The Journal of Asian Studies 1997 - Abstracts

The Journal of Asian Studies 1997
A limited forest conservancy in Southwest Bengal, 1864-1912.Regional focus/area studiesSivaramakrishnan, K.
A stage of their own: the problematics of women's theater in post-Mao China.Regional focus/area studiesXiaomei Chen
Burton Stein, 1926-1996.(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesConlon, Frank F.
Can democracies accommodate ethnic nationalism? Rise and decline of self-determination movements in India.Regional focus/area studiesKohli, Atul
C. Martin Wilbur (1907-1997). (Columbia University Chinese history expert)(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesFogel, Joshua A., Rowe, William T., Zelin, Madeleine
Community, authenticity, and autonomy: insurgence and institutional development in India's northeast.Regional focus/area studiesDasgupta, Jyotirindra
Community conflicts and the state in India.Regional focus/area studiesKohli, Atul, Basu, Amrita
Corruption in eighteenth-century China.Regional focus/area studiesPark, Nancy E.
Culture, virtue, and political transformation in contemporary Northern Viet Nam.Regional focus/area studiesMalarney, Shaun Kingsley
Empire in the Southwest: early Qing reforms to the native chieftain system.Regional focus/area studiesHerman, John E.
For humanity. For the Sinhalese. Dharmapala as crusading Bosat. (Anagarika Dharmapala)Regional focus/area studiesRoberts, Michael
House/daughter/nation: interiority, architecture, and historical imagination in Janaki Majumdar's "Family History."Regional focus/area studiesBurton, Antoinette
Hugh Borton, 1903-1995.(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesMorley, James W.
John C.H. Fei, 1923-1996.(Obituary)Regional focus/area studies 
John Dragon Young.(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesMacPherson, Kerrie L.
Kenneth W. Jones, 1934-1996.(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesConlon, Frank F.
Martin Bronfenbrenner: 1914-1997. (economist and ex-director of the Asia Pacific Studies Institute)(Obituary)Regional focus/area studiesBrown, Philip C.
Philippine politics in town, district, and province: bossism in Cavite and Cebu.Regional focus/area studiesSidel, John T.
Rediscovering Manchuria: Sin Ch'aeho and the politics of territorial history in Korea.Regional focus/area studiesSchmid, Andre
Reflections on community conflicts and the state in India.Regional focus/area studiesBasu, Amrita
Shades of wildness tribe, caste, and gender in Western India.Regional focus/area studiesSkaria, Ajay
Shrines, governing-class identity, and the cult of widow fidelity in mid-Ming Jiangnan. (China)Regional focus/area studiesCarlitz, Katherine
State, cultivator, land: determination of land tenures in early modern Japan reconsidered.Regional focus/area studiesBrown, Philip C.
The death of the Xiaoxian empress: bureaucratic betrayals and the crises of eighteenth-century Chinese rule.Regional focus/area studiesKutcher, Norman
The illusion of standardising the Gods: the cult of the five emperors in late imperial China.Regional focus/area studiesSzonyi, Michael
The rebirth of Shiv Sena: the symbiosis of discursive and organizational power.Regional focus/area studiesKatzenstein, Mary Fainsod, Mehta, Uday Singh, Thakkar, Usha
Warden + virtuoso + salaryman = priest: paradigms within Japanese Shinto for religious specialists and institutions.Regional focus/area studiesNelson, John K.
What women learned when men gave them advice: rewriting patriarchy in late-nineteenth-century Bengal.Regional focus/area studiesWalsh, Judith E.
Women's class mobility and identities in South Korea: a gendered, transnational, narrative approach.Regional focus/area studiesAbelmann, Nancy
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