WorkingUSA 2003 - Abstracts

WorkingUSA 2003
ACORN and community-labor partnerships.Human resources and labor relationsKest, Steven
Acts of God, acts of man.Human resources and labor relationsBarab, Jordan
A proposal for a twenty-first-century Trade Union Education League: an attempt to solve the crisis of organizing the unorganized.Human resources and labor relationsCohen, David, Atkins, Judy
Building comprehensive market recovery strategies for the construction industry: obstacles and opportunities.Human resources and labor relationsWeil, David
Campus equity week's offspring takes a few steps: contingent faculty organizing in metro Chicago.Human resources and labor relationsBerry, Joe
Contingent faculty: A new social movement takes shape.Human resources and labor relationsSchneirov, Richard
Criminal Neglect: how dangerous employers stay safe from prosecution.Human resources and labor relationsO'Neill, Rory
Deauthorization and decertification elections: an analysis and comparison of trends.Human resources and labor relationsScott, Clyde J., Arnold, Edwin W.
Driving taxis in New York City: who wants to do it?.Human resources and labor relationsMitra, Diditi
Forced labor of public employees in the United States: a note from the 2002 international labor conference.Human resources and labor relationsGermanotta, Paul
Got Air? The campaign to improve indoor air quality at the City University of New York.Human resources and labor relationsGreenbaum, Joan, Kotelchuck, David
Higher education and its contingent faculty of the future: is it a risk worth taking?Human resources and labor relationsHough, Leslie
Home care organizing in California.(Service Employees International Union)Human resources and labor relationsTakahashi, Beverly
In defense of public service: union strategy in transition.Human resources and labor relationsHurd, Richard W.
Introducing today's labor-community coalitions.Human resources and labor relationsReynolds, David
Labor-environmental coalitions.Human resources and labor relationsRose, Fred
No more tiers - or, how I learned to abolish bad jobs by making them better.Human resources and labor relationsVaughn, William
Organizing contingent academics: the legal and practical barriers.Human resources and labor relationsDannin, Ellen
Organizing technical and artistic professionals: the New York Times television campaign.Human resources and labor relationsCarpenter, Tris
Organizing temps: representational rights and employers' responsibilities under Sturgis and Jeffboat.Human resources and labor relationsMehta, Chirag, Theodore, Nik
Paid educational leave for union representatives: a closer look at the costs of access, delivery, and who pays.Human resources and labor relationsLund, John
Politics and the American class vernacular.Human resources and labor relationsMetzgar, Jack
Religion-labor partnerships: alive and growing in the new millennium.Human resources and labor relationsBobo, Kim
The "institutions" in institutionalization: programs for women in highly skilled, high-wage occupations.Human resources and labor relationsMastracci, Sharon H.
The slow rise and sudden fall of OSHA's ergonomics standard.Human resources and labor relationsMogensen, Vernon
Working systematically to improve the conditions of part-time/adjunct faculty: a case study of the Washington Federation of Teachers' Public and .Human resources and labor relationsSmith, Craig
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