Road & Track 1993 - Abstracts

Road & Track 1993
1918 Mercer Raceabout: aerodynamically ahead of its time. (Salon)AutomobilesPhil Hill
1938 Packard Twelve. (Salon)AutomobilesPhil Hill
1939 Delahaye Type 165 Figoni et Falaschi Cabriolet: a star-crossed dream car brought back to life. (Salon)AutomobilesStrother MacMinn
1953 Kurtis K500 Indianapolis Roadster: a legend in its own time. (Salon)AutomobilesRobert T. Devlin, Michael T. Lynch
1953 Porsche Spyder 550-04. (Salon)AutomobilesRobert T. Devlin, Michael T. Lynch
Aston reinvents the Bond car. (Aston Martin)(Ampersand)AutomobilesIan Norris
Carefree competition: the 1957 Grand Prix of Morocco.AutomobilesRob Walker
Cars celebres: a Pennsylvania concours showcases classic autos of famous past owners.AutomobilesJohn F. Katz
Confessions of an exotic-car enthusiast.AutomobilesJohn Clinard
Cyclops Pony Express: a revolutionary green machine - with real horsepower! (humor)AutomobilesStan Mott
Ferrari fete: celebrating 40 years of Ecurie Francorchamps & Ferrari.AutomobilesCharles W. Queener
Ferrari's last secret; Enzo had an eye on Indy - in 1987. (IndyCar racing)AutomobilesGianni Rogliatti
From the publisher. (death of Rene Dreyfus) (Obituary)AutomobilesWilliam Jeanes
Lion in the tiger's den. (Nigel Mansell)AutomobilesBob Judd
Lotus Sport Superbike. (First Ride)(includes related article on carbon fiber)AutomobilesGarrett Lai, Kim Reynolds
Miller's tale. (Harry Miller; excerpt from the book 'Miller')(includes related article on art by Harry Miller and his father, Jacob Miller)AutomobilesGriffith Borgeson
Not your average tricycles; two free-thinking 3-wheelers with hardly one thing in common.AutomobilesDouglas Knott
Porsche 908/031. (Salon)AutomobilesBrian Redman
Prost and Senna, at it again. (Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna)AutomobilesRob Walker
Sports car.AutomobilesThos L. Bryant, Douglas Kott, Andrew Bornhop, Joe Rusz, Dennis Simanaitis, Sam Mitani, Richard Homan, Kim Reynolds
The Baja 1000: 25th running.AutomobilesJim Elder
Vector Avtech WX-3 prototype. (First Drive)AutomobilesJim Miller
When lease can be more; the ins and outs of new-car leasing. (includes related article on leasing agreements)AutomobilesPeter Bohr
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