Studies in Economics and Finance - Abstracts

Studies in Economics and Finance
An empirical analysis of municipal bond ratings in Virginia.EconomicsBadu, Yaw A., Daniels, Kenneth N.
An empirical examination of the long run monetary (exchange rate) model.EconomicsGhosh, Dipak, Dutt, Swarna D.
An empirical investigation of the comovement between stock market indexes.EconomicsParker, Michael E., Rapp, Tammy
An empirical model of choice of one-time corporate cash disbursement methods.EconomicsCaudill, Steven B., Hudson, Carl D., Marshall, Beverly B., Rouzmantzi, Anastasia
An empirical study of relative efficiency of the banking industry in Bahrain.EconomicsHassan, M. K., Al-sharkas, A., Samad, A.
A neutral network and econometric comparison of the relative importance of fiscal and monetary actions.EconomicsShaaf, Mohamad
An integral index for measuring aversion to large-scale risks.EconomicsEisenhauer, Joseph G.
A reformulated asset pricing model based on contrarian strategies.EconomicsKryzanowski, Lawrence, He, ZhongZhi (Lawrence)
Are the CPI and WPI appropriate measures to use for testing the PPP hypotheses?(evaluating consumer price and wholesale price indexes for testing purchasing power parity hypotheses)EconomicsDutton, Marilyn Miller
Assessing bank efficiency in an emerging market: The Kuwaiti experience in the 1990s.EconomicsDarrat, Ali F., Topuz, Can, Yousef, Tarik
Asymmetric demand information in regulation.EconomicsBerry, S. Keith
Attitudes on race, culture and discrimination in mortgage lending.EconomicsLindsey, Dabby A.
Bank ownership and productivity developments: evidence from Turkey.EconomicsIsik, Ihsan
Bayesian Markov mixture of normals approach to modeling financial returns .EconomicsChang, George
Bilateral and multilateral cointegration properties between the German and Central European equity markets.EconomicsGilmore, Claire G., McManus, Ginette M.
Capital investment and the profitability of fortune 500 industrials: 1971-1990.EconomicsEchevarria, David P.
Comparison of benchmarks for portfolio performance: an empirical analysis.EconomicsAulerich, John R.
Control or invest? Understanding the complex interests of managerial ownership.(Report)EconomicsChou, Shuching, Wu, Chinshun, Chen, Anlin
Debt, deficits and long-term rates.EconomicsZimmerman, Jeffrey A.
Decomposing technical efficiency and window analysis.EconomicsAvkiran, Necmi K.
Does the maturity mix of government borrowing impact municipal bond rates?EconomicsChopin, Marc C.
Do rate and volume matter? Transaction cost limits to economies of scale.EconomicsLindsay, Cotton M., Maloney, Michael M.
Do rate and volume matter? Transaction cost limits to economies of scale.EconomicsMaloney, Michael T., Lindsay, Cotton M.
Do what insiders do: abnormal performances after the release of insidersE relevant transactions.EconomicsBajo, Emanuele, Petracc, Barbara
Downwards sloping demand curves for stock?(elasticity of estimate prices for individual stocks in Frankfurt Stock Exchange )EconomicsLevin, Eric J., Wright, Robert E.
Dynamic nature of private investment functions and its determinants in developing countries.EconomicsZebib, Mohammad, Muoghalu, Michael
Executive incentive compensation schemes and their impact on corporate performance: evidence from New Zealand since compensation disclosure .EconomicsElayan, Fayez A., Meyer, Thomas O., Lau, Jammy S. C.
Factors and the pricing of IPO aftermarket returns.(initial public offering)EconomicsMorton, Allen D.
Financial institution default frequencies and takeover defenses.EconomicsWebb, Elizabeth
FOMC anti-inflation policy: a quicker trigger or nothing new.(Federal Open Market Committee)EconomicsHuston, John H., Spencer, Roger W.
Forecasting corporate performance: VECM comparison with other time series models.(Vector Error Correction Model)EconomicsDarrat, Ali F., Zhong, M., Shelor, R.M., Dickens, R.N.
Foreign direct investment in Bangladesh: an analysis of perceptions of prospective investors.EconomicsMondal, Wali I.
Fortune's most admired firms: an investor's perspective.EconomicsFilbeck, Greg, Gorman, Raymond, Preece, Diana
Further evidence on the comparative efficiency of Chinese 'A' and 'B' shares.EconomicsWang, J., Burton, B.M., Hannah, G.M.
Gold as an inflation hedge?.EconomicsLevin, Eric J., Wright, Robert E., Ghosh, Dipak, MacMillan, Peter
Historical pre and post special closing effects.EconomicsSeiler, Michael J.
Idiosyncratic volatility and security returns: evidence from Germany and United Kingdom.EconomicsDrew, Michael E., Malin, Mirela, Naughton, Tony, Veeraraghavan, Madhu
Income-constrained purchases of insurance and assets.EconomicsEisenhauer, Joseph G.
Industry classification and the capital structure of Ghanaian SMEs.(small and medium enterprises)(Report)EconomicsAbor, Joshua
Inflation, productivity and monetary policy: are they related?EconomicsSaunders, Peter J.
Investigating the seasonal structure in the German economy using fractional integration with structural breaks.EconomicsGil-Alana, Luis A.
Is zoning a positive-sum game?EconomicsAsadoorian, Malcolm O.
Liquidity revisited.EconomicsFraser, Donald R., Groth, John C., Byers, Steven S.
Liquidity revisited. (stock market liquidity)EconomicsFraser, Donald R., Groth, John C., Byers, Steven S.
Long memory in the Portuguese stock market.(Report)EconomicsJaffry, Shabbar, Floros, Christos, Lima, Goncalo Valle
Macroeconomic factors of exchange rate volatility.(Report)EconomicsChong Lee-Lee, Tan Hui-Boon
Mean reversion in stock prices: new evidence from unit root tests.(Report)EconomicsNarayan, Seema, Narayan, Paresh Kumar
Monopoly power vs. productivity effects on union membership.EconomicsCromwell, Nancy O., Hunt-McCool, Janet C.
Mutuality for football clubs? Lessons from the financial sector.EconomicsAdams, Andrew, Armitage, Seth
On the role of fiscal policy in the U.S. economy.EconomicsDarrat, Ali F., Hamed, Anas H.
Ownership structures, underpricing and market liquidity of new equity issues.EconomicsHegde, Shantaram P., Varshney, Sanjay B.
Performance pay as a screening device.EconomicsChopin, Marc C., Schulman, Craig T.
Portfolio diversification for long holding periods: How many stocks do investors need?EconomicsDomian, Dale L., Louton, David A., Racine, Marie D.
Recent stock price relationships between Japanese and U.S. stock markets.EconomicsKurihara, Yutaka, Nezu, Eiji
Seasonal effects and arch in the Hong Kong futures markets.EconomicsRaj, Mahendra
Some recent international evidence on the demand for money.EconomicsEwing, Bradley T., Payne, James E.
Space, growth, and technology: an integrated dynamic approach.(Report)EconomicsGomes, Orlando
Stock distribution announcements and bid-ask spreads.EconomicsForjan, James M., McCorry, Michael S.
Technical analysis and the stochastic properties of the Jordanian stock market index return.EconomicsDobbs, Ian M., Atmeh, Muhannad A.
Tests of the Maizel's hypothesis for Latin American countries.EconomicsSinha, Dipendra
Tests of weak form efficiency in the Middle East emerging markets.(financial efficiency of stock markets in Middle Eastern countries )EconomicsOmran, Mohammed, Farrar, Suzane V.
The abnormal performance of UK utility privatisations.EconomicsStevenson, Simon
The accounting variable and stock price determination.EconomicsSalvary, Stanley C.W.
The benefits to banks in selling and underwriting insurance: an empirical examination of the Delaware Law.EconomicsBrown, Craig R., Winters, Drew B.
The casualty between stock market development and economic growth: evidence from the United States.EconomicsAlam, M. Imam, Hasan, Tanweer
The cross-autocorrelation of size-based portfolio returns in Europe.EconomicsRatner, Mitchell, Meric, Gulser, Meric, Ilhan
The demand for long distance telephone communication: a route-specific analysis of short-haul service.EconomicsDismukes, David E.
The effect of diversification on firm value: A pre- and post-divefsification analysis.EconomicsHyland, David C.
The Fisher information measure and testing market expectations.EconomicsTirtiroglu, Ercan, Tirtiroglu, Dogan
The impacts of corporate ownership structure on the incentive of using capital structure to signal.EconomicsTse, Chin-Bun, Jia, Joanne Ying
The information content of dividend resumptions.EconomicsGorman, L. R., Weigand, R. A., Zwirlein, T. J.
Theories of capital structure: evidence from an emerging market.EconomicsPandey, I.M., Chotigeat, T.
The rate of return on savings and loan assets.EconomicsCebula, Richard J.
The role of population and wealth in international capital flows.EconomicsClark, Ephrain, Jokung, Octave
The UAE growth surge: have information technology and human capital contributed?(Report)EconomicsDarrat, Ali F., Elkhal, Khaled, Al-Khateeb, Faisal B.
Why do large U.S. banks outperform their European counterparts?EconomicsGart, Alan, Pierce, Edward M.
Why German banks should merge.EconomicsYu, Peiyi, Neus, Werner, Luu, Bac Van, Dodd, Sean
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