and evaporation.Engineering and manufacturing industriesRoot, Doug
Innovations with real expectations: America's traditional spirit of inventiveness is alive and well in the burgeoning field of solar energy, where scores of inventors and gadgeteers are at work. (some of more promising innovations)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBest, Don
In-town solar condos: one developer's plan book. (Wayne & Susan Nichols, Communico Inc., Santa Fe)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMcAdams, Wootie
Keeping dry underground: fixing a leak in the skin of an earth-sheltered house can be nearly impossible. (best to do it right first with proven waterproofing technique)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMetz, Don
Keep it simple, cool, and cheap: these three cardinal rules emerge from five years of field experience with solar heating, cooling, and hot water installations.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKelly, C.J.
Launching a career in solar: practical experience and proven resources to help teachers and students alike.Engineering and manufacturing industriesBrennan, Terry
Made in Sweden: better houses come ashore.Engineering and manufacturing industriesKando, Paul
National sales trends: what's up, what's down. (active-solar installations)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMihlmester, Philip, Bernstein, Harvey
Passive design for desert houses: here are the essential do's and dont's to cope with the extreme temperatures in the Southwest. (Arizona State Energy Commission pamphlet excerpts)Engineering and manufacturing industriesCook, Jeffrey
Passive principles: conservation first.Engineering and manufacturing industriesLewis, Dan, Kohler, Joe
Passive strategies for commercial buildings: a treasure trove of design guidelines and actual performance data awaits architects and contractors as a result of a wide-ranging passive commercial building program. (solar design)Engineering and manufacturing industriesAdams, M. Ross
Pivot point: no solar technology is more charged with promise than photovoltaics. (new generation of cost-effective products soon)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBest, Don
Pumping water: experience with photovoltaic pump systems in the field gives installers practical design guidelines for shallow- and deep-well applications.Engineering and manufacturing industriesDankoff, Windy
Report on non-metallic solar collectors: benefitting from the rapid progress of polymer technology, manufacturers have solved many early problems of plastics exposed to sunlight, heat, chemicals, and pressure. (plastics' increasing solar-industry role)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMadsen, Per, Goss, Kathy
Rowhouse retrofit.Engineering and manufacturing industriesGodolpin, David
Superinsulation choices: evaluating the three most popular systems, with tips and cautions.Engineering and manufacturing industriesHughes, John R.
The latest in superinsulated homes. (new wall-roof systems for super fuel savings)Engineering and manufacturing industriesGodolphin, David
The LCR method: road map for passive design. (load-collector ratio, solar houses)Engineering and manufacturing industriesMorris, W. Scott
The solar age domestic hot water directory.Engineering and manufacturing industriesD'Alessandro, Bill, Carter, Joe, Flower, Robert G., Wright, William A.
The solar hot water system rating test. (how to apply ASHRAE Standard 95-1981)Engineering and manufacturing industriesPutman, William J.
Warm wraps for cold windows: a practical guide through the twists and turns of the window treatment industry. (thermal insulation)Engineering and manufacturing industriesBliss, Steve
What to look for in window insulation: a clear view of heat loss through glazing tells the difference between true insulating products and mere window treatments.Engineering and manufacturing industriesAdams, Jennifer A.
Wind in America: the changing landscape. (old technology revolutionizes electric power generation)Engineering and manufacturing industriesGipe, Paul
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