World Tunnelling 2003 - Abstracts

World Tunnelling 2003
2003 buyers guide.(tunnelling equipment)(Buyers Guide)Construction and materials industries 
Abdalajis TBMs ready to roll.Construction and materials industries 
Abdalajis - tunnelling commences.Construction and materials industriesWilliams, Lawrence
Ahead of the tunnel face - seismic tomography offers investigative analysis.Construction and materials industriesJewkes, Charles
Aids to working in a secure environment and surviving a bad one.Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice
An invitation to amsterdam for the ITA congress.(International Tunneling Association)(World Tunnel Congress)Construction and materials industriesOud, Henk J.C.
A perspective of Canadian tunnelling.Construction and materials industriesLukajic, Boro
Automation for quality drilling.(Controller Area Network, Rig Boomer System, Advanced Drill Control)Construction and materials industriesElsrud, Rolf
Beacon Hill tunnel project and test shaft.Construction and materials industries 
Betuweroute: Holland's 4.7 billion pounds infrstructure project breaks new tunnel gound.Construction and materials industriesGreeman, Adrian
Chain of contracts - from Kent to St. Pancras terminal.(Channel Tunnel Rail Link)Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice B.
Channel Tunnel valve automation project for Rotork.(Rotork Retrofit)Construction and materials industries 
Closing the link - NATM success in San Diego.(New Austrian Tunnel Method)Construction and materials industriesBurke, Jack
Completing the high-speed link.(from Channel Tunnel to London, England)Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice B.
Concrete pumping systems from Acme.Construction and materials industries 
Co-operative arrangements.Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice B.
Cutterheads and components for CTRL Kawasaki TBMs.(Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Tunnel Boring Machines)Construction and materials industries 
DIANA ends worries about underground movement.(finite element analysis software)Construction and materials industriesKaalberg, Frank
Difficult tunneling in Hong Kong.(East Tsim Sha Tsui Station tunnel project Hong Kong)Construction and materials industries 
Digital tunneling.(Editorial)Construction and materials industriesWilliams, Lawrence
Drainage tunnel lowers water table and relieves flooding.Construction and materials industries 
Equipment and technology review.(drilling and blasting industry)Construction and materials industries 
Equipment and technology review.(tunnel construction equipments)Construction and materials industries 
European consulting groups advise on $1100 million Korean project.Construction and materials industries 
Final leg of the TARP Deep Tunnel Project under way.(Tunnel and Reservoir Plan, Chicago)Construction and materials industries 
First TBM gets ready for PRL start.(tunnel boring machine)(Paramatta Rail Link)Construction and materials industries 
Half way for hydropower plant replacement.(Sogndal, Norway)Construction and materials industriesSmith, Mike
Hallandsas - a saga which runs and runs.Construction and materials industriesWilliams, Lawrence
Hard rock belt-conveying made possible by accurate mobile sizing.Construction and materials industries 
High-tech progress on the Turin Metro Line 1.Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice
INTERMAT- bigger again for 2003.(International Exhibition of Equipment and Techniques for the Civil Engineering and Construction Industries)Construction and materials industries 
International leaders in tunneling equipment engineering from Germany.(Niko Kleuters, managing director, Wirth GmbH)(Martin Herrenknecht, chairman, Herrenknecht AG)(Biography)Construction and materials industries 
Italy: the land of tunnels.Construction and materials industriesBorca, Thierry
Karahnjakar awards and progress.Construction and materials industries 
LA Sewers - ECIS - the end is in sight.(East Central Interceptor Sewer in Los Angeles)Construction and materials industriesBurke, Jack
LA Sewers - the next phase gets under way.(Los Angeles)Construction and materials industriesBurke, John
Light rail bored tunnel for Rotterdam.Construction and materials industries 
Machiavellian tunnelling.(Channel Tunnel which links the UK to France)(cost accounting)Construction and materials industriesFlyvbjerg, Bent
Major tunnel works start in Sydney.(Lane Cove tunnel)(Cross City tunnel)Construction and materials industries 
Montreal breaks new ground with roadheader.Construction and materials industriesGarrett, Rodney
Mucking out the tunnel.Construction and materials industries 
NATM and ground freezing combined at Russian Wharf.(New Austrian Tunnelling Method)Construction and materials industries 
NATM by any other namea.(Editorial)Construction and materials industriesWilliams, Lawrence
NATM tunneling in Virgin ground of Bolivian andes.(New Austrian Tunneling Method)(San Rafael Tunnel of Bolivia)Construction and materials industriesBrommer, Axel
New code of practice for risk management for UK tunnel works.Construction and materials industries 
New Copenhagen metro study under way.Construction and materials industries 
New vielha road tunnel to pierce the Pyrenees.Construction and materials industriesCraig, Rodney
New warnow crossing nears completion.(toll road tunnel crossing the River Warnow at Rostock, Germany)Construction and materials industries 
Nordic tunnelling: hard work tunnels predominate.Construction and materials industriesBorca, Thierry
Norwegian rail tunnel uses new computerised drill rigs.(Mika A/S)Construction and materials industriesSaila, Pekka
Odelouca-Funcho water transfer tunnel delivered on time.Construction and materials industries 
Operations under way in Milwaukee.(Wisconsin)Construction and materials industriesBurke, Jack
Performance & persistance - meeting the specification.(Channel Tunnel Rail Link)Construction and materials industriesCraig, Rodney
Port tunnel for the fair city.(Dublin)Construction and materials industriesCraig, Rodney
Potential failure turned to success in Port Authority project.Construction and materials industriesGarrett, Rodney
Protecting the customer; protecting the asset.(transport tunnels's fire safeguards)Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice
Putzmeister equipment for Alptransit.(usage of concrete pumps and concrete wet spray machines)Construction and materials industries 
Quarry link is a productive environmental solution.Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice
Rammer brakers in tunnelling.Construction and materials industries 
Record breaking Robbins chews through Little Calumet Leg limestone.Construction and materials industries 
Record comparisons.(Column)Construction and materials industriesBurke, Jack
Removal of concrete plugs using a controlled blasting technique.Construction and materials industries 
RETC- hot city for a hot industry sector.(Rapid Excavation and Tunnelling Conference)Construction and materials industries 
Robustiness and reason determine drilling performance.Construction and materials industries 
Second time around.Construction and materials industriesBurke, Jack
Spain: Europe's booming tunneling market.Construction and materials industriesCraig, Rodney
Sprayed concrete u the key to SE tunneling.(Sequential Excavation )Construction and materials industries 
Spray it or precast it? - comparing primary support methods.Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice
Statistics show rail leads tunneling revival in Germany.Construction and materials industriesHaack, Alfred
Success story for September.(Channel Tunnel Rail Link )Construction and materials industriesCraig, Rodney
Surface connections.(Channel Tunnel Rail Link)Construction and materials industriesCraig, Rodney
TBM helps rescue multi million dollar Utah water projects.(Robbins tunnel boring machine)Construction and materials industries 
The Gotthard Alptransit tunnel.Construction and materials industriesClark, Ian
The ITA meets in the new home of high - tech tunneling projects.(World Tunnel Congress by International Tunneling Association)Construction and materials industries 
The Lotschberg Alptransit tunnels.Construction and materials industriesClark, Ian
The NEAT solution to transalpine rail travel.(Neue Eisenbahn Alpentransversalen)Construction and materials industriesWilliams, Lawrence
The SIMS are coming.(simulations)Construction and materials industries 
The supporting squad for Italian tunnelling.Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice
The Uetliberg tunnel u key to ZurichEs western bypass.Construction and materials industriesWilliams, Lawrence
The world views a modern metro.(Copenhagen metro of Denmark)Construction and materials industriesJones, Maurice
Tunnelling under Stuttgart airport runway.Construction and materials industries 
Uetliberg undercutter commissioned.(Wirth's Tunnel Bore Extender )Construction and materials industries 
Underground on section 2.(Channel Tunnel Rail Link)Construction and materials industries 
Waterproofing solutions from Giertsen.(WG Tunnel Arch System, waterproofing sealant )Construction and materials industries 
What goes around comes around - but maybe better!(Editorial)Construction and materials industriesWilliams, Lawrence
Working together produces results in Weehawken.Construction and materials industriesBurke, Jack
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