The Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies 1992 - Abstracts

The Manchester School of Economic and Social Studies 1992
A comparison of the rational expectations and the general-to-specific approaches to modelling the demand for M1. (demand for money)Social sciencesCuthbertson, Keith, Taylor, Mark P.
A political economy of international migration, 1815-1914.Social sciencesForeman-Peck, James
Are the Treasury's tax revenue forecasts rational? (US Department of Treasury)Social sciencesKeilly, Barry, Witt, Robert
Can a central bank go bust? (Supplement ot the Manchester School)Social sciencesFry, Maxwell J.
Credit quality spreads, bond market efficiency and financial fragility. (Supplement to the Manchester School)Social sciencesDavis, E.P.
Development with limited and unlimited supplies of capital.Social sciencesYoung, Leslie, Bolbol, Ali A.
Diamonds are forever (?): Nassau Senior and utility theory.Social sciencesWhite, Michael V.
Efficient forecasts or measurement errors? Some evidence for revisions to United Kingdom GDP growth rates. (Gross Domestic Product)Social sciencesPatterson, K.D., Heravi, S.M.
Equilibrium real exchange rates. (Supplement to the Manchester School)Social sciencesWright, Stephen
Equity control of multinational firms by less developed countries: a general equilibrium analysis.Social sciencesHill, John K., Mendez, Jose A.
Exchange rate survey data: a disaggregated G-7 perspective. (Group of 7) (Supplement to the Manchester School)Social sciencesMacDonald, Ronald
Export subsidies, entry deterrence and countervailing tariffs.Social sciencesCollie, David
High does nothing and rising is worse: carbon taxes should keep declining to cut harmful emissions.Social sciencesSinclair, Peter
Measuring the convergence of the EC economies. (Supplement to the Manchester School)Social sciencesHall, S.G., Robertson, D., Wickens, M.R.
Nominal wage flexibility in a partly-unionized economy.Social sciencesDixon, Huw
Optimal job acceptance when the wage offer distribution is known.Social sciencesBurgess, Simon
Policy interactions between the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries and Latin America in the 1980s. (Supplement to the Manchester School)Social sciencesAllen, Chris, Currie, David, Srinivasan, T.G., Vines, David
Production prices and dynamic stability: results and open questions.Social sciencesBoggio, Luciano
Psychological thresholds, demand and price rigidity.Social sciencesDrakopoulos, S.A.
Should buffer stock theorists be broad- or narrow-minded? Some answers from aggregate U.K. data: 1966-1989.Social sciencesMizen, Paul
Some evidence on the potential role of commodity prices in the formulation of monetary policy.Social sciencesFraser, Patricia, Rogers, Christopher D.
Testing the efficiency of thin forward foreign exchange markets: an application of instrumental variable multiple regression with integrated, I(1), variables.Social sciencesNgama, Yerima L.
The customs union issue reopened.Social sciencesWonnacott, Paul, Wonnacott, Ronald
The substitutability of financial assets in the U.K. and the implications for monetary aggregation.Social sciencesDrake, Leigh
The "wage curve" and long-term unemployment: a cautionary note.Social sciencesBlackaby, David H., Hunt, Lester C.
U.K. exports of manufactures: testing for the effects of non-price competitiveness using stochastic trends and profitability measures.Social sciencesAnderton, R.
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