WorkingUSA 2001 - Abstracts

WorkingUSA 2001
African-American workers and the social benefits of tight labor markets.Human resources and labor relationsCherry, Robert
Anatomy of Vermont's livable wage campaign.(Statistical Data Included)Human resources and labor relationsKahler, Ellen
Big Brother and big boss are watching you.(workplace privacy)Human resources and labor relationsBupp, Nancy
Capitalist trade privileges and social labor rights.Human resources and labor relationsWaterman, Peter
Coming together: promise and pitfalls of Minnesota's corporate-accountability campaigns.Human resources and labor relationsPeterson, Erik
Core labor standards in the WTO: reducing labor to a global commodity.(World Trade Organization)Human resources and labor relationsGreenfield, Gerard
Does the National Labor Board work for labor?(Interview with William Gould IV)(Interview)Human resources and labor relations 
Economic development for whom? Labor gets involved in Massachusetts's economic development.(Statistical Data Included)Human resources and labor relationsConnelly, Mary Jo, Knowlton, Peter, Capano, Pete, Chernow, Harneen
Fair trade and standard setting: a labor rights perspetive.Human resources and labor relationsJohn, J.
Fighting racism and union-busting in South Carolina: interview with Ken Riley.(Interview)Human resources and labor relations 
Labor and the living-wage movement.Human resources and labor relationsReynolds, David, Kern, Jen
Labor on trial: assessing Sweeney's record.(AFL-CIO president John Sweeney)Human resources and labor relationsAronowitz, Stanley
Labor rights in the global economy.(Editorial)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
Labor's triumphs and frustrations: new labor and electoral politics in the 2000 election.(U.S. presidential election 2000)Human resources and labor relationsBeachler, Donald W.
Local unions, 'primitive democracy,' and workers' self-activity.Human resources and labor relationsLynd, Staughton
Mobilizing and organizing the New Economy.(Editorial)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
National security or international solidarity?Human resources and labor relationsBacon, David
New economic challenge to Japan's trade union movement.Human resources and labor relationsDean, Amy B., Guevara, Poncho J.
Organizing in the New Economy: the campaign.Human resources and labor relationsWilson, Gretchen, Blain, Mike
Organizing low-wage immigrants: the workplace project; interview with Jennifer Gordon.(Interview)Human resources and labor relations 
Putting organizing back into labor councils.Human resources and labor relationsEckstein, Enid
Renewing labor: a report from the feild.(Project for Labor Renewal)(San Francisco Bay Area unions)Human resources and labor relationsMiller, Mike, Eisenscher, Michael
Risk relations: the new uncertainties of work.Human resources and labor relationsNeff, Gina
Taking the high road in Milwaukee: the Wisconsin regional training partnership.(Statistical Data Included)Human resources and labor relationsRogers, Joel, Bernhardt, Annette, Dresser, Laura
The international trade union campaign for core labor standards in the WTO.(World Trade Organization)Human resources and labor relationsAnner, Mark
Tomorrow's CyberUnions: a new path to renewal and growth.Human resources and labor relationsShostak, Arthur B.
Toward a new labor rights movement.Human resources and labor relationsPope, James, Kellman, Peter, Bruno, Ed
Trade union rights in the twenty-first century.Human resources and labor relationsEwing, Keith
Unions organize around economic development.(editorial)Human resources and labor relationsReynolds, David
War and the labor movement.(editorial)Human resources and labor relationsNess, Immanuel
What's good for the goose: a critical review of unions as employers and the continuing struggle toward equal benefits in the workplace.Human resources and labor relationsSantora, T.
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